Zooba Mod Apk 4.4.0 (Unlimited Money ,Gems & Sprint Skill)

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App NameZooba
PublisherWildlife Studios
Size184 MB
Latest Version4.4.0 
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated1 Day Ago


Wildlife Studios created and released Zooba MOD APK v4.4.0 It’s a terrific multiplayer initiative survival game in which you must embark on a royal conflict with your adversary. It’s inspired by natural survival, with each creature having its own special abilities, such as Henry being a powerful chimpanzee and Louie being a shrewd gecko. 

As you make your way, you will confront 20 animals on the battleground. Choose your animal based on your preferred attributes and employ the fight map to conquer the enemies with your magical tools and competencies. Every level you achieve will earn you incentives that will help you boost the skills and expertise of your animals.

Zooba MOD APK will unlock everything for you entirely for free. You will obtain endless amounts of money, jewels, and pro-privileges at no expense. All of these abilities are not available in the earlier design downloaded from Google Play.


Because it is rooted in the concept of a zoo, Zooba is a thrilling game. You must fight invaders who are threatening to demolish your zoo. There are countless weapons available to assist you in your triumph. You can choose from a number of wildlife, including leopards, bears, tigers, coyotes, and much more.

You can also customize your character by adopting vivid colors, clothing, accessories, and tools. At the start of the game, you can choose one character. The player begins playing the game after mastering the initial stage. The gameplay screen shows characters.

The game includes a large number of animal avatars. These animals will assist you to survive in the game. Every animal has a special skill. To complete the match, you must concentrate on your expertise. To evade being killed by zombies, you must stay within the protection circles.

If your companion stays outside the protective circle for too long, he will bleed or will get injured. The methods in Hacks Apk are analogous to those in many other psychological horror games currently available. Average players may find it extremely difficult to hold down the ability or weaponry button while concentrating. Nevertheless, the game’s early instructions make things a little easier for beginners. You may also like vegas-crime-simulator-2-apk1

Zooba Mod APk Alawys Shot Cover

Features of Zooba Mod APK:

Graphics That Are One-Of-A-Kind:

The game has a vibrant pixel art look with entertaining and uncomplicated 3D graphics that are appropriate for gamers of all ages. You can choose certain visual levels that produce positive outcomes on your devices using the configurable aesthetics options. 

Unlimited Gems & Crates:

Without much wealth, accomplishing any goal in this game is very hard. You’ll need a lot of game money to level up your fighters’ attributes and powers and try out new groups. But don’t fret; after you’ve got Mod APK, you’ll have access to an unlimited amount of gems and crates. You have an infinite number of gems to expend and buy anything you want, as well. Truck Driver: City Crush MOD APK is also downloadable right now from our APK portal.

Captivating Sound Effects:

The spectacular and compelling sound effects in this game will also capture your attention. You’ll see that different animals develop identical sounds if you focus attentively.

Animal Encounters That Are Terrible:

The only game that emphasizes animal survival is Zooba. Each animal seems to have its own level of competency, such as Henry being a ferocious chimpanzee and Louie being a shrewd gecko. As you make your way, you will confront 20 animals in the arena. Choose your animal depending on its attributes, then encourage your friends to conquer it. 

Plunge Into The Zoo’s Mysteries:

In a cutthroat and challenging environment, setting up the characters’ attributes and uncovering new animal characters isn’t trivial. You must elevate several gaming variables, such as avatars and firearms, to become proficient participants.

Equipment of Several Kinds:

The main strategy for seizing ownership of the arena is to use the appropriate equipment against your enemies. To begin with, evaluate the character flaws of your opponents. Thereafter, use all of your expertise and firearms to assault the opposition. After completing each quest, you will acquire awards and incentives. Keep your defensive armor on at all times, stay in the buffer environment, and enhance your capabilities as you proceed through each stage if you want to consistently win without fail.

Unlock All of the Characters:

This apk is a good streaming game with expensive costumes and famous weapons. Each avatar has distinctive capabilities. The legitimate performance of the game, on the other hand, has substantially all of the game’s mythic creatures locked. And the only way to unlock them is to pay a fee. Install the Zooba mod APK with all avatars unlocked, which will enable you direct access to all original characters based on your milestones.

Zooba Mod APK Unlock All of the Characters:

Premium Membership is Completely Free:

Many additional features, such as a solid gold moniker, personalized tattoos with a helmet, and a relatively long time for everyday activities. Much other stuff is included with the Premier Edition, which will hasten your progression.


The graphics in this terrific game boost your enthusiasm. Android gamers in this app will also find themselves completely engrossed in the spectacular action gameplay, courtesy of the fascinating character configurations. At the same time, the energetic and approachable fundamentals will make the action game much more engaging and intriguing. Eventually, as you proceed through this gorgeous game, incredible graphic sensations and vividness will allow gamers to completely submerge themselves in those beautiful moments.

Without Ads Play:

Every game has a dilemma, and the overwhelming majority of them are ads, which are frequently too obnoxious for all missions and goals. Nevertheless, by installing our mod apk file, you may leverage the power of the game’s graphics experience, which is quite substantial.


The best Android game of all eternity is Zooba. It possesses all of the incredible features that a game of its kind ought to have. When it comes to having a really good gameplay experience, nothing else will disappoint you in terms of visuals, characterization, soundtrack, or quests


Zoba is one of the most addictively fun games it is played all around the world. Here you can customize your character according to your own choice. Here Character becomes stronger and stranger as you cross the levels. There are multiple levels in the Zooba game. You have to spend money to cross the levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get Endless Money in Zooba Mod APK?

The pirated version is available on the website, so you can start utilizing all of the enhanced features right away. 

Is it worth playing Zooba’s Mod Version on my Smartphone? 

Installing and enjoying the mod variant of Dead Cell on your smartphone is perfectly lawful.

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