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App NameSpeedify
Connectify Inc.
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About Information

It isn’t very comfortable when you are online on facetime with your friends or parents, and the internet suddenly blows up. This often happens when you have a severe discussion or a lovely family time. All of the unfortunates come up when you are going through an online test, and internet fluctuation gives your class a cheating image.  There could be tremendous trouble awaiting you when you lose your connection while you are tracking on a GPS in a car. You may be left deserted on an unknown path at midnight, not knowing what to do.

The multiple-tasking app “Speedify” brings the solution to you for all of the above-discussed issues. Also, the app supports the streamers to carry on live streaming on any social media platform ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). The streamers may select and join all the possible internet connections and then have no fear of getting offline. This is because Speedify ensures your safe and secure coupled internet connection.

About Information

The basic version of Speedify is available on all web stores like Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. The users may easily install the application with monthly and yearly payment methods. The payments may range from 14.99$ paying per month to 89.99$ paying per year. This becomes too costly for the students especially. To make this the problem, get the mod version of the Speedify mod apk on your device in the latest version. The mod versions don’t cost even a single dollar but offer more features than the basic version in the same FREE package.  The “Speedify Mod APK” brings hundreds of even better qualities to make your day. 

Get excited to use a very excellent, beneficial, and harmless mod app. Scroll to read more about the features and the installation method.

Speedify Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Enchanting Features of the Super Sublime App – SPEEDY:

This application, when installed in the basic version of the mod version, will possess the following key features:

Dual Internet Connections Activated:

It is always necessary to secure internet availability during a crucial meeting, online test, or exam. There are two means of internet on android or iPhones that are : 

  • Cellular Data ( sim data)
  • WiFi ( the external internet service)

During normal phone usage, the device users may use only one of them or sith to the other when one is turned off. The Speedify enables a device holder to have a dual internet resource backup. He may turn on the data and the Wi-Fi at the same time so that the internet may never get disconnected.

Multiple Channel Bonding Power:

The multiple-channel bonding is slightly different from the Dual internet availability. This feature helps the user to have multiple Wi-Fi connections at a single time. This is impossible in normal conditions. When one of the WIFI connections gets weaker, Speedify automatically gets you the other connection at that moment. In this way, your browsing never gets affected by internet fluctuations.

Steady and Undisturbed Gaming:

Online gamers and streamers that play games online are often irritated when their live gameplay on live streaming is interrupted.  This is what the followers dislike, and the game that was interrupted sometimes cannot be resumed. To overcome this challenging situation, all the gamers are advised to play games in cooperation with Speedify. 

This will also assist ordinary gamers in their regular multiplayer online gaming sessions.

Continual Live Streaming:

Many live sessions are held on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube by famous YouTubers and celebrities. The sessions that run all over the country or on international media in a live stream may lag due to poor internet availability. Speedify ensures that all the social media live dreams go smoothly without any voice or video hanging till the end. 

Uninterrupted Facetime / Video calls:

Similarly, video calls with parents, grandparents, family members, and friends can be made fault-free by installing Speedify on the device. The video chats or the family gatherings go cool when they are error-free, and none of the participants gets offline. 

Easy Downloads:

Downloading media from many websites and social media like Google Chrome, Opera, Facebook, or WhatsApp gets canceled when the internet quality falls below a certain one. Even downloading movies or videos from YouTube becomes complex with varying internet provisions. Install Speedify to have smooth and easy downloads on your devices.

Smooth Online Examination:

Getting exams during the COVID-19 session was the wrong time. While doing an online test, your power may weaken, and the exam browser will never reopen. Speedify makes a good check on the quality of internet signals while you take a test online. It may switch your device in seconds to a better WiFi or cellular source so that you cannot get offline even for a second. 

Sustained Online Conferences and Meetings:

 The COVID season has made the business conferences to be continued on online platforms like Skype, Zoom, Line, or Google Meet. The boss never tolerates audio and video disturbance. So have a secure internet supply via Speedify so that you may not miss even a second of the meeting.

Free Live Stream Monitoring Toolkit:

The free stream monitoring toolkit that comes up speedily contains the tools required to monitor live activity. When you have Speedify, you have a full-time maintainer who may check the faults and errors that arise during the live stream.

Performance Evaluator:

On similar grounds, a performance checker engine is installed in Speedify innately that evaluates the performance of the browser or internet provider. This assists a user in selecting the best ISP for his computer and other devices.

Expanded WiFi Radius:

Every WiFi has a particular area in which the WiFi is strong. Getting out of this circle will lower the signals and internet access. Speedify is an application that increases the WiFi radius so that the user may enjoy the internet service in a broader area.

Expanded WiFi Radius

Free 2 GB Internet Surfing Security:

The internet surfing and the search history may stay hidden if you have specified. When you have this app, the first 2 GB of data surfing is a hundred percent inaccessible. 

Wide Server Access:

Speedify connects a more significant number of servers in a single network very efficiently. Get more robust interconnected communications and transmissions via Speedify.

Family Speedify:

This feature makes almost five android or PCs connect simultaneously with a single ISP. None of the devices bears internet unavailability at any instant because it speedily strengthens the signals. You May Also like blokada-mod-APK

Mod Features of Speedify Mod APK Latest Version 2023:

  These features will be exclusively a  part of the mod version of Speedify, called SPEEDIFY MOD APK.

  • Broad Security 
  • FREE VPN services
  • No Activity Record
  • 100% FREE of cost
  • FREE premium features
  • Virus Free mod version
  • No ads:


The lovely management of the multiple WiFi connections if you want nonbreakable streaming. Speedify, just like its name, is very quick to turn on and off and never takes time to do so. This app carries very clear configurational settings, so even a layman can understand it. The free plan for speedy is 2GB, which is annoying for low-storage holders. The monthly plan is too expensive, and the yearly is beside the point since we need the WiFi till then. There must be a three-month plan package for short-term users. The app gives a very poor output with Starlink, with very bad speed variation management and provision to users. The app would recognize the slow speeds, not the variable ones, so that it may skip the higher ones.  Another issue is that it does not recognize the hotspots anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we get a free Speedify pro account?

Click on the above-given link to Download Speedify with unlimited data and Unlocked All Features.

How to Download and Install Speedify MOD APK?

For Download, Click on the apk file and download it. Go to Settings of your smartphone, then Security option and Device Administration. After that, Enable Installation From Unknown Sources.
Click the apk file and install it.

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