Truecaller Mod Apk (Premium/Gold) Free Download Latest version 13.10.5


Sometimes you get calls from anonymous calls and messages on your phone from locations and numbers you are unfamiliar with. These are some really pertinent persons trying to reach you, but most of the time, they are irrelevant and have wrong numbers. So, in order to check who’s calling you or texting you, you may need an app that tells you the name and location of the number trying to reach you. This seems impossible but technology has brought everything feasible today. So, the 1B+ Downloader Caller ID app “Truecaller Mod Apk” is surely the one you were looking for. 

Additional Information

App Name Truecaller Mod Apk
Updated 01 -April -2023
 Compatible with Android 4.4
 Last version v13.10.5
Category Communication
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Mod Info Premium Unlocked, Premium/No Ads

We provided you with the latest modded version of the Truecaller app so that you can have all the premium features of the app free of cost. The main purpose of this app is to ensure a greater level of security for all phone users and to inhibit fraudulent reaching innocent users. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to record whatever calls you like and immediately block the disturbing ones. So, if you want a very safe and secure chatting and calling assistant on your device then you must go through the introduction of Truecaller Mod Apk. Among all the chatting apps I found this one the coolest due to the wide variety of functions and tremendously positive feedback from people all across the globe. 

Truecaller Premium Apk:

Most of you are aware of the benefits a mod version gives you. The Truecaller Gold Download gives the golden chance to grab the excellent features for free which are otherwise extremely expensive. Truecaller Premium Apk is one hundred percent unlocked and you would never have to pay for any of the features you utilize. Moreover, if you encounter location restrictions on your device for the app you can certainly switch to some VPNs like Express VPN Mod Apk that too, is free. 

Free communication environment:

Like all phone users, you may be having a lot of communication apps on your phone like Whatsapp, Line, Skype, Facetime, Messenger, etc. But they all show a common problem regarding irrelevant people reaching you anonymously. You cannot block them without getting to know who they are hence, this process demands interaction with them. Therefore, comparing this inconvenience with other apps, Truecaller wins the first position that foretells you the ID of the person calling or texting you. 

No fee to contact the people you want but remember you can only contact the friends and family you saved on your device. Besides,  unsaved people can contact you but Truecaller wild definitely introduces you to who they are before you attend a call. In fact, this is due to the huge database system of Truecaller that it has established throughout the whole globe. 

Another feature is the automatic blockage of calls you don’t want to attend and hence same for the texts. You can also block video chats and audio calls on similar grounds of concern.  Plus, you can mark spammers and frauds in a few clicks to avoid any further connections as well. The whole procedure requires only a couple of seconds and you save valuable hours for the sake of other precious tasks. 

With the help of the Truecaller search dialogue box, you will have the chance to type any number and get its details. The person will never know that you tried to have this information on the behalf of your account. The name of the app itself shows the truthfulness of the Truecaller ID provider. 

The call recording issue was resolved.

Most of the time, you don’t have a quick call record option on your device. You may need to record a call not only because it is important but also as evidence of fraud etc.  Truecaller resolves this issue perfectly by giving you access to record voice calls in one click. You can see the record option on the left side of the call disconnect option. Don’t worry about your phone’s memory and storage since this app gives you a compact call recording. You can record each and every segment of a call you hear in a very comprehend manner and can also save it for later use. 

The recorded calls are available for further sharing and you can also mail those voice clips.  Play them as many times as you wish to and keep your security at the climax. 

Block Spam Calls and Messages:

The major factor that distracts your attention while you are working on your phone or studying, is spam calls. Some loan companies and official sim calls keep on coming to your phone if you don’t block them. Blocking calls and messages manually is possible but you see some senior people and kids cannot even do that. So, in order to block spam calls and texts in one click you have the TrueCaller Premium Apk. 

The calls you don’t know, and the texts from all unfamiliar people are no longer able to reach and grab your attention. This, on the one hand, saves you from unnecessary communications and on the other hand, gives an automatic hang-up to all spammers. Of course, a manual blockage setting is available to help you block some numbers that have not called you yet. Therefore, it is your choice what way you like your device to meet your needs. 

Unlock Truecaller Gold Premium Unlocked Download Membership:

Truecaller Mod Apk also gives you the opportunity to unlock a Gold membership. Consequently, you get an even more extended list of functions of the app. Truecaller Download apk is available for all android users and whenever a number is called the gold card shows the golden digits of the callers. Also, the name and location details blink in a beautiful professional format on your screen. 

Google Drive Backup:

In case you get a new phone; it is very hard to trace back all the contacts you had saved earlier on your device. I-Cloud on the iPhones saves you from catching such trouble. But TrueCaller saves your data on Google Drive and also constructs an amazing backup system to recover every single caller ID.  Even if you lose your phone or accidentally break it, the Google Drive backup always saves you from unwanted situations. 

Truecaller Ghost mode : 

This is the most thrilling feature of the app. You can set your own contact name to pop up on other devices no matter what they have actually saved. For instance, you can show your name as “DAD” on your friend’s or sibling’s phone. When you call them, they will pick up the call thinking that their DAD is calling them. In fact, this is very wonderful if you love playing pranks on your friends.  In a similar way, you can set a number instead of your name when it shows up on someone’s screen like 911. 

Incognito Mode:

Incognito mode on Truecaller is to give you another level of privacy. But by turning this mode on,  the app will never keep a record of the activities you had on your phone. Also, this is to keep some secret conversations in video chatting or texting, etc. 

Truecaller Gold Membership Free:

If you use a real version of Truecaller, you can subscribe to the gold membership to pay the bill of services you are using. Approximately, you will have to pay $3 monthly or about $15 for every six months you use this app. There is a variance in cost depending on your location and country code. 

But wait, if you are having a mod version of Truecaller like the one from this page then you don’t have to pay even a penny. Just get the mod apk and there you get all the free features. The gold and premium packages of features are fully free to use no matter how long you are going to use them.  So, rush and click the DOWNLOAD option right now.

Dark Theme

To protect your vision and to support better app usage, the app also gives the “Dark Mode” option. You can turn it on whenever you need and get a comfortable sleep since the dark theme is good for sleep. 

Who views your profile?

Everyone is curious to know the people who open his or her profile. Aren’t you?  So, you can even get this authentic information using the same app. Just get the app and you will get a notification of the people viewing your profile every time they try to. Also, you can drag the contact details of the people who search and view your profile anytime anywhere in the whole world. 

Truecaller Gold Mod Apk happy mod:

The Gold Mod Happymod of the Truecaller is good for you to block spam calls and messages once and for all. This gives you a very wonderful environment to chat freely with your family and friends anytime you like. Remember all premium features are free in this mode. 

Ads Free:

No one likes associating ads with any app downloaded on the device. So to avoid any ads popping up on your screen you can turn them off simply by using this mod apk. Moreover, eliminating ads from your device would not cost you. You cannot even choose to remove ads otherwise in the real version at any cost. 

Multiple Languages Supported:

No matter which language you speak or which part of the world you belong to. Truecaller is an extremely versatile app because of a wide variety of language adaptations. You can select more than one language on your device and hence use it without any problem. The multi-language option is really awesome if there is more than one language speaker in your group. 

Intelligent Dialer:

The “Auto-Dialer” or “Intelligent-Dialler”  works on the quick understanding of the most frequent contacts you dial. So type only the initials of the number and the auto-dialler will suggest to you the exact contact you were searching for and you can pick it up instantly. You may also like Instagram Mod Apk

 New Features of Truecaller Mod Apk :

  • View profiles of contacts you want privately.
  • Very High Priority Store
  • Greater Content Request
  • Premium FREE badges
  • Avail Golden Caller ID V
  • Profile Video Option
  • Better Graphical Display
  • Unlock Premium Features
  • Clean the junk
  • Locating Maps
  • Remove unwanted permits

How to Download and Install?

To install the Truecaller Mod apk 2023 on your phone successfully, follow the instructions below:

  • Press the green DOWNLOAD button on this page.
  • Or you can have it from the Google play store or any browser on your device. 
  • Wait a few seconds to let the download complete. 
  • Uninstall any other version if you have it on your device.
  • Then, open the freshly downloaded mod apk and the installation will begin. 
  • Let the installation process end and the app is ready for use.
  • Still, if you face issues in downloading or installing the app you can contact me in the comment section. I will reply to your queries within a few hours. 


  • Maximum Bug Fix
  • Call notes reminders 
  • Filters for video chatting
  • Dual sim dialer option
  • Show custom names on other devices when you call them
  • Improved graphics on video calls
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode
  • Ghost Mode
  • Better Speed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is this app safe for my device?

Yes, it is. Uninstall the apk if your phone hangs up using it and try to download it once again. 

Will it help me trace unknown contacts by myself?

Yes, for sure. You can not only trace those calling you but also those texting you. 

 Do I need to pay for any services I use on the mod version?

As long as you are using our recommended authentic mod version, you would not have to pay anything.