Real Drift Car Racing Mod Apk 5.0.8 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

Additional Information

App NameReal Drift Car Racing
PublisherReal Games srls
Latest Version5.0.8 
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Updated3 Day Ago

About Information

This game was developed by Real Games srls.It has 20 million installations globally. One of the most accurate drift racing games available for android devices, Real Drift Car Racing is the most exciting to enjoy because it includes a special drift helper. Despite the fact that you may be new to racing, you will progressively gain expertise. You will feel as though you are getting ever closer to reaching your goals as you begin this game and a job. Additionally, you can drive the best driving vehicle. You can customize that vehicle by selecting the option for customization. Assume various tasks and compete against top racers in this game.

Game Controls:

Be able to race rising vehicles (turbo or usually powered) on facilities made especially for sliding at full speed. Develop your driving and riding abilities while collecting digital money to modify and design your automobile race in the free ride mode to break the leaderboard’s record set or for joy. Players who play actual drift auto-racing games get to feel it in real time. Taking part in car racing, which includes managing hilly paths. By selecting a real drift race car game, car racing players can realize their desires. 

• Touch or accelerator driving mode

• Control by pushing or sliding;

• A manual or automatic transmission;

• English or scientific metric measurement system;

Fantastic Game Features:

Vibrant Vehicles:

The Real Drift Car Mod APK will likely provide the greatest vehicles to explore. You’ll be surprised to find such a diverse topic vehicle. The cars are also built to look as good as possible, making you very excited to see them using real engine noise and actual features. To handle the long tracks, every master driver needs a master racer vehicle.

Additionally, the workmanship of these race cars is amazing. You’ve grown hooked on the majority of car speed signs. Get the best vehicle for the race, causing the enemy to second-guess helping you. You can see another car grade and the features would gradually improve in line with your level. While quality is important, your control system is also very essential in rewarding the prize.

Real Drift Car Mod APK

Career Mode:

You will become attracted to this career mode as you grow. There are many events, costly vehicles, and actual routes that you can see. As you progress, you’ll have the courage to take on more tasks. For each level, such difficulties would develop over time.

Various competitions:

36 competitions are available in real drift car racing. Each competition has its own rules. These events would become difficult for a player to win as the grade was raised. The player would only have to play gently.

Challenges & Tasks:

You can see various challenges just as the game begins in front of you. Before beginning the race, all you have to do is select the route. The problems you face will make the game more interesting. Because true racers are trained to overcome problems.

Graphics and Sounds:

Up-to-date graphics are the show’s icing on the cake. Whatever people think of the visual quality, it is very important. The game was amazing thanks to the exciting music and beautiful graphics. You may also like real racing 3 mod apk

Various tracks:

The roads and tasks would be so regular, just like in your first stage, that you would complete them quickly. But as you progress, you’ll find that your roads are irregular and different. In that case, playing shrewdly to gain the upper hand is the best line of action.

Customize our Car Body:

I had never seen the ability to modify cars, including the supercar, before. Just look at the modification options offered for the various parts and change them as needed. You can just check the list of wonderful customizations available in the game:

  • Change body color
  • Try new body vinyl
  • Switch different  rims model
  • Adopt rims color,
  •  and get tire signature;

Big Training Tracks:

You are free to go and run your car over the big and never-ending training track to have a very superb experience. Plus, you will better get ready for the multiplayer racing that you have to participate in. Trace the paths and never repeat your mistakes in real racing for you will lose your game life.

Grow Your Driving Experience:

If you are new to driving, you will not be afraid because Real drift car racing will teach you a master. First, you will be allowed to drive at a reasonable speed. When you have speed within control, you will slowly learn how to speed the rate with a section. Second, you will be offered an actual race to show your master expert driver skills after being offered the proper pace and a chance to try out all settings.

Avail Tuning Options:

You, besides, changing your car and adopting the customization options, can also go to pick the tuning options for your car. This is to give you an extensible range of options where you can:

  • Increase or decrease engine power
  • add a turbo to your engine
  • change thorough handling settings
  • Adopt new weight distribution
  • Try different  camber angles
  • change gear ratios
  • Modify shift speed

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

You would earn unlimited money if you’re in the winner’s bracket. You will use this money to help you buy a costly supercar. The race would be won by the performance of the supercar.

The Full Version features:

  • 11 new tracks for drift racing;
  • No Ads
  • 12 new, powerful vehicles with specialized and efficient settings
  • A new difficult planning method with 36 titles becomes more difficult;
  • Unlocked all configuration options

You will earn unlimited funds if you’re in the winner’s bracket. You will use this money to help you buy an expensive supercar. The race would be won by the performance of the supercar.


We, therefore, had a thorough discussion on a real-drift car racing mod APK. In addition, this is finding it difficult to decide in many ways. Its previous version had a feature that limited the enjoyment of the full version. I think the game would be much more exciting and interesting if the race tracks were true and the traffic speed was variable. The latest version, however, is a revised form of the complete version with additional features. This provides gamers with a wealth of knowledge in line. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 To win the title, you must succeed in 36 competitions.

When you win the competition. As a reward, you will sometimes be awarded unlimited money.

No, because doing it online will be more fun.