Red Ball 4 Mod Apk 1.4.21 (All Balls Unlocked, Mod Menu)

Additional Information

App Name Red Ball 4
Publisher FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Genre Arcade
Size 52.5MB
Latest Version 1.4.21
MOD Info Unlock All Levels, Unlocked Lives
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Updated 3 Day Ago

About Information

Red Ball 4 is one of the most famous games played all around the world. So, here are the red balls that fear being deformed and squared up; this fear takes them away from all the never-ending dangers, challenges, and puzzles. The Earth is round too. Oh Gosh! How to save the Earth from the Evil powers that are growing so fast? Let’s convene and fight against them. 

But stop, that scheme is not that easy, you have to kill them with five lives and then you will smash after that! Get the best strategies into use and collect the surprise stars that twinkle all the way long. 

Use your common sense and follow the physics principle to calculate how you can drive through a challenge. Remember the solution is in the frame so, ponder enough and clear the level. And we know you can do it because this is super fun and entertaining. 

Enjoy the Red Ball 4 hack version jumbled with the MOD menu, free stars, and unlimited lives to win the battles. Plus you can have all the levels and balls unlocked together in a single panel of the hack version. 

Wish you all the best to start and finish the appetizing levels with safety. Get delighted for the savior mission since you are going to save the Earth with your wisdom and the bouncing ball. To keep morale high, beat the enemies, and get the rewards you deserve in sequential 2D combat. 

All Balls Unlocked

The Gameplay of the Red Ball 4 Mod Apk:

The cute gameplay is ready to win the hearts of the players and the evidence is from the one hundred million plus downloads from the Google Play Store. Let’s Check what’s hidden behind the trailers of the game:

 2D Ball movements: 

The ball is free to move either left or right or it can jump up and down playing on your fingers.  No restrictions on forwarding or backward gameplay and no number of the moves is fixed for the player. Move the ball as many times as you require and get the ball to jump and slide the blocks, stone spheres, and sticks to make its way.

Enjoy the Ball Expressions:

 The ball is very expressive and this could be the reason why the game is so funny and amusing. However there is an obstacle, the ball will depict a sad wow face, and whenever there is a level you just cleared up the ball smile, and giggle. Similarly, when it encounters a hot or is going to be smashed, it is angry and weepy. It is naughty, cute, and clever and thus is ready to face all the challenges happily. 

Red Ball 4  Mod Apk Mod Menu

Running Jump Star:

The ball is running along the 2D tracks and there are a lot of stars mounted up and laid on the ground. You have to scroll the ball through all these stars to pick them up. The star collection up to a level is your target you can see in the top right corner of the screen. Every time you pick up a star, the golden star bar fills a little and as you fill the target bar, the level is up. So you really need to focus on the star collection and never miss them. 

Kill Evil Minions:

 The evil monsters or minions are wandering on the tracks to eat you up and deform into the squares. You have to drive the ball straight, jumping over the monsters and avoiding touches with them. However, there is a method to kill them and that is to jump right on their heads; this will pop them and you will earn a minion kill. Sometimes you will have to plan to slide the minions with another obstacle so that you may smash them into your comfort zone. The minions are deadly but the good thing is there are multiple solutions to dominate them. So boost yo and get along. 

Hit on new schemes to cover the track: 

the tracks you have to move through are not straight or continuous. At multiple points, they are broken, hundred by an obstacle, or discontinuous. You will think all by yourself to devise ideas in order to move your ball along the track. You can use whatever things are visible on the screen, like wooden bars, blockers, rolling stones, etc to come up with a new path. 

75 + levels: 

You can see the elephantine number of stunningly delightful challenges in the Red Ball pool 4.  You have more than seventy-five levels you can play one after the other and unlock all in order. The levels are arranged in a shorter and easier path towards a longer and tougher path from 1 to 75. 

Key and Lock challenge:

 Some levels comprise an interesting strategy. The minions are near to kill you, and the paths are dangerous but you are in a situation to find the key to a path lock if you want to cross it. This mysterious solution will stress our minds but you have to play it really bravely to get the key and unlock your path. 

Laser killing trap:

 The tricky traps are there on the higher level and one of them is the laser killing trap. The laser weapon throws the piercing laser in all four directions and rotates along a path.  You can escape if you avoid the laser and move swiftly and mindfully. 

Saggy Rope Trap:

 The saggy trap is actually a sag on the rope that vibrates up and down when the ball is dancing over it. Plus it has a tricky puzzle path to move forward according to physics rules. 

Sprocket and chain path: 

the most fearful track in fact for beginners. The chain and the sprockets are sharp enough to pop the ball. So wait for the lift that is sliding over them and jump over it to bounce forward. 

Water Challenge: 

The water challenge is pretty simple. Since the water is deep and you have to cross it, you will push the rolling stone into it and then the rolling stone will take you off to the opposite bank. 

Swirly path challenge:

 the spiral path challenge is just mind-swirling. Move along the swirl of the path and while doing this circular move don’t mess up with the minions smelling you. just move the fingers round and round to swipe along the whole pathway. 

Amazing background and locations:

 to keep your interest in the game 100 % the ball moves along a number of variable locations and backgrounds. Sometimes it is a spring garden and clear pool and sometimes it is a dark basement with deadly weapons. sometimes it is daytime and sometimes it is dark. So, taste all the tastes of the variable locations and tell us which one invites you the most.

Red Ball 4  Mod Apk Unlock All Levels

Enchanting Graphics and adorable sounds:

 The game is so sweet to have your attention captivated for hours and days. Keep the volume up and enjoy the all-in-one leisure gameplay of the Red Ball 4. 

The Game Control of the Red Ball 4 Mod Apk:

The game shows a very easy and handy game gesture control mechanism. Your two thumbs of yours will be in use. You have to spot the direction with your left hand to control whether the ball will go forward or backward by the left and right arrows. You will further control the vertical moves of the ball by moving your finger in the circular gameplay pad with your right thumb. 

Moreover, to make the game easier, the developers have made the accessibility of HID supported like Joystick to control the moves in any direction.  So switch to the control that suits you and enjoy the never-ending fun land. 

The Mod Features of the latest Red Ball 4 Mod Apk:

The hack version of the game or simply the mo version of the game is a cracked version with all the difficulties laid down. You will thus able to have free access to:

  • All balls unlocked
  • Unlimited lives hacks
  • Unlimited life
  • Unlocked levels
  • All free Premiums
  • No Ads gameplay

Note: You will never have to pay even a buck if you download the apk from our prescribed link. Make sure you have a good internet connection to install the mod game. 


This violence-free, tactic, and Fun mystery game is recommended to players of all ages. The 2D simple gameplay with the simpler controls makes the game feature in the top played games these days. Join our hack version to have everything in plenty and for free. Play and share the games with your friends and family members of all ages. Gain the social media guidance tips to play the game and watch the recorded videos if you are stuck at some level. Hope you will never get tired of this fun cute game. 


A very lovely and cute game in fact and the players are playing it continuously due to the unique features. The best part of the game is not to collect money but to show your internal skills. The worst part is restoring life after you lose it. However, playing with the premium you will never encounter such issues and automatically get new life after losing one. You may also like this game Rolling Sky mod apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play the game on my PC?

Yes, the game is available on PC as well.

Who created this wonderful game and when?

This game first aired on Oct 24, 2014. And it was the game presented by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG, the best game studio.

How much older a kid should be to learn to play this game?

The game is officially rated for kids of 3+. However, the best age to play is when you can have a good understanding play the game which is nearly 10 years. 

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