Need For Speed 2 Mod Apk 3.7.5080 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)


Need For Speed 2 is a very popular game played all around the world here you get APk of the Need For Speed Game with unlimited features. In the twenty-first century, we are living in a quick and impulsive world where everything from food to furniture is one click away. Entertainment has been widespread via different sources like movie websites, gaming websites, chatting and social media, etc. Popular games are available readily on the Play Store like google and apple. Racing and driving games are one of the most demanded and searched games on the internet today.

The games which involve racing and driving are highly motivating, dynamic, and thrilling. That’s what makes young minds love such games. Out of the millions of racing games the “Need For Speed” carries a special status due to the unlimited speed and loveable features. There have been more than a hundred million followers of this game on the google play store.

About Information

Need For Speed-2”  was developed by Electronic Arts Canada(EA Canada) developed in 1997. It is a mobile gaming app for both Android and iPhones and is the second most popular game of the series. As we know it is free to play and install from anywhere on the internet. However, there are always some features associated with the real versions of the games that are unlocked with money. If one wants to have totally free gameplay without paying any money, then he must install the mod version of the game. This is also called the hack version of the game and carries features that are more wanted than the original versions. “Need For Speed-2 mod apk” with the best racing properties is ready to be downloaded. But first read out the gameplay and features it holds, then step towards the installation and download.

The Gameplay of the “Need For Speed-2  mod apk”:

Like all amazing racing games, this game is catching attention due to outstanding racing and competing gameplay. This version gives a golden opportunity to play racing games with a special reference to street racing. The street racing plus the rules of free drive makes the police go mad behind you. All you have to do is to show perfect drive and escape to make way from the police. Don’t forget to enjoy the customization options for your cars. Also, get entry into the best competitions and racing in the world with the best tools and driving kits. 

Need For Speed Mod Apk all car

Modes of the game Need For Speed-2:

The game Need For Speed 2 mod apk is embellished with three beautiful and exciting gameplay modes:

  • Single Tace mode: the easiest racing mode of the “need for speed 2” in which the player can choose by himself the type of game he wants. He may customize tracks, the number of participants in the game as rivals, and the car types. Here the player competes against computer-based artificial opponents.
  • Tournament Mode: Here the player takes part in a very long tournament with other online players. The one who reaches the goal first is the winner. While the others are regarded as second, third, and the failures.
  • Knockout Mode: In this mode, the player has to race against eight opponents on a long track with two laps. The one who reaches the end is dropped at each step of the race. And, hence the player which survives till the end is the winner.

Features of the Need For Speed-2:

Vivid  3D Graphics:

While playing this racing game “Need For Speed” you will observe the clear-cut graphics and amazingly awesome resolution. A game is boring if the colors and graphics are dull and blurred. So in Need for Speed, the developers have created an atmosphere of 3D gaming and excellent reality so that the players may feel impinged in the game.

Easy Game Control:

The gameplay for this game is easy to understand and even a kid of only 7 seven years may happily play it after learning it. The demo drive gives you the opportunity to safely drive by giving you the three specific controls, you may choose one of them. These controls are:

  • Tilt control: In this type of control you may simply tilt your phone right or left to make turns and to slide your vehicle across the track. 
  • Right, and left press controls: let the screen give you two imaginary circular control buttons on the left or right and left. Players can tap on these gameplay control buttons to make right or left drive shafts.
  • Virtual steering control gives the player unique gameplay control by having an imaginary steering wheel in the middle of the screen. Scroll the finger right or left on the semi-circular organ to drive. 
  1. Big variety of Automotive Vehicles:

Need For Speed, 2, expresses a series of eight very elegant vehicles  like:

  • Koenigsegg CCX
  • Lamborghini Adventador
  • SRT Viper GTS
  • Surbaru Impreza WRX STI
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagon
  • Ford
  • BMW M3 couple 1999

And many more. Which get unlocked with gradual winning and accelerating towards the next levels.

Classic Customizations and Garages:

Besides the big variety of vehicles and cars, the game also holds good garage management to repair car damages. There you may get your car entirely refreshed and renovated.  You may not only pick the options to undo car dents and damages but also customizations. The customization includes:

  •  putting and replacing new car wheels and wheels rim
  •  trying a new car  coat color, having a new bonnet for the car
  • changing number plates
  •  changing the looks of cars, doors, roofs, and windows. 

The car customization costs the player and he may get it done via the gold collected earlier by scoring and winning the tournaments.

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On-screen Speedometer: 

While racing on the NEED FOR SPEED  vehicles, you will see a big speedometer on the right bottom corner of the screen. This speedometer will indicate continuously, the speed your vehicle attains. This will help you know how fast you may go in the different levels to complete the tasks.

On-screen stopwatch:

Like the speedometer, a stopwatch is also installed on the game screen. This stopwatch shows the time you take while completing a particular assignment.

The wins of the players are surely dependent on the time lengths they take. So be quick to complete your task while keeping an eye on the stopwatch. 

Nitro Boosters:

The Nitro boosters boost the racing speeds of the vehicles for s specific time. You may get them as a bonus, or reward after winning a race. Also, it may be a race gift while you race and find a booster on your way.

Variety of tracks and locations:

The tracks in the game are country-based tracks like in America, Australia, etc. The tracks and locations in which the racing is occurring may be surely selected out of many proposed ones. Most of the locations give the right times to play and race. Select challenging tracks to compete with your rival and make the best scores.

Comprehensive and Topographic Map:

As in the game, you have to perform various assignments, you will need a map of the city. The map provided is a pictorial and small-scale map with deep distinctions. Players may have the extended details by looking at the map. Also to complete missions you have to know where different locations are present like the store, the start and end points, etc.

Need For Speed 2 Unlimited Nitro

On-screen guides and directions:

The game itself gives you a guideline while you drive. These directions appear on the screen for the players to read and act. For example, if your vehicle is continuously sliding, it gives you tips on how to avoid it.

Four-Wheel Drive Missions and Assignments:

The game is not only about racing it gives you the chance to complete missions and assignments in the game. While completing many you may get injured, and the police may even follow you but if you are loyal to our task you will do it. To view the missions and tasks, you must pick up the settings and go to the tasks and missions. 

Big Rewards:

Completing missions and assignments will get you lots of big rewards and prize money. The rewards may include attractive gold pieces, cash, and nitro boosters for a time limit. You may also get luxurious cars unlocked as a reward for the mission completion in time. 

Mod Features of the NEED FOR SPEED 2 MOD APK:

You may have the mod features unlocked by downloading and installation of the mod version in a few easy steps. The mod features we offer in our mod version( hack version) are listed below:

  • FREE car customizations
  • All Cars are unlocked for FREE
  • All locations and tracks unlocked
  • Free cash prizes
  • Free Gold 
  • Free garage services
  • No Ads


The mod versions of all the games have always been in demand. Get the mod link for the “need for speed 2” game, or just click the download button blinking on the page to install the game. Share your racing multiplayer online game with your friends and cousins and enjoy the social media guidelines from seniors. If you find any trouble downloading the game, let us know via comments. Your feedback will be highly appreciated and the problem will be resolved in 24 hours. You may also like Need For Speed Mod APk


The second hit game of the series after the Need For Speed version 1.  The latest version of Need For Speed 2, is just an improved version of the speedy racing game. Try out the latest three control mechanisms and change them whenever you get bored. Get through the best experience of racing, competing, and running the beautiful and luxurious cars you had dreamt of. Develop the contests of your own at the locations and backgrounds of your own choice. Also, produce the world’s top legends by getting involved in the tournaments and making wins having hundreds of nitro boosts.

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