Stickman Legends Mod Apk v3.3.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Character)

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App NameStickman Legends
Latest Versionv3.3.9
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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The most popular RPG (role-playing game) in the world of action games is Stickman legends, with stunning gameplay of fights and wars. The game expresses a very sacred mission of defying all the bad forces of the dark using the character’s superpowers and fighting stamina. 

Moreover, the game is a very beautiful blend of action, fun, and thrill with a higher percentage of action and thrill. Besides fighting and killing the evil characters the fighter has to clear up many levels with the gradual unlocking of various powers. The game resembles the “shadow fight “wars but the gameplay here is faster and contains more active activities.

If you love to play fighting and RPG then this game “stickman legends” is the best choice for you out of all the stickman series. Just because it displays a nicer game graphical gameplay and also the amazing real sounds of weapons, hitting, and roaring of enemies.

About Information

The game was presented and designed by the best action game and stickman series production the ZITGA, in October 2017. Since then, hundreds and thousands of downloads have been made from the official play store and even more from unofficial sites. Instead of playing the official real version of stickman legends, the players prefer to play its cheat or hack version with a number of mod features and unlimited free everything. To read more about the mod features, dear friends, scroll down more, you will have it after the gameplay.

Stickman Legends Mod APk latest Version
Stickman Legends Mod APk

The Gameplay of the Stickman Legends Mod Apk 2023 Hack Version:

 Game Profiling:

To start playing the Stickman legends mod version, you should have downloaded the spk first. Click to let it ready for installation and carry out the complete installation. After that you would have to log in or sign up, so provide the email account or any social media address. The social media accounts log-in will help you get the game started relatively faster. Moreover, there you can invite your friends to play a 1v1 game with you. Your name will be entered as a new warrior of the stickman legends and the game is ready to be played for now. You may also like stickman warriors mod apk

Choose the Best Character:

 Next, you will see a series of fantastic six legendary stickman characters in front of you, to select anyone out of them. Each of the stickman characters has obviously a unique style of fighting, attacking, and warrior looks with outstanding colorful personalities and weapons.  The characters are named:

  • Lion-Hearted Swordsman
  • Legendary Shadow Warrior
  • Shadow Hunter.
  •  Elite Archer Hunter
  • Mighty Dungeon Guardian
  •  Powerful Mage

The game type:

The next step is to choose the type of game you want to play according to your experience and powers. There are five types of games, usually, which remain locked and are unlocked one by one. 

These five game types are mentioned below in ascending order of tougher and toughest challenges:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Extreme
  • Nightmare
  • Hell

Game Modes:

The game has both online and offline gameplay and can be played in any of these anytime you like.

The Stickman Legend has four outstanding game modes, out of which anyone can be selected to be played:

  • Classic
  • Trick game
  • Time attack 
  • And attack mode

The most interesting is the attack mode, where you have to make unlimited numbers of hits and moves in order to push and smash away all the evil characters.

The Game Control and Story Highlights:

The gameplay says that you have to move in a 2D spatial path the length of which is mentioned in the upper line showing your position. During this small journey, you encounter lots of evil bosses and dark shadows that try to take away your life, injure you and weaken your powers. But using the different power button control systems, you will have to dominate over all of these and hence protect their humanity.

The button control is mentioned below:

  • The jump button: Pressing this button will help you fly, slip and jump to attack the enemies in different spatial orientations dodging and killing them.
  • The dash button:  This will help you dash more quickly toward your enemies thus killing them, at a greater count rate.
  • Left-right slider:  It is mentioned in the bottom left corner and is used merely to move towards the right or left to attack and defend.
  • Reverse button: This button helps you reverse backward on the path when it is needed during the gameplay. 
  • Superpowers: Other buttons are locked and get unlocked when you win certain superpowers to destroy your enemies. The powers may be, more speed, more coins, less time county, etc.

Using all these buttons and making huge victories you will be able to finish the game by passing through a number of levels, each with a different challenge.

Win gold coins, gems, and powers:

Whenever you hit over the demons and monsters, they are not dead immediately rather they die after a number of effective hits. After every devil character is killed successfully, lots of yellow coins appear there which you have to collect by running over them.  Killing a more dangerous and stronger demon gives a bonus of powers as well, and these powers are used against them in the game. 

Time management:

The digital time counter running in the top right corner of the screen check-in how many units of time you completed the challenge. If you complete the challenge when a time

slot of more than or equal to one minute is left, and you will get three golden stars. If you completed the challenge when the time left was between thirty seconds and one minute,

you will get two stars. Similarly, when you completed the challenge when the time left was less than thirty seconds, the one star only. Getting three complete stars will let you move to the next level but if you couldn’t, you may restart the same level to improve your gameplay.


From the game shop, you can avail many costumes, weapons, skills, and gems packages, in exchange for the coins you earned in the game. This is the most interesting part where you are getting full customization of your character and get him a lot of accessories. 


The stickman legends’ leaderboard presents the efficiency of all the warriors in a single list thus ranking them according to their potential. Give the best performance and be the top warrior on the leaderboard. Moreover, you may check your and your friend’s rank over there without letting them know about it.

Mod features of the crack version of the Stickman legends 2023:

Unlimited Free Gold Coins:

Like all the mod versions, the Stickman legends mod apk has been characterized by a full-time supply of unlimited free gold coins. This will help you get all the coin-based purchases plus upgrade your character.

Unlimited FREE shopping:

The shop in the game displays countless features, powers, and skills but all of these demand money in the form of coins or real-world money. Installing the mod version will let you have free hand shopping which is free of cost as well.

Unlimited FREE Powers:

The powers in the game are seldom won by tough fights and are not available throughout the gameplay. Using the hack version of the Stickman Legends you may get all the power unlocked at once thus improving your gameplay a thousand folds better. Moreover, you will be less hurt while the devils, monsters, and dark shadows will be the most.

All levels Unlocked:

Since in the real version, you will never get all levels of the stickman legends unlocked at a time. So, you often pay real-world money to get unlocked levels. But from now onwards, there is no need to do this because we offer a mod version with all the levels and game types totally unlocked for free. Go get the mod version which is an extremely budget-friendly game version.

All characters unlocked:

Getting all characters unlocked is also a dream feature for the players of the stickman legends in the real version. Therefore, the mod developer brought this wish true for you which is you may get any of your favorite characters unlocked anytime you want, free of cost.

No advertisements:

Last but not least we offer very smooth gameplay suppressing all the advertisements during screen time. This is the most liked feature of all hack versions, in fact, and remember it is also one hundred percent FREE.

 How to Download the Stickman Legends Mod Apk 2023, with all Mod Features?

Follow the procedure given below, if you have a stable internet connection:

  • Get the download link or push the DOWNLOAD button given at the top to download the mod apk. 
  • After the download is completed, go to the downloads in your file manager and open the apk.
  • The installation will begin by itself. 
  • After the game is installed, it will open up automatically. There you may enter your data to make a game profile.

Note: Before downloading the apk, go to Settings on your device and let the download be possible from unknown sources, otherwise the game will never install.

 Final Result:

The stickman legends are the most fascinating, action game in a full exciting, and thrilling gaming environment especially recommended for energetic teenage boys and girls. Getting all the evil powers defeated and bringing light to humanity provides the player with a sense of being a savior.

If you find any trouble while downloading the game please comment in the comment section given below. We will resolve your issues and give you beneficial tips regarding downloading and installation. Goodbye and see you later with another amazing game!

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