World Cricket Championship 2 Mod Apk v3.0.8 (Unlimited Coins, All Unlocked)

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App NameWorld Cricket Championship 2
PublisherNextwave Multimedia
Latest Version3.0.8
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated5 Day Ago


World Cricket Championship 2 is the world’s second most liked and played game that has been proven to be the number 1 game in Asia. Cricket has over 2.5 billion players in the world and is multiplying day by day. The national and international cricket clubs arrange cricket matches such as the world cup, PSL, T-20, etc that are not even played enthusiastically but also watched.

There are certain cricket fans who do want the game as a mobile app so that they could play it anytime, anywhere. The World Cricket Championship 2 is an outstanding 3D mobile app that connects cricket players and fans on the international level. Also, it provides a platform where the players can participate in various matches and tournament series and sharpen their sports interests.

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About Information

The game was presented by Next wave Multimedia which has been India’s wonderful gaming community. Since the game’s origin is India therefore you will observe certain Indian-style cricket tournaments and also Hindi commentary along with English. One of the leagues in the game is named the NLP (Nepal Premier League) which is the virtual version of the original NPL in India.

The beautiful, colorful and attractive gameplay with an extraordinarily amazing outline of matches and tournaments under the heading of NPL. Once you enter the game you will never be going to search for another cricket platform since WCC2 has been considered the world’s most downloaded cricket app. You may also like Golf Battle Mod Apk

wcc 2 mod apk everything unlocked
wcc 2 mod apk everything unlocked

The Gameplay of the WORLD CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIP Mod Apk 2023:

The wonderful cricket game involves the following substages and processes:

Log in:

After installing the game, the first step is obviously to open it up and create the game ID by getting logged in, if you are playing for the first time then you need to click on sign up and enter your email account, name, etc to enter the game, you may also enter the game by your social media ID either Instagram or Facebook and this login is relatively faster

in fact.

Win the signup Reward:

After you have signed up for the World Cricket Championship 2, click on the reward box that offers the prize of 2500 coins. You have to use this as soon as possible because the game rewards are bound with a special timer. After the tie ends up, you could not be able to avail that prize. So, be a little active while playing the game and win as many surprise rewards as you can.

Select the Game Type:

You have three main game types among which you can choose any as

per your taste: 

  1. Multiplayer Mode
  2. Test Cricket
  3. Tournaments

Selecting any of the game types will then proceed to further game formalities.

Select Your Team:

 The next step is to choose the team on whose behalf you would like to play. The list of various countries is spread in front of you including Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, West Indies, etc. You may choose the one you love the most and want to be a part of which.

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Select Overs

The number of overs will decide the length and time duration of the match and it is actually a measure of the number of balls. each over comprises 6 balls and here in WCC2, you may select 5 overs match, 10-overs, or 50-overs.

Select the Difficulty Level

In the next box, you will see the game asking you how much difficulty you would like in your game. And you are fully free to select any of the following levels:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Expert

Select Stadium:

There will be a list of high-class, super stadiums and you will have to

select the one that grabs your heart. Different stadiums include:

  • Roma
  • Chennai
  • Nottingham
  • Cardiff
  • Southampton

Select the Pitch:

 Here, you have to select the pitch condition of the Cricket stadium you want. The pitch condition may be, dead, dusty, or green. Select quickly to move forward and enjoy the gameplay.

Select the Match Condition:

The match condition may also be changed according to your mood; you may choose, sunny, cloudy, rainy, or night mode.

Review Players:

Before starting the match, you will take a quick sight at the players you have been assigned and their positions.  You would not be able o change the team members but you can change the position in the field. The players have two roles that are, batsman (may be left-handed or right-handed) and bowler. The players are not ordinary players actually they have been named on the names of the national cricket team members of the respective country. Such as the Indian team consist of Dhawan, Kohli, Virat, Kuner, Sammi, Jadhav, Jadhaja, Yadev, etc.

Toss and win:

When you have entered the match finally, you are here to toss the coin by the empire to start the match. The Empire tosses the coin and the head or tail winner team decides whether it will bat first or bowl.


The game control is very easy and you learn very quickly how to bowl or bat. For bowling, take the position and run to throw the ball in the middle of the wicket so that your opponent could have a tough time tackling your ball. For throwing, touch, and long press with Loft and then release. The ball will go with the speed you had set it with. A speedometer installed on the game screen measures the speed and also the reversal speed in minutes.

Similarly, for batting, focus on the ball and release it when the ball is about to hit you. During the balling, you may score more by making runs or innings, by hitting a four, or by hitting a sixer. 

Missing the ball or hitting it wrong such that it hits the wickets behind you will blow out the wickets and you will be out.

The empire defines whether you are out or not by viewing your shot in-camera recorded video on the big LCD or by using a hotspot or Ultrasonic waveform. The other game events include, not-out, white ball, spin all, and no-ball which make the game more sensating and thrilling.

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Win Trophies:

The winner of cricket is the team that happens to score more and the winner is rewarded with the game trophy. The various types of trophies in-game are the World Cup, Test match Trophy and the T20 World cup, and many more. Also, the winning team gets the coins bundle that was fixed for the match

 Enjoy the World Tour:

You will be able to enjoy a world tour when you sign a tournament of your team on the international level. Your match schedule will get you through all four corners of the world and you will play out different matches in different countries’ capitals.

Participate in Auctions:

you receive the big player auction invitations in-game and obviously, you may join them if you have enough amount of money in your account. Participating in such auctions will help you purchase the best set of players for your team and a chance to improve your game efficiency.

3D Cameras and Multiple Views:

The gameplay during the match can be visualized by using the various cameras installed in-game. You may use cameras near the pitch and wickets, cameras near the batman, cameras near the bowler, and the 360 degrees drone cameras in the middle of the stadium. 

Mod Features of the World Cricket Championship 2 Hack Version 2023:

Unlimited Coins and Money:

Installing the hack version of the World Cricket Championship 2 gives you full access to an unlimited supply of coins and money. The players can make the game fill their money banks with extra rewards for FREE.

FREE Shopping:

The customizations for your team members, player accessories, and the stadiums in the cricket could be bought from the shopping cart. The ideal situation demands FREE shopping and this could only be got by installing the latest hack version. Getting everything for FREE is another level of luxury and entertainment for the mod players.

NLP Auction Unlocked:

The game auctions often demand a certain amount of money to get into them but in the mod version of the World Cricket Championship 2, you are going to have free entries to such auctions.

All unlocked:

While playing World Cricket Championship 2, the original version, you will find many tournaments and trophies locked and these could be unlocked by spending money. Install the latest cheat version to get these unlocked for FREE now. 

No ads:

Last but not the least, the World Cricket Championship 2 mod version gives you advertisement-free gameplay throughout the whole time. So that you will have to enjoy a very pleasant productive quality time in World Cricket Championship 2 Mod version 2022. 

How to Download the Crack version of World Cricket Championship 2?

The game can be downloaded by simply clicking the DOWNLOAD button blinking on this page or by clicking the link provided. Grant the permissions that the game downloading will ask.

Install and open it for making a game ID and enjoying everything for FREE on the go.

Final Words:

 The World Cricket Championship 2 is a highly energetic, wonderful, and amazing game with involvement of the world-class cricket teams. The gameplay is 3D, and you will be able to visualize every move of the cricketers without glitches. Any 14+ kid having a basic understanding of the gameplay can play the game.

If you find any problem, in downloading or installing, please make sure to comment below. We will answer your queries within a couple of minutes. 

Goodbye, and see you later with another amazing game!

wcc 2 mod apk everything unlocked
wcc 2 mod apk everything unlocked


This cricket game that has enfolded the whole world with the three championship games as 1, 2, and 3, is definitely the rarest lovely version. This game gives beautiful gameplay in 3D animations for every single impulse. The players watch and repeatedly watch their hits during each ball, like sixers, fours, and the outs. The gameplay is spotted as one overloaded with advertisements each over. If it is tolerated the game holds another big problem. That is the game gets stocks if there is no further ad to be displayed in the queue. It irritates the players but the solution could be obviously devised by using reliable hack versions. 

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