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App Name Project Makeover
Publisher Magic Tavern, Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 260.4 MB
Latest Version v2.59.1
MOD Info Unlimited Lives, Free Purchase
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Want to Download Project Makeover Mod 2.59.1 APK? Are you crazy about make-up and fashion games? Or the short match three like puzzle games? Or both?  I think the last option is the most tempting; one who loves to play fashion games likes to have some continuous refreshment via short puzzles or vice versa. So this is what we are going to present in the two-in-one package game. It is the “ Project Makeover” created and presented by Magic Tavern, Inc. on Nov 15, 2020. 

Sting up for the upcoming game events with lots of fashion contests, dress designing, making up people in salons, and decorating. Plus you will get a chance to get people fit in their lives with more comfort and luxurious awesome looks. Whoever wants to get a fast boost to personality and the apartment will definitely join you.

Welcome, all the broken people that faced rejection due to their unattended ugly appearances and lack of decorations and renovations to their places. Groom them with your team and help them live a better life by training them well.

 One interesting thing is that you do not have to charge the client, but you would be taking care of all the expenses. This is how you spread smiles in the game world.  And this is why you would have to earn coins in order to buy all the fashion articles for them


Project Makeover Mod APK:

To have an expense-free version of the game and tension-free gameplay, install the Project Makeover Mod APK.  Without worrying about the money and the coins you can spend unlimited resources of money and coins on your clients. 

This is how you get more enjoyable and more relaxing gameplay as compared to the original version of the Project Makeover hack version, where you spend even a penny after earning it from the puzzle games.  

We are going to discuss the features and the gameplay of the game Project Makeover Mod APK plus all the mod benefits of this game. Let’s now start without any delay:

Project Makeover Mod APK For Android

The Gameplay of the Project Makeover Mod APK:

The Charming Storylines:

The starts with your bombastic entry to the salon where a fight just occurred and an expert make-up artist Greta Von Deta left after this quarrel. Greta had to leave since she was not polite to her customers and could not make them up if they are not pretty. Plus she would insult those who were not fashionable already.

In this situation, the other professionals alone like Drek, Samantha, and others rebuked her for her unprofessional and inhumane attitude. As the ultimatum, they would hire another artist “YOU” and ask Greta to leave at the moment. Furious and jealous Greta leaves instantly and the team welcomes you warm-heartedly.

You will work as the most dignified, hard work and exceptional artist who has the solution to any problem the clients face. From making up to hairstyling and jewelry, your opinion is superior to all others. So, you are going to enjoy the game as a boss with continuous advice from other team members.

Make entry:

As Gretta leaves in anger you will give a gorgeous entry and the professionals will introduce you with your name. For this, the game asks you for your name and you will have to enter your name or a nickname. Remember, after that till the end, you are going to retain your identity with the same name so get enrolled with your actual name or anything else you like to be called in the game like “ the supermodel Katherine”, “ Gorgeous Linda”, etc. 

Meet new people every day:

In your salon-like office, you and your team will meet new customers every day. Some will be extremely fashionable, some will be eccentrically ugly, some will be a drama, and some will be nervous.

So you should welcome everyone with the same smiling, kind face and help them to get whatever they dream of. This may be their personality or the living place that is hindering their progress so you are the one going to set everything. 

Choose the whole Makeover:

Look at the clients that are coming up! What a casual and negligent appearance they have. Use your magical talent to match them with the environments they live like office jobs, homes, or parties. This will include:

  • The haircuts
  • The dress ups
  • The jewelry
  • The foot wares
  • The handbags
  • The sunglasses/lenses/reading glasses


It will definitely take time to polish everyone but once it is done, you will be surprised. The pleasure of the clients will boost you to accelerate even more and more toward your beautiful mission. 

Renovate the places:

The next thing you will have to do after getting the clients ready is to take care of renovations of the places they reside. Click the buttons and reach the frame which shows the residency. First, clean up the whole room or apartment by sending a few bucks and then you have a clear-cut area to renovate once again with your own ideas. 

To give everything a new look you must put in adorable paintings and beautiful stylish furniture ( seater, bed, work tables, chairs, dressing tables, etc). You will look after the tiniest details like the colors of lamps, the color scheme of bed sheets and curtains, and all the wallpapers. To give additional beauty to the rooms, decorate them well with small plant pots and creepers. 

Look, you have cleared up all the mess and again you made your clients enjoy a more comfortable and happier life. Move ahead to fix many more…

Project Makeover Mod APK Free download

Earn via Match three Puzzles:

Since you are spending everything on your own, you must have a source of income. The expensive dressing items and hair accessories cost a lot and you are to fulfill them by spending your own gold coins. 

So, there are three-match puzzle games like a short break that will help you earn gold coins, gems, and diamonds. Have fun and entertainment together with the motive of earning big money for your clients. 

Get decor Rewards:

The game is rewarding a lot to you, in the whole earning and spending procedure. Whenever you get a client, you will have plenty of rewards while getting her ready for the residency. The rewards may be decor items, gold coins, diamonds, cash,  fashion pieces, or gems and lives. 

Check the to-do tasks list:

If you are new to this game and do not know how to proceed, you must go to the to-do button every time you need a guide. The to-do button is located in the left bottom corner and is definitely a good game accessory.

The mod Features of the Project Makeover Mod APK:

So, let’s quickly go through the mod features our hack version of the game offers. With easy download and virus free apk, we are here to serve you with:

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Remove Ads
  • Free Download
  • Free Coins
  • Free everything ( shopping + cash)

Please notice all the hack or mod features we listed above are hundred percent free of cost and they do not overload your system whether it is android or iOS.


Welcome to the best gameplay flourished with amusement activities and fashion cascades. Go get the download link and share it with your friends. The best thing is you will be able to communicate with your game friends and will visit their dorms and places in the game and how they decorate and beautify the people and places.  Share the ideas and create an excellent combo by blending your ideas altogether. The non-violent, active, and attractive game is recommended to teen girls and boys especially. You may also love to play this game adventure communist


The game is lovely with awesome graphics and a game story. The cute characters, amazing wardrobes, and fashion collection are not negligible anyways. The only problem is that the earnings are small but the expenses are large. There is a separate cost for every item you buy, making distractions in your decor and salon appointments. It would be far better to earn first and then spend rather than in chunks. The higher levels of difficulty must be lessened up to a bearable mark

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Can I install the Project Makeover Mod APK hack version on my iPhone?

Yes, you may. The suggested apk is quite friendly with iOS and runs smoothly.

What is the procedure to get free lives and gems in the Project Makeover Mod APK?

Get the link, install the app and then, you will get the never-ending supplies of unlimited resources forever.

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