Sonic Forces Mod Apk v4.16.0 (Unlimited Money, Red Rings, God Mode)

A super adventurous game for kids and adults in your favorite characters of “Super Sonic Forces”. This thrilling game accompanied by a big survival and liberation mission has doubled the excitement. A kind of running game but it has a big aim behind that which goes closer to victory with each level

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App NameSonic Forces
Latest Versionv4.16.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, God Mode
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated3 Day Ago

About Information

This amazing game was initially designed by the Sonic team and was launched by SEGA for Android, iPhones, Xbox 1, and PlayStation. The game was released in 2017 on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Sonic Hedgehog. The game now is available to be played on all official Play Store plus unofficial websites all around the world. 

The developers release the mod versions or hacks of the original games for the ease of the players. Not only is everything free in the mod version we offer but also it is very system friendly. The easy-to-download and play luxury from this website will help you a lot in playing games in a faster and better mode. Moreover, the splendid graphics and soundtracks will make you a forever fan of the SONIC FORCES MOD APK 2023. 

Let’s go through the gameplay to better get a deeper knowledge of the Sonic Forces Mod apk.

The Gameplay of the Sonic Forces Mod Apk 2023 Latest Version:

The amazing gameplay will go in the following errand segments of the thrilling gameplay:

Log in and sign up:

The game starts with the usual log-in and sign-up procedure. After you have installed the game make a game player ID to be recognized by your friends and opponents. For this, provide an authentic email address and the related data. But if you like to get rid of data entry you may enter through your social media account. This will help you to get the game quicker and invite your friends over there as well. 

Listen to the background story and mission:

As you enter the Sonic Forces, you will, first of all, view the history of the game. Why is there a squad of sonic forces? Where is Sonic Hedgehog himself? 

Let’s get a brief review of what happened. The first stage of the game called the “green hills” shows that the sonic is running very speedily on the green hills to get the golden rings and the associated surprise. The associate character informs him of the surging Eggman forces that are going to destroy the world. The ninja star Sonic runs faster and faster and at last reaches the destination where he meets a big fight with the Eggman. Eggman attacks Sonic with his specially created lab characters that altogether beat Sonic until he surrenders.

The rest of the partners get arrested by the horrific Eggman who imagines expanding his evil world even more. But the story does not end here. We know the fires arise from the ashes, so the few survivors of the Eggman’s war are gathering in a separate meeting room to think about how to take Sonic’s mission forward. The characters do have many powers but they are very weak in strength as compared to the Eggman. 

All the characters there become excited by your arrival since they are presenting you as the new Sonic Avatar. The avatar is completely customizable.

Customize the Character:

The character you have chosen is now to be customized by you. You have to select the following traits of your avatar:

  • Select gender.
  • Select species. (Birds, wolves, catbirds, rabbits, Hedgehogs, etc)
  • Head shape.
  • Skin color.
  • Eye shape.
  • Eye color.
  • Body shape and color.
  • Select the victory pose.
  • The bodysuit.
  • Expressions and voice.

All of these customizations will help you get your character totally according to your choice. The super character (avatar) is now ready; let’s go start the mission.

Sonic Forces Mod Apk Latest Version (1)

View the world map:

Now you will get a quick review of the world map where you will see the locations you have to work. The location which you like can be selected by clicking over that. The list of the missions there in the form of various game stages will appear there. After the first stage you have to get through the second stage called the Chemical Plant.

SONIC is Alive!

There you will get excellent news from the Knuckles that Sonic is alive and the Eggman has kept him somewhere locked. The other members of the Sonic team suggest getting him free asap. The Silver, Amy, and Knuckles plan to get a shuttle and make a space mission to rescue Sonic.  So, as you know now, the second stage is…. Exactly the chemical plant Spaceport!

Stage 2-the spaceport chemical plant:

Now the Avatar (the role you are playing) starts his track running, and jumping with a super bomb gadget the sonic team gave him. You have to press B to jump, Y to boost up and ZR to deal with a special Wispon attack. You will have to burst by taking aim correctly and collecting the golden rings.

 The main purpose here is to actually find the shuttle. Running through this you will pass across the rails. Use R or L to switch right or left consecutive rails to jump.

Go faster and faster and then reach the main point (the shuttle). You have almost done go grab one of the shuttles so that the Sonic team could be able to borrow o for a while.


The rest of the game continues as such. After every stage, you have to select the costumes like shoes, headgear, neckgear, waist, and dress styles. Moreover, you are going to meet up with many new Sonic members very soon. The gameplay is really very exciting and makes you filled with energy with every level you go ahead.

Sonic Forces Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Mod Features of the Sonic Forces Mod Apk Latest Version:

Do you know the importance of mod versions or hack versions? If not, then listen carefully. Every game has its specific sets of rules and regulations to play. But if they are very tough or to be purchased in exchange for real money, you go towards the mod versions of the game. The mod versions are also called cheats since they provide a shortcut to win the game.  Interestingly they are totally free of cost and you can access them very easily.

We have introduced the usual gameplay and mod versions of the Sonic Forces Mod apk and now we are about to discuss the mod features. 

Unlimited Rings:

The main job an avatar does while playing the Sonic Forces is to collect rings as many as you can. Get an unlimited supply of rings on your path without any trouble and enjoy this mod gift for free.

Unlimited Red Rings:

The red rings, besides the golden rings, are considered heavenly gifts. They are very rarely picked by luck. Install the hack version to have an unlimited supply of the precious red ring throughout the gameplay. This, too, will never cost you a single penny. 

FREE unlocked Characters:

The characters that are unlocked stepwise for each level are now free to pick up. The Sonic team has a total of 38n characters and in the mod version, you can have any of the characters you want anytime through the gameplay.

Unlimited free score:

The other parameter that counts while having fair play is the score, which is earned by giving out the best performances. You, now, can play the game in a relaxed mood with unlimited scores that go on increasing on your account. 

FREE unlocked levels:

Get all the levels unlocked in the Sonic Forces Mod apk 2023. Now you can select any level to run involving your favorite place and them. All you have to do is to install the right apk from here

.No Ads:

Last but not the least, the gameplay is totally free of advertisements and unnecessary videos in the mod menu. That feature will give you a chance to enjoy your gameplay free of any disturbance and sustain your focus. 

How to Download the Hack Version of the Sonic Forces Mod Apk?

Quite easily. Read the following steps and follow them:

  • Delete the old apks or official versions of the game from your device.
  • Click the download button given on this page. 
  • Open the downloaded apk.
  • Install and open it to make your ID there. 


 The Sonic Forces MoD Apk is the loveliest game out of all the Sonic series released till now. The game has actually three modes and 30 levels. The player can choose any of them to play in the mod version we offer. Moreover, the game is so energetic that it will never let you feel bored or dull. It is itself like a super energy drink giving you all the zest and enthusiasm you need. Install the game if you liked it and don’t forget to share it with your friends. You may also like Ninja Arashi Mod Apk

If you find any issues regarding gameplay or downloading and installing, you can comment below in the comment box. Your queries will be answered asap. 

Goodbye and see you later with another amazing game!


The extraordinary and colorful sonic forces and the beautiful storyline on which the game is based keep you busy for hours and days. Here is a very good balance of ads display and maps that are meant to make the game easier.  The neat characters and vivid exemplary paths will take you into another world of enjoyment. Clear graphics are matchless and the player finds it quite nice. The only fault is that the poor connection may kick you out of the race.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do, if I cannot cover some of the levels?

You can watch special guidance videos uploaded on certain social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. There you will find the tips and tricks to cover a level if you can’t, by yourself. 

Is everything really FREE on the mod version you offer?

Yes, it is. What are you waiting for? Go grab the apk and enjoy the game over your device asp.

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