War and Order Mod APK v2.0.43 Unlimited Money & Gems

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App NameWar and Order
PublisherCamel Studio
Size53 MB
Latest Version2.0.43
MOD InfoUnlimited Gems
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Updated5 Day Ago


War and Order Mod APK is among the top real-time wargames on the AppStore and PlayStore, with billions of ratings and installs. Furthermore, Camel Games Limited, the creator, distributed this game on all devices. Your goal in this game is to secure your army and nation from enemy attacks. Prepare your forces for enemy attacks.

In this strategy war game, you can build your universe. War and Order is a straightforward warfare, castle defense, and palace game with a lot of Google Scores from all over the world. This game was created by Camel Games Limited, CamelStudio. In a 3D historical game world, you can lead monsters, fairies, and magic. Build a huge magic force in readiness for big, animated fights. 

This game is the perfect combination of defense, true management, and some real fighting. In this game, you can raise your soldiers, fight the enemy, and control the entire country. You should prepare your army to fight the enemy. This monster is destroying the city, and you have to stop it. If things get out of hand, order your battle army and tell them to fight straight away. You May like this game castle clash mod apk


There are three main kinds of weapons attack in the War and order mod apk game:

  • The Alone Attack
  • Circuit
  • Clock Sync Strike

Monsters, fireballs, and aces are all very cool elements of the game. Make sure to ask your army to build additional structures to gain new materials. You may also play these games with friends by linking them to Facebook. To get powerful troops like elves and orcs, you must improve your holdback to level 4. These armies are stronger than the regular armies that are given at the beginning of the match. For every building, updating is the best choice.

True fighters fight with enemies from all around the world. As a group, you can take palaces, kill enemies, and gain new land by joining forces. This is War, and the screen has always been filled with fresh fights, talks, and improvements, so there was never a quiet moment. In this risky war game, you must fight to be stronger than any ruler ever. It’s up to you, your strategy, and your friends to rule an infinite world of kingdoms and creativity.

To improve your security, you can use the gems to create more stables and castle buildings. Don’t overlook improving your castle on a routine basis because it is the main structure in your city that helps in your progress. Do you like playing computer games? If that’s the case, then save our site to your favorites.

war and order mod apk Food

Features of War and Order Mod APK:

Hone your skills:

Create and develop your 50 soldiers, which also include fairies, humans, creatures, gods, magicians, and united monsters, to be the best player. You can also build and improve a range of structures to get new armies, materials, and benefits. Learn about the new magic and technology to create new strategies and weapons.

Create Friends:

You can play with your friends and connect with anything in the universe. You can build the greatest fortress available with your union, but no one will be capable of destroying it. Take it to greater levels. You will win a game thanks to your plan.

True PVP Battles:

The idea that you can conduct real-time player-versus-player fights on the field is something I like. When you grow, you’ll fight many other rulers, so grow your army to monster levels.

Rule the fields: 

You’ll be the first to control and destroy castles to have access to their supplies and raise the ratings. Kill all the available monsters, from man-eating group sex to massive monsters, for their treasures. You should protect yourself and your friends from attackers in this kind of palace defense game.

Develop your kingdom: 

Don’t end at one palace; capture the king’s capital and use your talents and capabilities to control the entire force. You’ll get to see a lot of new places and learn about different materials and ancient cities. Extend your partnership area to get access to a lot of fresh rewards and materials.


This feature includes making true friends, enmity, and talking with players from all over the world. Seek to work together to defeat the enemy and create palaces you can never keep alone. Get unique rewards by trading and growing the area. But please remember it is a game of war strategy. No one could be believed it.


Take command of the field in a massive true game mode. Expand the size of your army to that of a monster. When you expand your area, circle the palaces of other lords.


Take control of and destroy other gamers’ palaces in order to steal their wealth and climb the ladder. Fight enemies on the run for their valuables, ranging from man-eating creatures to huge monsters. Play palace defense games and keep yourself and your friends safe from foreign armies.


This game is much more than just a one-castle game. You have to take control of the Royal City and rule the country with enormous power and benefits. Travel to unknown lands to discover amazing materials, ancient cities, and other wonders. Expand your group area to gain additional materials and prizes.

Unlimited Gems:

War and Order is a very good game that has been suggested by Google on numerous occasions. It’s one of the best online games, in which you’ll build palaces and another package level to protect your area. All you must do is utilize the most successful method against your enemies. In addition, we’ve included the mod version on this site, which has some additional features. This mod gives you Unlimited gems, money, and food for no price. You can use them to access any paid items later on.


I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to download the free War and Order mod APK 2019, which contains Unlimited gems and food. Whenever you install this game, be sure to read the installation instructions. Furthermore, if you still have difficulties, you can post a comment below. Our staff will make every attempt to help you as soon as possible. That will do it for now; I’ll see you at the next one.e.


This globally recommended tower defense and tower construction game has collected over ten million fan followers. The game is a full-time fun game and provides hours of continuous entertainment to the players. The few improvements in the game will make the game super hit. The game shows a small font size, must be a magnification or zoom-out option for players who bother with this.

The game is full of bugs and lags a lot due to it but the majority of the players got nice gameplay.  The developers, unfortunately, removed the customer service portal and this made the players upset. Also, the game needs a hint button to know what to do if a player is stuck. Plus this game needs a “collect all” button instead of collecting all rewards one after other since this wastes a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it a great game to play war and order?

Yes, one of the great natural war games is War and Order. To secure your city from enemy attacks, you should build different buildings, including a tower, an army, and a castle. The beautiful graphics in this game attract the player to continue it.

How would I get a full download of the War and Order Mod?

Unless you’d like to install this mod, you could do so from our website. This mod is free of virus attacks.

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