Neo Monster Mod Apk v2.34.5 Unlimited Gems and Training Points


Do you love watching dragon tales and training games? If yes then check out this amazing game with hundreds of dragon and monster interactions. The best training game project presented by the Zigzga Game INC involves the players playing in a single-player mode and perceiving the climax of enjoyment in the best monsters’ virtual worlds.

Additional Information

App Name Neo Monsters
Publisher ZigZaGame Inc.
Genre Role Playing’s
Size 129.02MB
Latest Version


MOD Info Unlimited diamonds, gems, training points
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Updated 3 Day Ago

An overview of the features and Gameplay of the Neo Monster Mod Apk:

Background Story:

Once upon a time when the whole world of humans was free of all the battle stuff. There were precious monsters for fun and work but none was there to fight over anything. The plains were full of fruits and flowers and the green grassy areas showed the wholesome events of enjoyment. Nothing to worry about in this kind of fairyland and eutopia. 

The blessings of love and sympathy were due to the ruling power of Verosia on that land. The main event of lovely sports was to watch monsters funny fights. But, there was an abrupt change like a season in the area and the greatest battle of the monsters started on the beautiful land. 

Whatever could be the motive or cause behind this fighting and combating brought you to the present era. Here, you have to survive if you follow the distinct pet rules of this world. So this whole game gives you the invitation to be part of the dragon capturing, training, and live battles. Get up to enter with zest and be the best trainer of the whole land of Neo Monsters. 

Neo Monster  Apk Increase Catch Rate

Select the character and gender:

So the very first thing you do after you enroll in the game is t select an anime-type character for you. After you will manage the gender.  You can select either male or female characters after viewing both. This is an initial scenario of the game and the narrator tells you the sidewise story meanwhile. 

Select or call your partner monster: 

Then the storyteller takes youtube to show your area of residence. There you will have to live with your partner monster or the pet you will select. So in actuality, you can select your partner from the four different major types of monsters:warrior-apk

  1. Wolfro: This is the master of water. So all the water-based monsters belong to this party like Wooly. 
  2. Redlid: You will see it as the master of fire. Breezing belongs to this class of monsters. 
  3. Galvit: This is the master of Storm. One of the most significant monsters of this class is the  Coco crab. 
  4. Viridino: This is known to be the master of the earth. Here you will meet the “Thick skull” monster with great powers and stamina. 

 Take advantage of 1000 Monsters:

To quench the aesthetic thirst of the players this game brings about a great collection of 1000 monsters that can move and show mobility and agility. There are a few examples of the top animated monsters of the “Neo Monsters Mod Apk”:

  • ZeroTiger
  • Sadowyrm
  • Velocirex
  • Wolfrozen
  • Viridizaurus
  • Galvboss
  • Red Kong
  • Flarevern

The monsters are available all throughout the game as the major playable characters and the theme of the game actually revolves around them. From collecting monsters to training them and then protecting them is a great task the way that you will perform enthusiastically, we hope. 

Capture and defeat the opponents:

The opposite team will appear battle with you in a two-section 2D Monster combat. So there you will have to wisely position the kind and type of monster you have and battle with them. Depending upon the strengths of the monsters the fights may be of the type” weak VS  strong” or “Strong vs weak”. 

Therefore select the right monster type and position it on the battlefield so can persist against the rivals at the best optimum level. The winner gets the charge of more monsters by capturing from the opposite team.

Neo Monster  Apk Unlimited Money


Train the captured Monsters:

There comes the most important stage of the game. You will have to train the monster you captured n the monster fights. The trained monsters will be thus added to your own collection and can later play from your side. 

The game will ask you to spend the training points( special money for training) to spend on each monster. You can use + and – signs to spend training points on your monster’s training. However, this training is indirectly linked with collecting training cards. 

Win training cards:

When you go to select a training card for monster training there are several types:

  • 0 steps card
  • 2 steps card
  • 4 steps card
  • 5 steps card 

These cards in turn demand the different gems that you have to put into getting these cards for monster training. 

More stars- More Potential:

Each and every monster shows different stars below the monsters. You can estimate the dragon’s skills by the number of stars it has. More stars mean it has more potential and is more capable than those with lesser stars. 

Increase and push back in time:

The time during the battles counts in seconds. Where a second is a time during which a monster attacks and hits the rival. So try to get more pushbacks in time so that you may make more time attacks on the opposite party and can win at last. 

Get a gold egg:

The Golden Egg is easy to access with lots of gems and get the rare monster. The eggshell cracks when you roll and stop the list of epic and super epic monsters. The wheel stops and the one that is at the point of incidence of the needles is the monster in your egg. So this is a kind of lucky draw monster reveal that could help you get the monster of your own will. 

Collect a team of 6:

To get ready for the Rookie League you will have to collect a team of six participants. First, defeat three trainers that come in front of you and then participate in a 6 membered fight of monsters. Remember the low HP on monsters means a higher capture chance.

Adventure map:

The adventure map of the Neo Monster Mod Apk opens up to you 16 different worlds so you can explore them. Uses the map and fly to the city or the area you want to play in. Get your location settings and then start playing and battles with rivals at each state. 

Neo Monster Mod Apk Capture

140 different online missions:

The online monster missions are there for you in the game and you can partake in at least 140 different games. Each one is associated with a different fun level and training experience.

Single-player game:

Out of the hundreds of games on the play store these days, this one is the finest and the most engaging game, especially for those who love dragons and monsters. There are only a few occasions of teaming up with the 6 vs 6 team combats but there is a major of the SOLO gameplay. 

Mod features of the Neo Monster Mod Apk Latest Version:

Most of the players wonder what the mod version of the Neo Monster carries. So here we are going to discuss and elaborate on each one below:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Training points
  • Unlimited All
  • Unlimited Cost
  • Unlimited Capture Chance
  • Free Download
  • Free Shopping
  • Android Republic Version
  • Extensive Mod menu 
  • Free of any cost 
  • Free of viruses 
  • FREE of ads

Install the mod version for free and then collect the unlimited benefits of the game in the world of the monsters. Don’t forget to install from this site to give us applause and appreciation to bring more stuff to you. 


The game “ Neo Monster Mod Apk” comes up as one of the first three most favorite roleplaying games. One million-plus player’s fandom reveals the importance of the game all over the globe. Join the flow of monster lovers and prove yourself as the best trainer in the world.  The game shows a little sensitive content so Google Play Store rates the game for players of age 12 plus years. Also, Check rucoy online Apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do training points in the Neo Monster Mod Apk are helpful?

The training points in the game are helpful to bring your access to different training cards and buy and exchange new monsters.

How much does the original version of the game cost?

The original version of the game costs 105.5  units but the mod version available on this site is hundred percent free of cost.

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