The Battle Cats Mod Apk 12.1.0  (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cats)

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App NameThe Battle Cats
PublisherPONOS Corporation
Latest Version12.1.0
MOD InfoUnlimited XP/Cat Food
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Updated2 Day Ago


The Battle Cats is a fun-based, cool, and mild feline mobile game for cat lovers throughout the whole world.  It is a fantastic mild action game with an unremarkable cute graphical cartoonist display, which the kids love the most. The single-player game carries extremely loveable features which you will love to adopt and the cat love multiplies one thousand folds even more.

The battle cats were initially created and released under the old name Nyanko Daisensou (Nyarko Great War) in Japan and Korea. Later due to its wide gameplay and sky-touching fans it was released over the google play store with a number of more fascinating features.

Most of the games flourished with a basic theme, of an animal, environment, or a certain bird, and are more likely to be attracted by the fans of that specific theme. Following the same idea, the game the battle cats was developed which has been well known and famous due to its unique theme and gameplay. Also, the involvement of the cat-the lovely animal, made the game super attractive and mesmerizing for kids of all ages. 

It was released officially for the first time in 2011, in Japan and an upgraded and advanced version was later presented in all play stores in 2018. Till now the game has received millions of admiring reviews and the big figure displaying the downloads is increasing day by day. The game’s developers are PONOS Cooperation and they have highlighted the importance of pets and cats through this very well. You may also like Covet Fashion Mod Apk

The Battle Cats Mod Apk Free Shopping
The Battle Cats Mod Apk

The Gameplay

Create the Game Profile:

The mandatory step prior to starting a game is the creation of a game profile and making an entry via an email account or any social media account. The latter is better since it is a faster login and here you may also invite your worldly friends to come, join and play the same game with you.  Remember you have to sign up if you installed and played the game for the very first time and do not have any previous ID. But once you have installed you may be able to log in to the same game ID using your data on any other device as well. 

the battle cats mod apk unlocked all cats

Visit the World Map:

First of all, a big world map opens up in front of you and you review the places where the cat-defending base camps are to be established. Next, the game will assign you one to go and protect your first base station like Korea. 

The Game Scenario and Control:

The game has been officially marked with an enemy’s tower on the left side and a cat’s defence tower on the right. The different-shaped enemies break out from their tower and get to go toward the cats’, you have to protect them. Both the enemies and cats are firing cannons at each other through the guns in their mouths and both are produced continuously. The difference is that the cats are produced after every minute money collection of 50 or 80 and enemies; of course, automatically. The 50 coins cat production is the first stage and when you get upgraded to the second level, you get the next i.e., 80 coins.

The control system is very handy and easy to understand even by kids. It does not involve any control of the cats’ rampage because those walk automatically onward to the destined spots. All you have to do is to click the cat manufacturer icon whenever the wallet money meets the desired level so that you may get a new cat. 

The cats have to fight and end the enemies, and this is assisted by new and newer cats from the defence tower until all the enemies are killed. You may lose the game if the enemies get enough dominance to kill your cat’s squad.

Money Production Speed:

You may also be able to increase the money production speed by spending quality time in-game to increase your level. This is followed by more capacity in the wallet. Both of these measures help you fight better since you may supply more cats in less time to compete with your enemy.

The Wallet Capacity:

The wallet mentioned in the top right corner of the screen is continuously producing money unless you win the game by abundant cat production. You can increase your wallet limit starting from 150c with every level you rise up and hence get more fascinating operations unlocked.

The Cat Cannon:

You will have to fire the cat cannon every time it gets ready to be fired. Let your enemies reach the firing range and then use the fires of cannons to kill them in a single shot.

The cat cannon is located at the bottom right corner and operates with simple clicks.

Win Cat Stamps: 

Every time you enter the game, you may win a special cat stamp of the cat paw which helps you avail of the game reward. The rewards are premium-based and are FREE for thirty days in the real version. The rewards may assign a new characteristic cat or cat food.

The cats’ types:

The cats are not the same throughout the game but they do change their species according to the level you are standing. On the basis of efficiency and appearance, there are six categories of cats:

  • Basic
  • Special
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Uber Super Rare or Uber Rare or just Uber
  • Legend Rare 

The cats get upgraded to the next category when you have earned special tickets such as golden rare tickets or special tickets, etc.

The Enemies:

Just like the cats have different types, the enemies are also in a variety of forms and shapes. Each carries one specific trait and is called a “trait enemy”. A few traits of enemies are:

  • Red
  • Floating
  • Black
  • Metal
  • Alien
  • Starred Aliens 
  • Zombies 

The enemies which don’t have any particular trait are called “non-trait” enemies and they may be white or non-white. 

Upgrade the Cats:

You will have to upgrade your cats using certain XP points and purchase different cat characteristics in cats. The cats may be of the same physical appearance or adopt different depending upon their characters such as the tank cat, and the Ninja cat.

They get unlocked when you have enough XP points otherwise remain inaccessible.

Outstanding Mod Feature of the Battle Cats Mod Apk :

We know the official versions available on the Play Store and random download sites do not offer an unlimited range of features. Therefore, to get the following outstanding amazing features, go get install the mod version also called the hack version from this site:

Unlimited FREE Money and Coins:

Like all the hack games the mod version of The Battle Cats apk 2023 latest hack version is offering you an unlimited supply of FREE money and coins. Hence, using the coins you will be able to produce cats more speedily and excel faster. The only essential step is to download the right version that is exactly from this page.

Unlimited FREE Shopping:

The app offers many in-game purchases on the real version that makes you spend real-world money in order to buy certain game services. But you will be glad to know that shopping of every kind in the hack version is totally out of cost and you will get a FREE unlimited supply of all the services. 

Easy to Download:

The reviews on the official play store mention the difficulty of downloading while installing the app. To overcome this issue a relatively lighter and more friendly system apk is provided so that you may get the game downloaded much more easily than the real version.

Unlocked All Cats for FREE:

Since the real version gives gradual access to upgraded cats and the higher categories of cats, you have to wait and play a lot to get the desired cat unlocked. The crack version of The Battle Cats mod apk delivers the luxury of unlocking all the cats and you may choose any of them to play with the FREE unlimited XP points.

Unlimited cat stamps and FREE Cat Food:

The in-game rewards known as the cat stamps are totally FREE and unlimited in this hack version hence you would never need to be worried about the cat food and anything else after getting the mod game.

No Ads:

The mod version of The Battle Cats Mod Apk presents smooth gameplay free of any ad’s interruption. 

What are you waiting for? Hurry up, Guys! 

Rush and install the latest 2022 mod version of the game from the DOWNLOAD button, blinking at the top.

How to DOWNLOAD the Battle Cats Mod Apk 2023 Hack Version:

Click the download button or get the download link given on the site and let the

download begins. Allow the third-party app to get certain permissions from your system.

Let the installation start after the game has been downloaded. Open it up and create your game profile to enjoy the hacks and cheats for free.


You can’t install the game if you don’t have a stable internet connection.

Final Words:

As you read up on all the game stories and the mod features, we provide you will agree with the point that the game is very innovative and cool to play. Plus, it involves mild actions not disastrous and violent actions therefore it is perfectly suitable for your kid. 

If you find any trouble while downloading, please comment in the comment box. We will try to answer your questions immediately. Goodbye and see you later with another amazing game!


The round-the-clock, non-repetitive action game with adorable cute kitty characters is an enchanting castle defence game. The cats have to play the role of soldiers to save their home base. The game has gotten almost an overall five stars rating on the play store. The good thing about the gameplay is that it will never coerce you to watch the promotions and unwanted ads during the whole game. Plus if you are not playing a mod version, you can get everything unlocked for free in the real version patiently. No real money expense to enjoy the cat fun and clash battles!

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