Ocean Is Home Mod Apk v3.4.2.1 ( Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Everything )

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App NameOcean Is Home
PublisherBirdy Dog Studio
Latest Version3.4.2.1 
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
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Updated3 Day Ago


Ocean Is Home is a glorious and fascinating survival game with lots of mystifying puzzles and stunning mindful activities. Living on a deserted island without any worldly resources is really a big challenge and you need to do everything a normal human needs for a normal life. For this purpose, you will have to create ad use resources to meet human needs like food, shelter, water, home, career, etc. 

Going through the whole journey with various errands will help you get an experience of practical life and you will be able to learn how to get up out of ashes. The wonderful challenges in the “Ocean are Home Mod Apk” sharpen your senses of problem solvation and do your best efforts

in the toughest conditions provided. Plus, you vividly learn to use natural resources for your survival and fight natural disasters like rain, wildlife, etc.

Ocean is Home mod apk Unlimited Everything

About Information

The game Ocean Is Home was developed and designed by the gaming unit “Birdy Dog Studios” with the adventure genre and has reached almost 50k fan followers on the official play store. Due to the adventurous theme of this game, teenage boys and girls love to play it. The mod version of the game Ocean Is Home provides the best gaming facilities like unlimited coins, gold, money, diamonds, and all the free shopping one may desire. Scroll down to read more about the game. You may also like Stormfall saga of survival mod apk

Ocean is Home Mod Apk Unlimited Coins
Ocean is Home Mod Apk

The Gameplay of the Ocean Is Home Mod APK 2023 Latest Hack version:

The story:

The story of the game shows that the character (you) is on an island, all alone. this is actually the survival situation framed for you having no logical background apparently. All you need to do is to effort for everything you are supposed to live with full health, energy, and a basic normal life that demands, food, residence, and clothes for a living.

The Deserted Island:

The deserted island has flourished with lots of resources which you have to make in your use of using your senses. The dispersed stuff includes the useless undrivable car, trees, the water of the ocean, stones, fire, and the random furniture stuff found here and there. 

The Bag Pack:

Everything you pick up moves to your bag pack and can be used whenever the need arises during all the adventures in the game. Besides it also carries water bottles and food plus a map and the accessories like ropes and a first aid bandage roll.

Pick up the Items:

The whole journey of survival involves strolling on the island and to collect as many items as you find during the walk. Everything that seems a little useful, is worthy of being collected like stones, wooden scrapes, wood, twigs, bananas, furniture, tires, and fuel.

Make the Car Drivable:

The car that seems totally out of use can be repaired by using certain picked items, replacing the tires, and checking the engine. Ultimately you are able to make it useful and now you may drive wherever you like, from the seashore to the green grassy lands in search of materials.

Create and Collect Food:

The food you need to live is obviously found on the island and you need to make use of all of your senses. One of the basic foods is bananas which are often found near the seashore. Others are created like you need to make out a fishing rod to catch fish from the ocean for your dinner. You may also hunt other animals to meet your basic hunger demands because without food there is no life. Besides the edibles, you need drinking water for living which is filled in bottles and is also collected or purchased using coins.

Ocean is Home mod apk Free shopping

Win Rewards:

The game rewards are often announced in the game and what do you get in surprise rewards? These may be the map of the island, energy bars, furniture, or any other weapon.

Craft Weapons:

Using the items you collected like stones, wood, etc you can craft the building materials and the weapons you need. The weapons may be, a stone axe, pixel, fishing rod, dagger, and many more in the category of materials. The very first weapon is the stone axe, which is used to scrape trees and hit stone rocks in search of materials.

Build Houses:

House is the prime requirement of life, and every sophisticated human likes to live in a house rather than under an open sky. In addition, the houses protect you from extreme weather conditions and the wildlife you feel threatened with.

Ocean is Home Mod Apk A lot of gold coins

Polish Your Business and Career:

Although you are living on a deserted island, the game conditions demand you to make a career and live a business life. The career-building on the island is quite tough but you will do it using your sharp capabilities in the survival game.

Features of the Ocean Is Home Mod Apk 2023 Latest Hack Version:

We all know that the mod features carry more fun, more amusement, and more adventure for FREE, and this will never demand you payment. Payments mean the money you pay in the original version of the Ocean Is Home downloaded from the official sites. Read more to get all the detailed information on the services we offer in the mod version:

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds:

The mod version of Ocean Is Home, is here to provide you with an unlimited supply of FREE coins, money, and diamonds throughout the game. The coins are really needed when you have to purchase certain items from the shopping store built into the game or to avail the services you need during the entire gameplay.

Free Cash:

The cash in the game, that is otherwise earned or won in the original game, is now totally FREE and unlimited in the hack version of the game. The only thing you need to do for this is to download the hack version right from this site and uninstall the previous one if you had any.

Unlimited FREE Shopping:

Besides the cash in the game and the coins and money, another great luxury that you will enjoy is unlimited shopping. You can purchase everything for FREE in this cheat version, we offer. The stress-free shopping will make the game a thousand folds crazier for the fan followers of the mod versions.

FREE Crafts:

You produce crafts and weapons in the game out of the materials that you picked and thus fight challenges relying all on yourself. To make the game a little easier the mod version gives you hundreds of FREE crafts and weapons, free of cost so that the kids and the young children may not find it too tactic to play.

Mega Hacks:

A lot of other mega hacks are hidden in the latest version of the Ocean is Home MOD APK which will be unlocked to you when you will install the hack version. Remember, the hack version, cheat version or mod version are the three different names of the same luxury. 

How to Download the Hack Version of the Ocean Is Home Mod Apk?

Get a stable internet connection, and open the download link. You may also directly press the DOWNLOAD button on this page. After the game has been downloaded, let it go further for installation. It will open automatically after installation ends. Make your game profile and enjoy the unlimited fun absolutely FREE. Don’t hesitate, go get it downloaded quickly!

Final Words:

The highly epic game with astounding 3D game graphics, sounds, expressions, and emotions really seems closer to mother nature. The challenges for this virtual survival help to watch the world more

practically. Moreover, the game carries no violent actions so you may refer your kids to play it very blindly. If you find any problem in the download or installation of the game, go to the comment section and post your issue in the comment box. We are 24/7 available to resolve your issues and replying your queries. Go, push the DOWNLOAD button, and don’t forget to share your experience with family and friends. Goodbye, see you later with another amazing game!


This survival game surrounds survival on a deserted island with no particular unnatural resources. So the players must have creativity sense in order to play it well. The game gives you chances to survive all alone in a region threatened by the zombies and the player has to do whatever a human can if the conditions are real. Therefore, get ready for hunting, respawning, swimming, and driving for his survival. The only issue is the unknown bear locations on the map. The map shows the bears are there but the directions are dumb. So you may hunt animals like fish, rabbits, deer, etc but not bears. 


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