Rob Master 3D Mod Apk 1.12.34 (No Ads, Unlimited Money)

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App Name Rob Master 3D
Publisher Electus
Genre Casual
Size 109.13MB
Latest Version v1.12.34
MOD Info No Ads, Unlimited Money, Free Purchase
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Updated 3 Day Ago


Have a craving to try some illegal robberies? Or want to have the total thrill of a robber’s life in full police hold? To fulfill either of these desires, step into the Rob Master 3D Mod Apk. Alicuts presented this fantastic game on April 29, 2021, and it has been gaining popularity every day after its release. 

So here is a fun time to spend in some sensational robberies. Get ready to mug, steal and rob from different locations with different strategies. Check out the genuine diamonds and gold and waste the rest. Also, you will get heart-threatening police competitions and have to make good escapes. The game combines adventure, thrill, and fear with equal fun and entertainment levels. 

Let’s peer into the game’s characteristics, and then we will move toward the mod features and reviews to compare the qualities of the real and the mod versions of the game. Scroll to read till the end and collect the full knowledge of the Rob Master 3D Mod APK

Excellent Gameplay and Features of the Rob Master 3D:

Adjustable Easy Gameplay:

    The game starts with complete instructions and guidelines for every level the player has to go through. The game instructions, as the narrator, tell you to perform every tap on the game screen and how you must complete a specific task. Moreover, all the game levels don’t follow the same procedure of game controls.

    Instead, at each level, there is a different kind of control. At some level, you will have to tap on the screen. At some level, you will have to slide the fingers, and sometimes, you will have to move the tap in a zig-zag or circular path to complete that mission. So the player should take up every instruction the narrator displays on the screen before he enters a robbery and later should proceed. 

    The whole game is based on simple controls just. The player needs to understand how to perform according to the character’s moves or the type of mission. Besides running, jumping, and mugging, the player must drive a car and collect certain items in the game scenes.

    Rob the House:

    The first level in the Rob Master 3D comes with a simple house robbery where you have to tap and pick the items in a house you are in. The items are worth different costs, so as you will steal the other things, the green-colored mission bar will fill a little, and as you finish picking up all the items, you are done with the level. 

    Squid Game Shoe Robbery:

       The squid game fun comes at various levels of this game. So here on this level, a lady is sitting at the table in front of you, and there are expensive shoe pairs on the table’s surface. The laser scanner of the kady will rotate from right to left and left to right. You will have to steal the bag when there is no laser shadow on the shoes. You will move the boots one by one into your open bag pack, and as soon as you do this, there are the money and diamond rewards. So try to be active and vigilant to pick the shoes on the table to prove yourself the best online earning. 

      Jewelry Shop Adventure:

        Next on our list is the Jewelry shop adventure. In the costume of a robber, you will enter the jeweler’s shop and break the jewelry showcase. The rest of the mission is simple: clear up all the meaningful jewelry in the glass box, put it in the backpack, and escape. 

        Spin and Win:

          There is a vast spin wheel in the game. To win the various surprises on the wheel, you will have to tap the rim and wait until it stops. You may get more amazing surprises like diamonds, money, and other gift boxes.  

          Digital Crime:

            The digital crime is now in a room where a laptop is running, and a guard is standing. You have to hang yourself down on the rope so that you may copy the laptop data within minutes, 

            Detect the original and waste the fake:

              During the whole game, you will carry a diamond detector; this gun-like gadget will help you choose the original and fake diamonds and jewelry. This way, you will pick the authentic and original diamonds and leave the waste there.

              Money Gun Fun:

              The money gun is very cool. You must tap and sprinkle money over the items you want to unhide and reveal the real and expensive furniture. Later you will collect the most expensive stuff and escape. 

              Unlock Various Robbers:

                The game‘s beauty is with different kinds of robbers throughout the whole game. One of the characters is Ninja Desu, that has Ninja powers. From now the missions will include Ninja Power-based climbing and traveling. 

                In the same way, you will have the chance to unlock various game characters and play with different skilled robbers to enjoy even more. Keep moving and opening the game. 

                Police Escape:

                  Since your role in the game is as a robber, you will commit crimes that will attract the police towards you. So you must have enough courage to escape the police whenever it chases you. The real robber dodges the police best. So hurry up and drive your car away from the danger. 

                  Gold Detector Scanner:

                    There is an exciting gadget you will happen to meet in the game. It is a kind of scanner. The person towards whom you will direct it will show all the gold on him, and the rest of the body appears as the skeleton, so it is straightforward for such a person to rob and loot the people who have real gold. 

                    Enjoy the short levels:

                      The game Rob Master 3D mod apk is like the Boss Life 3D mod apk. This is why the levels are short, and you can enjoy the game anytime besides your business or studies. Enjoy the short fun and thrill chunks to add entertainment to your boring life. 

                      Mod Features of the Rob Master Mod Apk :

                      Every gamer wants the hack of the mo version of the game he loves. So here we are going to enlist the mod features of the Rob Master 3D Mod Apk. Let’s start with the following:

                      • no ads
                      • Unlimited Money
                      • Easy Download
                      • Free Purchase
                      • Unlimited Gems and Diamonds
                      • Hack version with hundreds of hacks


                      So, guys, the Rob Master 3D Mod Apk is in front of you. The game is fantastically beautiful, but before you play or give the game to a kid, you must make sure that he is 12+. The game is good to count the adventure and thrill levels here. Also, Check Boss Life Mod Apk


                      The game is good, and the characters are lovely, but the problem is that it is loaded with ads. Not only do you have to watch unnecessary ads, but also people are annoyed by delayed training. The game shows Too many ads that make fun of the game to zero level.

                      The levels are too short and quick that the player cannot enjoy every comment of the game lovers. The game finishes in 15 to 20 mins and thus is very short. It is better to do battle. 

                      Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

                      How can I have the Rob Master 3D Mod Apk on my device?

                      The game is easy to install. You can have the game’s apk by clicking the download icon. Also, before you download it, you must make sure you have granted permission on the phone. 

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