Sea Port Mod Apk 1.0.223  (Unlimited Money, Gems, Everything Unlimited)

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App NameSea Port MOD APK
PublisherPixel Federation Games
Latest Version1.0.223
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, MOD Unlocked
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated5 Day Ago

About Information

Want to play a role of a navy officer or a seaport businessman? Or do you urge yourself to get a whole chain of business ports and get the experience of building your own port city? Well, there is a full chance of doing this, on the platform of the “Sea Port Mod Apk” a very beautiful and fantastic game for kids.

The game Sea Port was founded by “Pixel Federation Games” with a planning and strategy sort of game. Sea Port is available both for androids and iPhones with very simple control gestures.  The game puts a good effort to make the whole visual and audial effects similar to the real world. Plus, it makes use of professional terms in order to fully introduce you to the ports and their working.

Sea Port Mod APk Unlimited Money
Sea Port Mod APk

About Information

Sea Port, when viewed with the eye of a connoisseur, comes out to be the best model game for kids and adults to learn. Learning within the circle of, business, management, economy, and a new field. The journey from a single boat to the construction of a full business tycoon is really awesome. 

Among the ocean games, the Sea Port lies on top of genuine, playing-worthy, and entertaining games. This game can be installed from the official lay stores of Google and Apple but there are certain issues bound with them. The major most are the payments involved which take away the real-world dollars to meet your demands in the game like new ships, constructions, etc. also it gets the annoying addition of continuously displayed advertisements and videos you cannot choose to skip. 

In this situation, the Mod version of the Sea Port is here, with the fancy label of everything FREE without paying real-world money. The mod versions are also called hack versions and they are really awesome. Every thrifty player will always love to lay mod versions instead of the real games. How’s the game itself? Let’s go check; just scroll down!

The Gameplay of the Sea Port Mod Apk Hack Version:

Out of all the ocean and  transport games, the Sea Port is distinguished due to the very cool gameplay given:

Log in or Sign up;

To play any game you need to make a game ID to enter the game and share it further. The game ID is awarded after a couple of formal processing steps. The very first is to open the installed game and enter every single detail that the game is asking you, This may be the location language, email address, and gameplay level of hardness. Fil everything out and then you are now given a player’s ID and you will be recognized by this name from now onwards. You may also like the clash royale mod apk

Story of The Game:

The game starts when a cousin of yours gives you a brief history of the situation you are standing with. He explains to you that he had been through a tough time last year and wants to hand over his business to you. Ben’s Sea Port is the company your cousin owned. He gives you lots of advice on how to evolve as a business tycoon. Also, he advises you to make more and thrive on what you have.

Start the First Voyage:

The very first voyage mainly aims at searching for the first business partner so that you may trade with him. You will have to select your first destination ( the Ben II ) and make the ship travel from your home ship to that destination. 

Complete the Contracts assigned:

After having a destination you have to fulfill the contacts with your business partners. These contracts will base on the exchange and delivery of certain items and earning coins in return along with XP points.

Destination Grove:

Visit the destination Grove to make more wood.  A small swarm mill was developed first here. The wood is needed to repair the main dock which is actually the most essential thing to be done.  The wood will be collected when you will complete challenges and win coins and wood as your reward. So collect enough to make the main dock so that you can start a bigger business. 

Purchase More Ships:

With the main dork repaired, you will have to expand your business by buying more ships. So that you may make more contracts and transports possible. The new ships are purchased from the game store where different ships are unlocked with each level. These ships include Santa Maria, La Galega, La Pinta, Zee Haen, etc. 

Hire Crew and Expand Your Business:

As you will start increasing the number of ships, you will have greater contracts to accomplish. this could be possible if you have some assisting staff and more ships on the go. This will help you get more money and coins.

Renovate Sawmill:

 In order to get more wood on your homeport, you already have a Sawmill. But unfortunately, this is ut if order and needs money for renovation.  To start work you have to supply food to the laborers working there.  How to get food now? Well, it’s quite easy…

Start Fishing:

On your Home Port, you have a very nice fishing point. You can make your fisherman start fish and supply continuous meals to the workers at the sawmill.  The Fishing Pier is installed and everything goes on smoothly.  Now you will find fish all around your port which you can collect. So another important task besides collecting fish is to wake the fisherman now and then. He is always very sleepy to sleep and neglects his work. 

Sawmill Construction:

When you have done meeting the demand for fish, you are now again free to generate and produce a number of woods.

Collect Sea Port’s Gifts:

After everything is going smoothly, you will frequently find many gift boxes on the ocean surface.  Pick them up and they are full of surprise gifts for you like 100 coins, wood, fish, diamonds, and many more. These gifts will help you achieve your goals more speedily.

Build a Business Tycoon and City port:

Carry on these daily activities and achieve bigger goals progressively. With time you will be able to purchase all the ships and hire hundreds of workers in your crew to manage the work. The huge business will involve every second of transport, exchange, and earnings until you will build Ben II, Ben III, and Ben IV seaports. You will meet even new business partners and sailers to trade with you like Columbus and purchase even bigger and bigger ships like the Glory. 

In the end, you will have a whale Business empire and then your task will be to efficiently manage it so that will not get a downfall. 

Mod Features of the Sea Port Mod Apk hack :

The outstanding features in the mod versions are listed below:

Realistic Game Graphics and Audios:

Besides the unmatched natural audio, chirping birds and water sounds in the ocean, the graphics are extraordinarily superb. The developers have especially focussed on the quality of the scenes and animations involved. The game seems very close to reality due to this feature.

Unlimited money ( coins and gems):

The mod version of the game provides you with a hundred percent relaxing environments by making money unlimited. The coins and gems which are actually earned with much difficulty are now really free. You can enjoy the gameplay instead of worrying about the money shortage.

Unlimited Everything ( New Ships, Wood, Docks):

The essentials of the Sea Port are extremely free to get since the new ships, woods, and docks are totally free. You will be able to construct, repair, and purchase any item you need for free. Even the food, fuels, and other requirements are unlimited now, only in this hack version.

Unlimited Seaport gifts:

The gifts that are found on the seashore are very rare in the official versions of the game. But now in the mod version, you are fully able to get unlimited FREE gifts. They ensure your progress by providing you with FREE coins and gems.

No Ads:

The latest hack version totally blocks all the advertisements and promotions on the screen while your gameplay. They are no longer there to bother your interest and disturb you. 

How to Download the Game Sea Port Mod Apk or the Hack Version?

To install the Hack or Cheat version of the Sea Port mod apk  please follow the following instructions:

  • You can download it from the link given at this age or by simply clicking the DOWNLOAD button given on the top. 
  • You may also install the game from a friend’s invitation on social media. 
  • Before downloading the apk make sure you have enabled the “downloading from unknown sources” from the settings of your device. 
  • Open the apk when it gets downloaded and it will start installing. It may take a couple of minutes.
  •  Open the installed mod version and step in to entertain yourself with a super-quality game!


If you find any issues while downloading or installing the game, do let us know by posing your comments below in the comment box. We will be much pleased to hear about and resolve your issues. Goodbye, and see you later with another amazing game!


A very cool, realistic epic game for people of all ages which offers a full learning scenario, especially for kids. The game is designed such that its graphics, music, themes, and every single win will make you fall in love with it. Welcome to the mod version with all the services FREE of cost. 


The  Sea Port transport and delivery sea game teaches you fully well how different areas complete their seaport. The poor navigation of ships in the game makes it a little annoying. Also, the font size is a trouble because it is too small to read. The menus and pages mix up together to give you new confusion. Offline gameplay does not proceed for longer. The game was quite good in the past but the recent update has made the gameplay worse. If you can compromise with these faults then the game is highly recommended. Also, the interfering game advertisements are not much as compared to other games. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get unlimited everything after installing the mod versions?

Once you get the latest mod version of the Sea Port installed on your device, you become eligible to get everything unlimited. Nothing more to do after you have the right version. Ships, gems, coins, diamonds, and gifts. 

Do I have to Delete the official Version Before Downloading the Game?

Yes, of course. The mod apk cannot be installed if you heaven an old version of the game in the form of a real game or any other mod apk on your device. Delete them first and then start installing the new one. 

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