Modern Strike Online Mod APk Unlimited Money, Ammo & Gold

The game  “Modern Strike Online Mod apk” is a multiplayer shooting game with PVP ( person versus person) or FPS ( First Person Shooting game). The game brings a similar environment to that of the IGI and other shooting games. Within the mission-based and free shooting criteria, the players enjoy taking the thrill and fighting with their full zest and enthusiasm. Moreover, the amazingly abundant supply of weapons makes a person feel quite relaxed while fighting. 

The game “Modern Strike Online Mod apk” was launched by Azur Interactive Games Limited on the 8th of August, 2016. The Games Limited company has made the game possibly the optimum entertainment in disguise of action. Wise actions while you play the game are really essential since every move of yours decides your wins and losses.

Get the game downloaded in the mod version also called the hack version of the  “Modern Strike Online  Mod apk” which will give you plenty of advantages. The mod or the cheat version gives everything free and makes sure that you have cleared every stage with good ease. Here we represent to you the complete features, the methodology of downloading, and also the benefits of having the mod version instead of the real one.

Additional Information

App NameModern Strike Online
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
Latest Versionv1.55.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Gold, Money
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated5 Day Ago

The Gameplay of the Modern Strike Mod Apk :

The game itself is the best among all the action games ever released. You will enjoy the following big surprising moments in the game:

Modern Strike Online Mod Apk All unlocked

Getting In:

The very first step you have to do after you get your game installed is to just log in or sign up using an authentic email address. You may use your social media account as an alternative. Getting logged in safely will help you resume the game whenever you switch to another device. Also, you will be able to invite your friends on social media using the game links.

Select the Character:

The next thing you have to do after making a quick entry in the game is to select the character you want to play the role of. There will be different characters appearing in front of you with their weapons and showing a semi-circular move. You may select any of them like the soldier, sniper, warrior, etc. The character selection will not cost you any money.

Purchase and Upgrade Weapons:

The game is an action game, therefore you will be requiring lots of weapons in your toolbox so that you may use them according to your needs. You may purchase different guns and shotguns from the game store. Also, you can upgrade your old weapons with a relatively smaller amount of money. Holding and experiencing 50-plus types of weapons is really big fun and multiplies the thrill in the Modern Strike Online Mod Apk.  

Kill Count:

The number of kills you make in each level is represented on the horizontal bar on the screen in skull points. The more you kill the more skulls you score and you may check the efficiency by checking the skulls you earned.

Time Management (TDM: Time Division Multiplexing):

For every level in the game, you will have to play within certain time restrictions like 5 minutes or 4 minutes. The time count is also shown per second on the horizontal bar on the screen. Get yourself brave and hasty enough so that you may complete the challenges within those time limits to ensure your win. You may also like this game Ronin The Last Samurai Mod APK

Game Control:

The game control is quite easy and handy. Using the different buttons on the right side of the game screen you may perform different tasks. You may select them to make your fire, jump, pick, drop, or also zoom in or out. Also there you may switch your weapons quickly. The game screen shows very clearly how many weapons you owe or when to use any of them.

Modern Strike Online Mod Apk Hack Version

3D Rotating Cameras:

Besides having to zoom in or zoom out the scenes using lenses and binoculars you will get the benefit of using the 3D rotating cameras at any place you are fighting. Before you step into a scene make sure you have checked the security status of that area using the 3D rotating cameras built in-game. You may check their functioning on the top left side of the game screen at any time during the gameplay.

FPS mode:

The FPS Mode and the PVP Mode:

The first-person shooter mode or the FPS mode will let you enjoy the game all alone versus other gamers. All the gamers will be released in a certain vicinity with the full opportunity of killing each other. The kill counts every person makes will consider the win or loss of the players. The PVP mode allows the players to be confronting others in the battle mode with similar rules. 

Win Amazing Rewards:

As you play the Modern Strike Online  Mod apk you will get many amazing surprises and rewards during that gameplay. You may pick the weapons of the dead players or may use their grenades. Besides, you will win a number of gold coins and pieces of gold on winning any level. The monetary rewards are a part of it. Using the money you can later upgrade your weapons or buy the best coin packages. You may also win the daily login rewards every time you get to play.

3D Graphics and Animations:

The game expresses its graphics in full resolution and holds a perfect following of animations while you play the game.  The action games are always with bad reviews in comments about the game glitches. But for the Modern Strike Online  Mod apk, you will never find any difficulty with managing graphics. Also, with the game control in 3D, you may rotate the scenes up to 360 degrees to check everything around your surroundings. 

Modern Strike Online Mod Apk Mod menu

Audio Effects:

While playing many games the audio is always lagging up with the actions and barely synchronizes. In this game Modern Strike Online  Mod apk, there will be such a beautiful synchronization of every impulse and the sound effect you face. The audios of sliding, pushing, tugging, firing, and roaring are pre-recorded and are played quite smoothly as you perform various tasks. There is no lagging or out-phasing while dealing with the audio effects in the Modern Strike Online  Mod apk.

The Amazing Features of the Modern Strike Online Mod apk:

Unlimited Money and Gold Coins:

In the mod version of the Modern Strike Online game, you will get plenty of FREE Gold coins and money. The unlimited supply of money and money standards will make you feel proud of your friends. Also, you will get readily promoted in the game at every level you play.

All Levels Unlocked:

The games become extra interesting if none of the levels is locked for the players. Also, the pro-level and legendary players love to play the tough levels first. To make this situation work, the hack version of the Modern Strike Online  Mod apk gives you the offer to play whatever level you want by unlocking all the levels for the players anytime free of cost.

Modern Strike Online Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo

FREE Weapons and Upgrades:

The money you make in the free version of the game can help you get the weapons and weapon upgrades for FREE.  focus on the gameplay and we are here to give you the FREE abundance of weapons and other accessories.


The game is the best in the action games and has proved to be the most liked one due to hundred million-plus downloads from the official sites.  The mod and hack downloads are even increasing day by day. The game Modern Strike Online Mod apk is actually the best action platform for people of all ages. But it is highly recommended for kids older than 16 years. Since the game expresses violence so you must check upon the kids playing this game younger than the prescribed mental caliber. If you find any trouble with the game downloading or operating, please make sure to comment below. We will try to resolve the issue asap. Goodbye and see you later with another amazing game! 


The special person versus first-person shooter game in a perfect scenario has kept the minds captivated for hours. The game is perhaps good for little kids because the character moves too slowly and the game seems to be in slow motion. All the weapon classes are accessible to all the players but the maps are very useless. The developers must improve the maps so that the players may get to the places they want to be just by clicking on the points.  The mod version is making you safe from the enemy’s gun even if you are standing in front of the enemy. This is stupid to some extent and still, some players love this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Download the Mod Version of Modern Strike Online?

To download the mod version, scroll the page until you reach the  DOWNLOAD button. Click and let the download start by permitting the third-party app. Also, enable the download from unknown sources in the settings of your phone. After the game downloads, open the apk and the game will start installing. Click and open the installed Modern Strike online latest hack version. 

Can the game Modern Strike Online  Mod apk Be Played on PC?

Yes, you may, even you may play the game on big LCD screens for more enjoyment.

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