Soccer Stars Mod Apk 35.1.1 (Unlimited Money,Unlimited Rewind)

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App NameSoccer Stars
Latest Version35.1.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Soccer Stars is another very appetizing game for soccer lovers with very unique, interesting, and colorful gameplay that has grabbed the attention of over two million fans over the google play store only. The fan followers on Apple and other unofficial sites are out of the count and still increasing day by day.

The game Soccer Stars is basically themed on football matches with 1 vs 1 contests allowing both multiplayer and single-player modes. There is no human interaction or physical display of the characters like in other soccer games rather the game is played with the help of virtual character alternatives that are called coins. But if you want your character to execute gameplay visually presented in front of you, then try out Head Ball 2 mod apk, also available on this site.

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About Information is the developer of this outstanding game and like all the soccer games it has presented, it offers in-game shopping with real money and lots of ads during the gameplay. Going through the reviews on the play store we observe that the players are displeased with real money shopping and the unwanted and unstoppable ads displayed.

The mod version or the hack version, we suggest you DOWNLOAD will save you from these drawbacks of the official version. Not only this but the mod version of the Soccer Stars will help you enjoy all the locked levels or accessories in the game without any conditions for FREE. 

Scroll down to read the full intro and the mod features of the Soccer Stars mod apk 2023.

Soccer Stars Apk + MOD  (Unlimited Money)

The Gameplay of the Soccer Stars Mod Apk 2023:

The fantastic gameplay is very simple to understand and carries a step-by-step easy to the difficult type of Soccer matches and tournaments. 

The game involves the following events:

Getting ready:

Download the game then install it on your device. After you have done this the game will open up with the logging-in procedure asking you to log in or sign up. You may log in relatively fast when you do it via a social media account like Facebook, Instagram, or others. You will be given a guest number (the player’s ID) with which you will be able to join the matches and tournaments.

After you get an ID, you will watch a demo video showing up how to control the game and demonstrating the finger movements and how you can control and kick.

soccer stars mod apk unlimited money
soccer stars mod apk unlimited money

Join your first tournament:

The very first tournament you will join will be based on 50 coins that are an initial startup gift to you. Once you win that contest, you have lots more waiting for you. 

Select team:

There is a series of teams spread in front of you to choose from showing different countries’ representation and others like:

  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Korea
  • Japan 
  • Qatar 
  • South Africa


  • Blue team
  • Red team

Select and purchase Dice:

The in-game shopping store shows different types of distinct dice you may select to play with, ranging in different prices. The payments can be accommodated with coins or the bucks you collect during the game, or with real money.

Different dice include:

  • The pirates
  • Dinos
  • Fighter
  • Spyro
  • The gladiators
  • Vortex
  • The devils
  • Crystals
  • Blizzard

The dice represent different parameters like salary percent, force, time, and aim.

Fix the Prize Money:

Before you can join any soccer contest you have to decide the prize money you want to spend on the match. It is half of the total prize money and the winner will get the whole in the end. When you select the number of coins you want to dedicate, the automatic game search searches the match player for you, taking a few seconds.

Choose the Match Format:

Before starting the soccer match you will have to decide which dice arrangement you will like to have in your games. You have full access to change it.

Various formats include:

  • 1:2:1
  • 2:1:1
  • 2:0:2
  • 1:1:2


As a match starts, both the two players are set to face to face, with their goalposts in a 1 vs 1 type game. Each of the two players can control his team of five dice that could be used as shots to hit the mini ball between them. 

The dice hit like a snooker stick to flick the football in the opponent’s team during the three minutes of short gameplay. The player who makes maximum goals in the opponent’s account is surely the winner and he gets the whole prize money in the form of bucks and coins.

Different Modes in the Soccer Stars:

The game can be played in any of the four distinct game modes, which are:

  1. Play 1 on 1
  2. Tournaments Play
  3. minigames Play
  4. Play with friends

You may select any of these according to your mood and enjoy versatility in the soccer stars mod apk.

Game Profile:

You may view other players’ (another game guest) gaming profiles by clicking on the image that appears in the top right corner. The game profile displays the total matches played by the guest, total wins and losses, the total number of goals he has made till now, the win ratio, and the level he has reached. This will help you get an understanding of how to tackle him. Similarly, as you will grow up, your game profile will get updated accordingly. You may also like .idle-eleven-mod-apk


You will be able to join various soccer tournaments by selecting the tournament mode. Prize money is fixed as usual and a total of 8 teams are selected randomly by the automatic team selector. The 8 teams undergo the following schedule in a tournament:

  1. Quarter-Finals: the eight teams play 1 vs 1 in four quarter-final tournaments and of course, in the end, four winning teams are left.
  2. Semi-Finals: The four teams are now set up to take two 1 vs 1 contests out of which 2 teams will emerge as winners.
  3. Final: the two teams will now compete against each other on the same grounds and at last the tournament will end with only one winning team, who will get all of the prize money and the world cup making his country proud there.

Mod Features of the Soccer Stars Hack version 2023:

Fully Free in-game Shopping: 

The in-game shopping and purchases are totally free for the mod players of the Soccer Stars mod apk. Everything, ranging from the dice to teams, is totally free of cost.

Unlimited coins and bucks (money):

The players often get short of the game currency and they cannot join further matches. But the hack version of the soccer star makes a full supply of FREE coins and money so that he has the luxury to join any of the desired tournaments and matches anytime

No Ads:

The prime feature of the hack versions is the FREE blockage of the advertisements in the game thus supplying smooth and constant gameplay, saving you time.

FREE unlocked Tournaments:

All the tournaments in the soccer stars are now on your wish list. Click and play any of them to confirm your victory and expose your potential.

Final Conclusion:

The Soccer Stars mod apk is very classy among all soccer games and gives full-time relaxation due to constant wins. The game can be played by people of all ages and all genders with different interests. Besides the game’s own features, the variety of mod features will win your heart.

If you face any trouble while downloading the game, let us know in the comment section given below. Your queries will be answered asap. Goodbye, see you later with another amazing game!


The game gives you a lot of fun if you are winning and you will ignore all the faults. However, the game is giving huge trouble in undulating ads of the gameplay. The game offers less competition by wasting the time of the opponent soccer players. It is not appetizing for elders, kids may enjoy this feature of favoritism. Also, the emoji reactions are highly irritating if they are continuously popping from your opposite player. There is not any mechanism to avoid this. The game should either put an option to totally mute this or keep some charges on sending any emoji for the account of the sender.

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