Real Football Mod Apk v1.8.3  (Unlimited Money Gold, Energy)

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App NameReal Football
PublisherGameloft SE
Latest Versionv1.8.3 
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Updated5 Day Ago


Big football fan? And want to play football with real 3D graphics? Come on step in, it’s the game you would have been looking for and you are very welcome in Real Football and its hack version. Get the link right over here or simply push the DOWNLOAD button to get an amazing football experience.

The best gamers GAMELOFT designed and launched this amazing series of Real Football, and made it accessible over the play store in around 2004. Initially, it was free on some phones but later the innovations and more advanced features on the play store demanded payments from the users. 

 In this game, you not only have to show the football player perfection but also the perfection level needed to organize and stabilize a team. You have to play the role of a captain who not only makes the full team management but also focuses on 100% output. Football lovers prefer to play REAL FOOTBALL due to its very solitary and distinct gameplay, matches, and tournaments. 

In contrast to the usual games of football, Real Football involves real expressions, activities, and challenges on another level of amusement and fun. “Real Football” is trying to make you pass your time in the best footballing hour and make you a super football player as well as the best coach. You may also like the soccer stars mod apk.

Real Football MOD APK Soccer Cheats

The Gameplay of the Real Football Mod Apk 2023 Latest Hack Version:

The outstanding Real Football has been embellished with the best challenges and awards for you to achieve and win. It is in fact one of the best opportunities for you to judge your sportsmanship and team management abilities at the same time. Go forward to read the complete intro about gameplay and features:

Creating the Game Profile:

After the installation process is over the game opens up and inquires you about the basic data required to make up your ID. Enter your e-mail ID or simply log in faster via any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.  This will make you an official member of the Real Football players international club and makes your access possible to all the gaming events coming ahead. 

Real Football Club:

Real football clubs provide football services including:

  • Develop your team
  • Train your team members
  • Enjoy player facilities
  • Participate in Transfers

The transfer means participating in in-game auctions of players worldwide. You may purchase players or teams through these auctions and make the team performance and capability even more. 

Developing the Team:

In team selection and development, you have to select the team members and organize them in any of the formats placed there. You may line up your team automatically or on the team formats provided there. The position formats are:

  • 3-4-3-C
  • 3-6-1-A, 3-6-1-B
  • 3-8-1-C
  • 4-5-1-A, 4-5-1-B, 4-5-1-C
  • 4-4-1-A, 4-4-1-B, 4-4-1-C

Team Tactics:

After that, you will select the team tactics for your game, which is actually how you want your team members to interact with other teams. This includes the following tactics:

  • Counterattack
  • Full press
  • Both flanks
  • Def marking
  • Short press
  • Attacking
  • Defense


  • Slow & quick tempo

Player Positioning:

The players show up in four different color marks: blue, green, red, and orange, with their names and levels marked over them. You may also click on the player icon to observe their complete biodata including their age, level, specialty, no of matches they participated in, etc. now, you have to drag up the best of your players and have to arrange them along with the pitch so that they may compete strongly. For the other positions, you have to follow the same process which is to view their capability and drag them t their position on the Football field. 

Start Playing:

The football match starts and the players run in a queue towards the football stadium. Here they are surrounded by the cameramen and reporters who quickie-shot you. The flashes of the camera and the superb VIP protocol boost your spirits and you are now ready for the gameplay properly. You may also skip this procedure if you don’t like it.

You are given the four in-screen touch controls: 

1.   Switch

2.   Sprint

3.   Shoot

4.   tackle

Using the simple touch, you have to click and, manage the team plays while the opponents follow their strategies. Run, run, run and take the ball in your custody, pass it on to your team members, and try to tackle opposite team members very professionally. The total playtime is only 90 seconds in two halves of 45 seconds. After each half, you get a report of every player’s performance in a dialogue box. The team which succeeds in making more goals is the winner and the winners, we know, end up raising their levels, and scores and winning the game trophies.

Get Daily Rewards:

Besides the basic gameplay, you can win a number of daily rewards whenever you make an entry into the game. The rewards are winning free energy drinks, water bottles, energy, power packs, and special player kits for your team members.

Participate in Player Lottery:

This amazing facility is actually going to help you improve the players’ quality of your team.

The players now can be chosen worldwide or may be purchased in packs via the player lottery. The different player packs are:

  • Free pack: these packs are free and are won by watching small segments of the videos.
  • Realistic pack: it includes the players of levels 1-5 and requires 1M fans.
  • Advanced pack: it has players from levels 4-7 and costs 50 gold bars.
  • Elite pack: it has players from levels 5-7 and costs 100 bars of gold.

Score Mode

This mode helps you play the football match and declare results directly based on the scores only. The more the scores the more you will be ranked higher.

Action Mode:

This mode helps you play the match manually irrespective of the score count, it counts the goals. The victories or losses are announced on the grounds of goals and team play.

Send your Friends Gifts:

You will have the opportunity to maintain and explore your social circle there in real football. You may send amazing gifts to your friends online and may invite more to join the football club so that you may also receive them. 

Fouls and Free kicks:

The football fowls are actually the actions or the player moves that are against the game rules, and of course, they are punished. The opposite team wins a free kick in response to a foul the free kick also called the Penalty kick, is decided by the referee and it discourages foul play. The referee may also issue the player a red card making him leave the match in case of repetitive fouls in a single match. 

Mod Features of the Real Football Hack version:

The mod versions are the special cheat version of the games, offered by unofficial sites so that the layers may get more facilities at no expense. The mod version of the Real Football hack version can be installed from this site safely and it has been featured with the following mod qualities:

Unlimited FREE Players:

the game in the mod version brings an unlimited supply of outstanding players without any payments. You don’t have to purchase the player packs but you win the free packs by just downloading the mod version. Now you may be able to flourish your team with any of the advanced and elite packs as well.

Unlimited Free Energy, Gold, and Money:

Playing a game in the score mode or in the action mode, incites the players to win as many gold bars and money as they can. This race sometimes interferes with the best enjoyable moments of soccer. You have to sacrifice fun in order to get more money. Now, in the hack version where the money is totally free and unlimited, you can completely focus on the gameplay and enjoy the real football.

Unlimited Scores:

Likewise, with money and gold, the scores are now easy to win and you may also make real football give you unlimited scores for free. This can be done only when you have installed the mod version. 

No Human Verification:

Besides the free awards, you can have access to the game without human verification as well. It means you don’t need to follow up on the logging-in procedure, wait and watch videos, and provide locations. Just go get the hack version and start playing without wasting the time. 

Unlimited chances :

Installing the mod version will get you access to an unlimited number of chances in the same match, no matter how many turns you take to win it. It’s the ultimate way to “always win”

All Unlocked:

In the real version, you have to pay for every locked level or player or you have to perform and fulfill certain tasks. This takes much time and ends the enthusiasm and fondness of the players. The mod version gives you an extra cheat to enjoy whatever level or math you like to play.

No Ads:

Last but not the least, the ultimate benefit of downloading the mod version of the Real Football Mod apk, you get rid of watching unnecessary ads during the gameplay. Hence you will be able to enjoy the game without losing your focus and spending quality time with the football. 

How to download the Real Football Mod apk Latest Version 2023?

 To download the desired version just push the DOWNLOAD button blinking on the page.

The download will start immediately followed by installation. Then open up the game and make the game profile to enjoy the unlimited free features.


  • You must have a stable internet connection.
  •  Before you go to download the game, uninstall the previous version.
  • And allow downloads from unknown resources from the download settings of your phone.

Final Words:

Summing up the real football mod version, we would refer it to teenagers and kids of 10+ age as per recommended on the official play store. But the mesmerizing game features have attracted players of all ages to the Real Football club. You may see there; they range from 20 to 50 competing for the matches with you with the same sets of rules. You may also like Traffic Rider 2 mod apk.

Goodbye, and see you later with another amazing game!


The Real Football game shows the world-famous international level players and the participants of the real football play in teams vs teams. The 3D entertaining gameplay and team composition gives undoubtedly the most wanted feature. Though the game is tremendously amazing in the initial steps the tactics once set up, can never be altered, and the player is totally impotent to take an action. The ball is sometimes unbridled and keeps on hitting and shooting all by itself. The ball is automatically reached in the custody of the opponents when gone like this. Lastly, the leaderboard of the game is not as good as it is explained in Real Football. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Real Football mod apk game be played in offline mode?

Yes, you may enjoy Football Matches with the computer as an opponent when you are offline, but when online you will be able to play the game with people all over the world.

Does the mod version demand the payments in any form?

Not at all. The mod version installed from this site will never ask for any payment in any form. Be relaxed because you are going to enjoy the mod features for free.

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