Super Mario Run Mod Apk (Unlimited Money | All Premium Unlocked)

App NameSuper Mario Run
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Latest Version3.0.26
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Super Mario Run Mod apk is another part of the Mario game series developed by Platform Video Game and was launched by Nintendo in 2016 both for operating systems of iPhones and androids.  The game was the company’s best-seller game and was included in the top 50 games.

The game has been developed and designed for people who want an unending run of the main character in the rendered environment with hundreds of different tasks.

Super Mario Run game with the super musical and graphical display fascinates the player with a variety of modes. The runner Mario keeps on running on different tracks while collecting gems, coins, bubbles, stars, and many more. The player has to tap on the screen in order to control his movements like hopping, jumping, running, and changing directions. The game is not as simple itas seem to be because the challenges are full of adventures that will shock you with every new update. You may also like Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk

Super Mario Run Mod apk Unlimited Money

About Information

As you get updated not only does your speed increase but also the number of impediments along the way. A professional and experienced player can get through this through persistence and perfection. The player can hone his time management skills while playing the game as the game needs every specific course to be completed within the given time period and also the collection of different colored gems while doing.

The timer appears on the very top screen and the coins are collected in the top right corner which will always keep you aware of your performance in the game. Besides the game is super adorable and one cannot resist ending it at once when played for a single time that is the reason for flood fan members all across the globe.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk
Super Mario Run

The Gameplay of the Super Mario Run Mod apk

The game begins when the main character, Mario, on the invitation of Princess Peach goes to his palace and there he has to witness how Bowser kidnaps the princess, destroys Muthe shroom kingdom, and escapes.

Mario is left there watching everything then he starts running behind Bowser with the intention that he will free the peach princess and also reverse the actions of Bowser. As he starts running the actual game starts, in which the players by touching the screen can make run their own character, Mario.

While playing the game you have to grasp eye and hand coordination first because the challenges are really tough to manage if you are not focused enough. You will have to touch the screen multiple times as a command to make Mario run, jump, or move. Some of the important game events include:


Just as the coins are lying on the way, the bubbles are also special gifts that are collected in the same manner as coins. Once picked, they help the player to run along a specific part of the track to improve performance. Plus, they will save Mario from death and if they aren’t in your collection you will have to restart the game. So choosy to prefer bubbles because they are not as plentiful as the coins.


It is a special game mode that is totally different from the running gameplay of the Super Mario Run which brings a change to the typical game mode. You will be able to play pre-recorded ghost versions of the game with numberless challenges. The involvement of the player in Toad Rally requires players to earn Rally Tickets for entry into the challenges.


In order to change the characters, you will be opted to choose the characters from the list of Mario series characters like Luigi, Princess, Yoshi, Taddette, etc. 


This mode frees the user from the ticket-bound entry for the game rally; players can make entry to the game without the tickets. But here again, the original version puts a limitation of playing it 5 times each day only and you would not be able to collect coins. Therefore, the mod version helps you cheat here and in the Super Mario Run Mod apk 2023 you will be able to make free coin collection possible.


The mode has been designed with one difficulty and one ease at the same time; that is the time slot is removed and the coin collection is disabled respectively.


 This model provides you to continue running in 10 different tracks with different challenges and tasks in each. This short gameplay is really going to stun your mind.


 With the huge coin collection, you just made, you will be able to construct your own Mushroom Kingdom with the full customization of your choice. 


Discover new worlds across the globe with Mario running and thus enjoy more locations and backgrounds of the gameplay. This will be additional assistance in building your own Mushroom Kingdom. 

Amazing Features of the Super Mario Run Mod Apk :

While playing the mod version of the Super Mario Run apk, everything you will find will be free of cost and you will not have to be worried about payments or purchases. Let’s discuss the mod features:

Improved Game Graphics:

The game’s graphical display is really cool and attractive. The 2D and 3D scenes are very clear and also the moves of Mario like jumping, stepping up and down, collecting coins, etc. The mod version has been especially focused on improving the display quality of the Super Mario Run Mod Apk.

Melodious Sounds:

As the race starts, you will enjoy real-world exciting sounds and the roaring of the vehicles that are very exclusive. Similarly, the race wins, celebrations, rewards, and grand stars, everything appears with an amazingly sweet

musical display that will never let to turn off the sound.

Unlimited Free Grand Stars:

The Super Mario Run Mod latest mod version 2023 gives you a full opportunity to enjoy an unlimited supply of grand stars during the game. As you get them more, obviously your will be able to update your level and get a higher rank and more rewards.

Super Mario Run Mod apk Mod Menu

No Ads:

If you dislike the interruption of the game due to unwanted ads then the hack version of Super Mario Run is for you. You will be getting smooth gameplay without the interference of a single ad. The mod version completely diminishes advertisements as per the demand of the fans.

FREE Toad Rally Tickets:

Unlike the friendly mode, the hack version will allow you to collect as many tickets as you want thus making entries into the rally mode. Moreover, you would not be limited to not collecting the coins now.

They will be picked up as usual gameplay irrespective of the rally mode.

Unlocked All Levels:

In the Super Mario Run 2022 latest mode version, there is full access to all the levels. They are not locked as compared to the original version of the game and thus you will be enjoying the game on another level. Remember the unlocking of levels does not require any money or watching advertisements; it is totally free of cost.

All Characters Unlocked FREE:

The original version of the Super Mario Run allows you to get customization in characters but that is not all time unlocked. The players can unlock characters by winning certain levels of the game and if they don’t, of course, they won’t get new characters. But thanks to the mod version of Super Mario Run. You have full access to any of your favorite characters and this does not need any clearance of previous levels or payment.

Unlimited Worlds:

The mod menu gives you another luxury to explore an unlimited number of worlds so that your enthusiasm grows more and you don’t get bored.

How to Download and Install the “Supper Mario Run Mod Apk”?

Well, it is not that difficult.

  • Just click the link given below or press the download option.
  • Allow the download from unknown sites.
  • The download will be completed with the interference of a third app.
  • Once it gets downloaded, open it up.
  • The game will start installing. It may take a little more time.
  • After installation, it will be ready to be played. Create your game profile and start the unlimited fun!

Final Words:

The sky-touching fan followers and the tremendous downloads on the daily basis speak of the importance of the gameplay. Since the release of the mod version, the demand increased even more. We will like to refer the game to people of all genres and ages especially kids because this isn’t containing

any harsh content and is really mind-sharpening. If you feel any trouble while downloading, please let us know in the comment box. Your questions will be answered in no time. Push the DOWNLOAD button and get set to go!

Goodbye, see you at the next game!


Like all the Mario Games, the Super Mario Run has been the loveliest. The gameplay shows off like the accustomed subway run and collecting games with plenty of rewards is unmatched. However, the auto-play theme is disliked by some of the players and they want full moves control for their characters. This will give extra difficulty in the game but the better thing is to put an option for auto gameplay. The younger players can switch to it if they like and the elders may play on their own.  Unlocking various levels with payment seems quite cheap since the barter fun is tremendous. Overall the game gets a four stars rating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get unlimited money and coins in the game?

This does not require any extra steps. Once you install it and start playing the free coins and money will be deposited throughout the game, regardless of the game level, you are going on.

Is the given version available on PC as well?

No, you can’t install and get it over your pc with the same steps given above. It’s a mobile game that requires a special app emulator to play the game on pc.

Is the game fully free of bugs?

The Super Mario Run mod apk is very friendly to your OS and IOS. It is totally free of worms, bugs, or viruses. It does not put any load on the memory as well. 

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