Tacticool- 5v5 shooter Mod Apk (Unlimited Money ,Mega Menu)


Download The Mod Apk Latest Version of Tacticool, It is one of The Best Action Game for Android, This Modified Version will Provides you an Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Levels, Free Shopping, Ads Free Mod, Everything, user-friendly.
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Oct 28, 2022
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App NameTacticool
Size301 Mb
Latest Versionv1.53.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money ,Mega Menu
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Updated3 Day Ago


Tacticool mod apk gameplay is the excellent third-person shooting offered by UPWAKE.ME. To have a realistic multiplayer battle do join hands with us. Apply a variety of weapons to make the gameplay quick and different. Also, get the mod version of the game if you want everything for free in the game. 

Let’s go through the gameplay and features of the Tacticool Mod APK. So let’s get, set, and go!

Features and Gameplay of the Tacticool Mod APK:

Action and survival Gameplay:

The game starts with the unlimited challenge offered to survive in a land of zombies where you can also have dual challenges in fights with your opponents. So whenever there is combat, you will have to practically perform in high-risk competitions. The opponents as well as the bloodthirsty zombies are in a ready position to attack you. 

Get ready to participate in such action and survival games to prove your potential. Moreover, this is the most facilitated platform to have a real war. There has been a lot of suspense about the game’s horrific levels; be the first to break the ice and dominate over all others in the Tacticool Mod Apk.

Tacticool Mod APK Latest Version

Grab the Red Bag:

This is one of the biggest game challenges that keep the morals of the players high by creating more and more thrill. The teams then compete in front of each other, have to steal and pick a bag full of money. The bag is present in a particular area that is surrounded by a lot of dangers, difficult paths, and adventures.

The players need to respawn the tools with the limited materials they have to reach the bag. Plus they have to plan the best strategy for them to kill all the suspicious dangers and then run and pick up the bag. You may even snatch it from the people if it is in the enemy’s custody. 

The main task is to bring the red bag to the base station. The team that performs this first is said to be the winning team and this is the only parameter in this bag-style game to decide winners. 

Tacticool Mod APK Mega Menu

Grab the Red Bag:

The game is particularly important with the third-person shooting mode which is also very vivid. The player cannot only view the enemy’s locations on the map but also chase them till the last second using the third-person perspective of the shooting. Take aim, set your fingers, and click to fire. No more difficulties are needed to overcome a level. 

Short fights:

Most action game lovers don’t participate in action games due to time shortage and they don’t want an engagement in battles that extend for hours. So this game is a suitable solution for such fans of action and freedom. The battles in this game are usually of 2-3 minutes duration and deliver the same thrill that the long adventures do. 

Another advantage of the short time interval battles is that there are rapid results of the wars. The wins and the losses are so quickly apparent that it produces a very good impact. Those who performed well get rewards immediately and those who performed worse can now correct their shortcomings in the next war. 

The short wars are really very enjoyable when you don’t have enough time to play but you want to play at least for 10 minutes. These short online competitions are also available for you to join so that you may enjoy the maximum fun of the game in the very few minutes or hours you have. 

Special car battles:

This game brings another occasion of action to the players. Some of the battles aren’t only human-based; you have to fight via using the vehicle. You have to hit the vehicle against your enemies again and again until you smash it over. The vehicles will first show the smoky flames and then they will blast.  

18 extensive shooter maps:

 A Shooter always tries to roam around in the enemy’s area whatever the game is. So in the Tacticool Mod Apk, the layers can avail of any of the 18 extensive maps. The maps are cool since they represent the correct locations and structures of buildings, power stations, and ammunition depots. 

It is advised to always check out the map of the location a player has selected to play This is because he can reach the minor most locations that have been expressed on the map. 

Tacticool Mod APK Unlimited Gold

Online Team Play with Friends:

Like all the famous action and survival games of 2022, this gameplay brings a unique team play to the players. The players can first invite their friends to make up a team of three players. These players can then play either in friends’ teams or on the enemy’s side to get the best gameplay. 

Set traps for enemies:

The game proceeds with the players’ full authority to set traps for the enemies in certain areas. Setting these traps is a real enjoyment. You can hide your weapons on the routes, also you can drop grenades on the way. If your enemies pass by you can totally get rid of your enemies. Also, this is quite a unique aspect of the game that other survival and action games don’t have. 

70 weapons to play with:

If you love to use different and abundant weapons in action games, then this game is for you. The 70 weapons that are there in the game are accessible one after the other and the players can unlock them successively.  The extreme variance in the weapons and their different combinations will really surprise you. 

28 characters with customization tools:

The Tacticool Mod Apk presents a big collection of 28 different customizable characters. The players can switch the characters if they don’t like any at any time. The players are free to purchase different tools to deal with their favorite customizations in the characters. From the facial features to the different bodies and costumes, a player can adjust which character he wants for himself. 

5 VS 5 shooter game:

As the game’s title shows, this game is a special 5 vs 5 shooter game where you can partake in team wars of 5 members each. The five vs five modes allow fair fights and realistic battles among teams of different players all across the globe. 

Multiplayer Competitive Mode:

The good thing about the multiplayer competitive mode is that the players can participate in such multiplayer battles with players of their own choice. It means one can start the Tacticool multiplayer game with players of his own choice. This is possible if a player invites the players on social platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger,  etc. 

3D graphics:

The game comes with outstanding 3D graphics. The game’s rotating cameras make the player see any aspect and any angle of the player. The player himself can be viewed as one entity from any angle from the up, bottom, right, or left. 

Easy Gameplay Controls: 

The game control is super easy with the help of the one screen element. There is a wide circular area where you have to move your hand’s thumb so that you may change the direction of the player. Also, you see a target cross in this section. This is the aim of the weapons. You need to put it over the target and click. As a result, you can see a big shot and fire of the weapon at the moment. 

Mod Features of the Tacticool Mod Apk:

The mod features of the Tactcool Mod APk are:

  • Unlimited Money 
  • Bob file
  • FREE APK download, 
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlimited Gold, Silver, 
  • special Mod Menu
Tacticool Mod APK Unlimited Silver

Final Words:

So gamers, this was all about the Tacticool Mod Apk. We tried to make the conditions in the mod version very easy for the player’s maximum interactions. So get ready and dive into the world of unlimited challenges with this game. You may Also love to play this game mech arena apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I install the Tacticool Mod Apk on my device?

To install the mod apk of the Tacticool Mod apk, you need to click the DOWNLOAD, after that you need to install the downloaded apk on your phone. The installation ends and you are free to open and play the game.

Which elements make the Tacticool od Apk worthy of more than the original versions?

There are hundreds of benefits but the most important are free gold and silver rewards, money and unlocking everything.