Party in My Dorm Mod Apk v6.69 (Unlimited Cash, Unlimited Money) 

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App NameParty in My Dorm
PublisherA Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.
Latest Version6.69
MOD InfoUnlimited Everything
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated3 Day Ago


Want to enjoy college life again? Or miss its comforts and craziness? Come straight forward, it’s the right place to get your quest quenched. You will find your college days back with the full party and fun going on, just like the real world. It will seem quite real since all the characters in the game are just players from the whole world. Go to the clubs, make healthy relationships, have pets, chat with the most beautiful girls and arrange dates with them! All in the circles of the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk.Get the very popular college highs, retaining the beauty of the days you miss in a new flavor. You may also like Winzo Gold Mod Apk

There in the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk, get an amazing chance of typing your decorating abilities. Have your personal room and decorate it all by yourself using various themes, colors, furniture, wall paintings, and many more. Plus arrange wonderful house parties in your house, send invitations, and receive guests all throughout the night.

This amazing play app was introduced and developed byA thinking ape entertainment ltd in the official play stores. The theme of the game is usually reflecting the freshness of a dorm. The game is prescribed for 16+ teenagers. So that they may learn the downs and ups of a dorm in a virtual environment and enjoy whenever they don’t have the real one.

The Gameplay of the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk Latest Hack version 2023:

 The game Party in My Dorm Mod Apk has been characterized by the following tremendously amazing fun activities:

Get logged in:

 To play the game, follow up on the usual instructions that the app gives you. Proceed with the provision of an email address so that you could get registered over the app and get the membership to the amazing dorm. One more option for you is to have a faster log-in if you provide your social media address there instead of the sign-up. Once you have done this you will get another amazing opportunity to contact your social media account and text theme there to join the game and your other invitations. Play the game with unknown players all across the world or just go search for your real friends there. 

Select an Avatar:

 The very first step after you get entry into the game is to choose an avatar for yourself. It means you can totally customize who you will be in the game; whether a girl or a boy, a college teenager or a nerd. The qualities are not specified for any of the avatars therefore you will decide what qualities will your character display in the game depending on your interests. Have fun customizing hair colors, height, dresses, facial features, and expressions. After you do that you will be asked to name your selected avatar. You may even put your own name to be called there in the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk.  The 1000+ avatar features will help you choose exactly what you want to be and then go ahead.

Go to your Dorm:

 After it, you will happen to allot a beautiful deserted college dorm building. The room is not very good since it needs renovation and the hard work you will put in here. The room has cracks in the walls as well. Then a college girl comes to you to check where you live and wants the real change of the room looks. She is thereafter a few hours and guides you about anything you need there in the game. 

Decorate and Flourish Your Room:

There your game friend suggests you have a change in the dorms that may look acceptable and you readily start purchasing items for your room. You will buy the furniture, curtains, wallpapers, study table, and other stuff. All the furniture and the other things are available on the shopping cart in the game and cost you coins and gems for every purchase. 

Meet Friends, Have Parties:

There in the game you occasionally receive your virtual fiend’s invitations to come to a party she has arranged. The friends contact you via the phone you have at the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk. And completing tasks there will help you have rewards in the form of money and the gems you collect.

Enjoy the texts and conversations:

The text messages will appear in the form of notifications and you’ll have to open them by touching the phone on the bed so that you may reply and read the full conversations. Also, you will have to join various parties your friends invite you to. This will get you to earn the money and diamonds in the game. 

Also, you may start a lovely conversation with a college guy and plan more about the fun activities in the game like visiting each other and joining new clubs. 

Build Your Dorm House and Earn:

The dorm you own is not only a single room but is a multiple-story building and it is, therefore, your duty to build it. You may buy various accessories for the building and renovate the rooms. Everything you buy will be purchased from the money you earned previously. After you have decorated them well you can rent your dorm rooms to others. This will act as another income source for you like a side business in the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk. 

Have a Pet and a More Beautiful Love Life:

Most often we need animals because these innocent souls absorb our negative energies and make us energetic. Though the game is all about making human relationships and socializing there you can also buy a pet for yourself. This may be a puppy, goat, kitten, or any other. 

Mod features of the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk 2023 Latest Hack Version:

The outstanding mod features spread out the following wonderful cheats and hacks:

Unlimited FREE Cash (money):

As most part of the game is about buying and spending money, what to do if you have some money?  Well, go install the mod version of the Party in My Dorm, so that you will have a never-ending money supply. This unlimited cash will help you unleash all your shopping desires and buy whatever you want!

Everything for FREE:

The latest mod version highlights its importance with the luxury that whatever you want in the game is totally free of cost. You can have anything just by clicking over it in a few seconds. The only thing you need to know is to install the right mod version displayed over this game. The FREE items include FREE renovations, dresses, parties, furniture, pets, and many more. 

No ads:

The ads displayed during laminar gameplay are always very hateful. And even they become more when you don’t have the choice to skip them. This forceful promotion often wastes 20% of the total gaming time we have. To solve this issue go install the latest hack version of the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk latest version 2023 which has been modified so that there will be no advertisements during our gaming. 

How to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the Party in My Dorm Mod Apk 2023 Hack?

Go to the download button or click the link given here on this page, but don’t forget to uninstall the real version you have. Then assign the permission to your device by moving to download settings. Here you have to allow the “downloads from unknown resources”. Click the download apk and it will start installing by itself. Open the game when installed and make your profile there.  

Note: make sure, while you install any mod apk, you are having a good stable internet to help you download the apk really quickly.


The game Party in My Dorm Mod Apk 2023 is very popular due to a very unique theme and takes the mind to a peaceful environment. It also helps you discover and enjoy the craziest and jolliest college moments once again. Making the rooms and dorms, decorating, purchasing, and at last renting, everything will help you learn the economy and the right way to spend money thrifty. 

Get the game installed if you loved the ideas and please let us know if you found any issues with downloading and installation. We hear and resolve your issues 24/7. 

Goodbye, dear friends, and see you later with another amazing game!


The beautiful and hot college game with all the activities the teens may love. The people who have turned out into this world may keep themselves socialized through this wonderful app. Also, it has made, millions of players all across the world in bonds of friendship. The chatting is available in-game which is in the grouping as well. This game goes perfectly in almost all parts of the world except a few, there the game faces glitches and may ask extra system effort to open it up. Although the game Part in My Dorm is overall very nice and tempting from all angles of fashion and freedom.

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