Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod Apk 2.9.2 (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu)

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App Name Vegas Crime Simulator 2
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Genre Action
Size 106.7 Mb
Latest Version v2.9.2
MOD Info Gems/Money
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The Vegas Crime Simulator 2 mod apk is here after the bombastic hit of the first version. So as the name shows, it is full of missions and activities that are action-based. To learn more about the gameplay and the mod version. Go through this small guide to know everything about your gameplay.

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Features and the Gameplay Highlights of Vegas Crime Simulator 2:

So here we are going to discuss in detail all the features and gameplay highlights that this amazing game possesses. Join us till the final conclusion so that you can have an idea about the actual game story and all the plus points and shortcomings. Let’s take start:

Background Story:

So the wonderful story of the Vegas Crime Simulator starts with the engagement of the hero with a criminal underworld friend. So what a company teaches is to adapt the colors of the company. Therefore, the hero has to adopt the lifestyle of a complete gangster hero with an additional aptitude to carry out criminal activities all throughout the city. 

So, the game starts with a hundred percent freedom in the 3D world for the player where he can use all the controls and strengths to quench the thirst for crime and shoot independently. Though the activities will automatically catch the police’s attention, as always. But The criminal hero is smart enough to escape all the traps of the police and make a way to dominate them. The police and thief gameplay is really interesting when the hero makes the police chase after him for hours. Then the police have to turn them down at last and this is what makes a felon feel proud of himself. 

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod Apk  Unlimited Money

Enter And Claim New Territories:

Just like a gangster always takes hold of a particular area to define it as the territory. So the same is the case here. The hero can not only take over the charge of one territory but showing his power and stamina, can make himself eligible for claiming more than one, in order to possess such multiple territory holder titles, he would need to combat and battle openly on the roads sometimes. 

Go ahead and step into the game with the zest of having maximum control. You will thus never let any other gangster win other than you. 

Relish A Great Weapon Variety:

Don’t you ever like the limitless weapons options in the game stock? We know you do. So welcome to the huge weapons variety of the Vegar Crime Simulator so that you may try the various weapons in your own hands. Especially for those who wish to practice the ammunition in real life may find a way to smoother their weapon finding.

Pick up the weapon you like and use it whenever you have to. You can run empty-handed in the game or may have one in your hand. Also, the weapons switch is easy and possible in the game. You may switch the weapons while fighting or afterward and thus may have a cool fighting period with the enemies. 

Complete Missions:

So all the criminals in the game would have to carry out missions on a daily basis. Make your way to the top of all the participants and get an amazing list of missions to accomplish. These may actually involve stealing, shooting, looting, mugging, money laundering, and smuggling. Not only this you may take part in many illegal races on motorbikes or cars and win various powers. 

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod Apk  unlimited points

Get Daily Bonuses:

The most fascinating game property is that it offers daily bonuses to the players. The bonuses may include gems, money, superpowers, or other free customization to your dressing room. Whatever it would be the players love such daily bonuses and they are a cute motivation for all the players’ enthusiasm. 

Upgrade the character: 

The character of the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is not as simple as it appears. You can unlock all the superficial powers one by one in the game. The game powers make the game a little unrealistic but in turn, it is more enjoyable. The players can fly flow forces from their bodies or can move swiftly when the fire merges out. This is a great character optimization by using the upgrades like the superpowers in the game. 

Get used to Game moves:

The game is truly easy to play. With the help of the various screen options and key customizations, you can have the best gameplay options to get used to it. There are different play buttons for running, direction changing, mugging, hitting, and firing. Besides seeing the character’s stunts like jumping, and rolling on the roads.  

Plus you would have to learn the game moves and controls if you want to drive or race a car and want to do any other particular game activity. 

Keep Watching Important Variables:

The screen of the game is very deep and you will notice many important indications on it. Suppose you want to check the target ratio you have left with you can see the indication on the screen. You can also see the number of gems you collected on the screen indication. 

So in order to win and move in the game challenges, you will have to keep a check of all the apparent checks on the screen. However, there is a great opportunity to learn first and then practice in the game. 

Dominate Via Screen Map:

The screen map is there in the top left corner. You can keep a continuous check on it by knowing the number of enemies or their positions. Also, you learn the path to reach a particular destination by using this screen map. Reach via the shortest displacement the map shows and win all the surprises. 

Detect Enemies Through Red Crosses:

The enemies in the game or the targets you can say are easily detectable because in every competition you can aim them easily. The enemies are behind the big red crosses that appear on the game’s screen. No matter where the enemy is hiding either behind the trees, plants, bushes or in the car. You can locate them and hence can play in a huge climax. 

Enjoy abundantly vehicle variety:

The vehicles are abundant and the game presents classic customizations for each vehicle. The most interesting ones are the motorcycle, the tank, the taxi, the bus, Ferraris, and all kinds of jeeps and land vehicles. Plus you can fly the Helicopters and also compete for the police cars in the police cars by snatching one from the police. 

Ride the huge monster truck:

The huge monster truck is, in fact, the most hilarious of all kinds of vehicles, you can ride this as the most wonderful rascal. Riding the Monster Truck gets you to hit others’ cars while your own truck doesn’t get any harm. The massive body uses the targets miles away and is the real expression of strength and bossy mood. 

Explore Various Locations:

The different locations in the game are actually based on the accomplishment of the various game missions. In order to complete missions you will visit various distinct locations like the deserts, the beach, the city streets, the cubs, and many others. In this way, you will never get bored of the same game screen if it displayed only one.

Try new customizations:

The game customizations are super cool and the player can pick various customization tools for the character, the character can switch itself to a completely different personality by choosing various dress codes like wearing trousers, fire pants, fore dress, or the rainbow costume. 

Check the Ammunition sign:

The ammunition sign is around the symbol of the weapon you are using. The whole circle around a weapon shows that it is full of shots or bullets. But if you see a decrease in it, you should know that this is due to the fire you made through this. Plus if the weapon circle gets red it is a signal that you must refill it. So you must switch the weapon if you have more and wait for the weapon to recover the magazine. 

Keep an eye on the Health Display:

The health line is around the map; if you see closely you can check that the injuries reduce health and increase the risk factor. If you feel like the red bar is greater than the green, you must rush to hide so that you may not get dead on the spot. After that, you will collect the health tablet and regain your fitness level to combat your enemies. 

Earn rewards and progress:

Lastly, all missions and criminal activities are just motivated by rewards. The rewards are gems, money, gold, and all the weapons. So if you want to raise your status in the long run of the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD Apk, you must get the rewards as they are satisfying and get ahead. 

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod Apk  vip

Exclusive Mod Features of the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD Apk:

We have discussed the common features of the game that every apk will have, and now it is our turn to reveal all the mod menu features. So here is the list of all the mod features that the old version of the game lacks:

  • FREE unlimited money
    • Unlimited Gems
    • Unlimited all
    • Unlimited weapons and ammunition
    • Free game hacks
    • Free of viruses
    • Free of ads
    • FREE of any cost


    So this was all about the amazing game Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod apk. If you like to enjoy a tension-free epic life of a rascal or a street boy, come ahead to download the game. But make sure you are 18+ since the game is not for younger kids. You may also mech arena apk

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    How can I get the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod APK-only device?

    First, download the apk and then install it on your device. But for this, you must have permission to download from unknown resources. Later make a game entry and start-up.

    What is the innate language of the game?

    The innate language of the game is the international English language.

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