Yo Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version v9.62 January 2023 (Official Anti Ban)

App NameYo Whatsapp
GenreSocial Apps
Latest Versionv9.62
MOD InfoAnti Ban
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Updated5 Day Ago

Before we start discussing the pros and cons of the Yo Whatsapp apk, let’s take a brief review of the official WhatsApp old version. Although hundreds of people use the old WhatsApp, it has not broadened its features until 2023. Little updates arrived during the last two years, like voice message speed, disappearing messages, and audio/video call screen theme. But the variety you will observe there is the latest version, 2023; you will get much more than that.

 Moreover, you don’t have the facility to download the status or stories of your contacts directly. You have to download another third app to download the stories in the old WhatsApp. You cannot freeze the last scenes and send image/ video messages beyond a specific limit of 10 or 30 at a time. 

According to some analysts, the encryption that the old WhatsApp offers is also fake. The messages are not as safe as the developers claim. You cannot hide the news altogether. The archive option was updated to an archive box this year in real old WhatsApp, which appears on the top of all messages.

 You cannot read the deleted messages there without the assistance of another app. You don’t have the opportunity to copy letters without the date and time plus the address of the sender or receiver. Last but most importantly, you cannot view other people’s statuses before letting them be notified. You may also like Gb WhatsApp apk

The solution to all these is to get the latest version of WhatsApp in another latest form, Yo Whatsapp.  Ensure you get an original link or address to download a virus-free apk wherever you get it. We present the most reliable link and ensure the app’s quality by making it free of bugs and viruses. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for any of our services. Scroll down, dear friends, to read more stunning features of Yo Whatsapp.

Yo Whatsapp Apk Anti Ban
Yo Whatsapp Apk

Outstanding Features of the Yo Whatsapp Apk Latest Version 2023:

The latest version of Yo Whatsapp holds the following fantastic list of features you will love to have:

Anti-delete messages: 

Sometimes your friend sends you a message and then immediately deletes it. You’re left in suspense about what he sent. Most people download another app to view those deleted messages. But now, you may get this feature right in your WhatsApp. You can view the deleted messages without any time limitation or cost. They will stay there as long as you want them.

Anti-delete status:

The status that people delete after a specific time will never be deleted for you in the latest version of the Yo WhatsApp apk. You will be able to download it like other statuses. The deleted sign will appear on the top where the time appears for undeleted messages. 

Hide status view:

Yo WhatsApp apk gives you access to people’s stories without letting them know. You can view, download and share the status directly without being counted in the “status seen people list” of the status holder. 

Hide chats:

Unlike archiving messages, hiding messages means completely hiding the chat boxes for you. You may view the hidden chats by long pressing or touching the tip-left WhatsApp icon name followed by a lock. It means you touch the corner, and it, before opening hidden messages, will ask you for the fingerprint or the Thumb that you had put in. If verified, the hidden chats will be open to you, else not.

Lock WhatsApp:

The overall WhatsApp app can be locked on your phone so that only you are the one who can open it. This privacy protection has been beneficial because the lock requires the owner’s fingerprint to unlock.

Lock-specific chats:

To make your privacy more secure, you can lock the individual chats with different lock patterns; you may not be able to send or receive any message without unlocking that chat. The lock may be a fingerprint lock, pattern, or a written password.

Send videos more than 16 MB:

In the regular old WhatsApp, you cannot send videos with more weight than 16 MBs. But in Yo WhatsApp’s latest version, 2023, you can send long and very long videos of more than 16 MBs. Thus, you can exchange lengthy lecture videos or movies without any obstruction.

Message numbers:

In the old Whatsapp version, you always have to save a number without saving it on the phone. The Yo WhatsApp has also facilitated chatting with a number without saving it to the phone as long as you want. Moreover, you will have the luxury of viewing their status as well. 

Archive chats:

 The archive chats option is just like the previous one, except that you can also hide the archived chats box. 

Pin chats as most recent:

The chats you want to see on the top of your WhatsApp can be marked with the most recent hats, even though they are not the most recent. This feature will help you get to know the online/offline status of the person very quickly whenever you open WhatsApp.

Remove recent chats:

 It is the opposite of the other. That is, you may intermingle your most recent chats with the old chats very easily. It is to protect the privacy of the user much more.

Go to the very first message:

Within any chat or group chat, you can go to the first message in the conversation, no matter how old it has been. This requires opening the settings in the specific chat box and then selecting go to the first message, and there you reach the first message you sent or received.

Count messages:

 Using the latest version of Yo Whatsapp, you can count your messages in any chat box you want. In addition, you may also count every group member’s message at any time by turning the timer on. 

Remove blue ticks:

You can make your blue ticks for received messages never turn blue. This will put a sense of the message still unread by you. You may also select the “show blue ticks after reply” option that is more useful for you.

Copy messages without address:

In regular or old Whatsapp, you cannot copy messages without copying the address, time, and name of the message writer. This makes you very annoyed when you have to remove this. To avoid such conditions, go install Yo WhatsApp so that you may copy messages without an address.


You may select any of the hundreds of themes that Yo WhatsApp offers. But you will have to download it first before applying.

Font sizes: 

You may customize font size as small, very small, medium, large, and large.

Customize chat backgrounds for each chat:

In contrast to the old WhatsApp, you can customize the background for any chat specifically. Even among this, you have two options: background in light and background in the dark.

Use other app themes:

You can also copy the themes of official apps like telegram, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Always online:

This will help you get your online status available when you are not using Yo Whatsapp.

Block calls only:

Instead of blocking the whole chat, you may go to calls of any person and stop him. So that you will never have calls from that person, but texts, of course, will be continued as usual.

Disappearing messages:

Disappearing messages will always be visible once and deleted forever. This is useful for critical secret chats with friends.

Send more pictures at once:

You can send and receive up to 90 pictures at a time using Yo Whatsapp. But the old WhatsApp allows only 10 or 30 pictures per message.

Security- two-step verification:

 The two-step verification helps you protect your account with the help of a pin. And Yo WhatsApp will frequently ask you to enter this code to make sure that you, yourself, are using WhatsApp.

Run two parallel accounts:

Like messenger, you can run and save two accounts simultaneously with a very short log into any of these. This is even better than making a business account on old WhatsApp.

Chats and groups separated:

The chats are now divided into two columns, which are:

  • The personal chats (chats)
  • The group chats (groups)

Last seen on chatbox:

You don’t need to open the chatbox to view the last scene of any contact; it automatically shows up in the top right corner. 

Online toaster:

You will receive continuous information of small notifications of all people in the contact list whether they got online or not. This online toast is very time-sensitive, even when someone gets online for a second. 

Airplane mode:

This model is very specific for Yo WhatsApp and does not stop the overall signals. Only the calls and messages of Yo WhatsApp are not received or sent in this mode.

App languages:

There is a broad range of languages on YO WhatsApp. For example, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Chinese, or Japanese. You may select the one which is most feasible for you.

How to Download the Latest Version of YO WhatsApp 2023?

The app is very easy to download:

  • First, go to the phone settings in download and allow download from unknown resources.
  • Then push the DOWNLOAD button on the top of this page.
  • After downloading, install it by opening the downloaded apk.
  • The app will install automatically in a few minutes, depending on the stability of your internet.
  • Open the installed app, and enjoy the app on the go!


After reading these all-extraordinary features, I hope you cannot stop downloading the latest YO WhatsApp apk. Remember this service is free and can be accessed anytime. Another important thing is that none of the Old Whatsapp features is suppressed in this version. Yo WhatsApp presents old as well as new features. You can select the theme of “OLD WHATSAPP” if you want to switch to that temporarily.


likewise, WhatsApp’s multiple versions are released day after day; the Yo WhatsApp is the one that was released randomly. But the extraordinary features of WhatsApp have made billions of active users worldwide. The Yo WhatsApp is not readily available on the Play Store but can be accessed via the links uploaded on many websites. The updates are random and multiple on YO WhatsApp, but the features hide all the flaws. You can freeze the last seen, status views, display pictures, and statuses. Also, there will be an extra airplane mode that will only operate Yo Whatsapp’s traffic. View deleted messages and deleted statuses all the time like they are not deleted.  Install and enjoy much more. 

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