Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Tips And Tricks To Win Every Match

Mini Militia Mod Apk is itself a big challenge but another arrives in the leaderboard positioning. There are players from all corners of the world and you have to jump to the top to improve your efficiency. We know, every player is anxious to get a higher rank in that list. I was too when I was a beginner. But till now, I tried the most efficient tricks to win every challenge I entered and got the desired results.

If you too want to gain the top rank in the leaderboard Mini Militia Mod Apk then you must learn the tips and tricks that got me there. Let’s check out the points you need to focus on while playing Doodle Army 2 Gameplay. Moreover, read out the article till the end to jot down every suggestion we are going to highlight for you.

Top Mini Militia Tricks To Kill Enemies:

  • Every game’s win is all about making rapid moves and performing actions very briskly. If you do so here, definitely you can have an easy win. So whenever your enemy arrives in an open space in front of you, you have to destroy him in only a few seconds. Your enemy has to observe the place and you should attack him before he can. Use the fastest weapon which is a Grenade to shoot the enemies in bulk. If you are a wizard in firing a shotgun or rifle, you can prefer that. 
  • If you see your enemy is holding a sniper then try to make minimum moves and walk under shades or covers. Don’t let him take an easy aim at you at any cost. 
  • While moving here and there, always keep an eye on your enemy’s positions. Plus you should observe first whether there is a hustle and bustle or not. Stay in if you cannot cover your enemies’ attacks 
  • To collect the top-class weapons you have to memorize the spots on the map that are to offer you the best weapons. For this purpose, you can make use of all 20 maps that the game gives you. 
  • You may have noticed the walking styles in the game to see which one is best. If there are enemies around and you fear making a movement, you should do crouching instead of walking. The crouching is in fact the safest pose you can use whenever you feel that a shotgun will aim at you in the game. 
  • Make the perfect use of the Melee button to improve the melee attacks to make swift moves. This will help you attack your target when he is unconscious of his surroundings. 
  • For better and more quick health rehabilitation, search the map to see the First Aid Locations and Health Kits Spots. This is to prevent accidental injuries and get rapid recovery to fight in a new life. 
  • On the game screen, there are various red arrows pointing at the enemies. So don’t go there until you are able to kill them. Plus check your ammunition before moving along red arrows and collect enough before planned attacks.
  • Usually, the Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 players know to use all the weapons very well. If you don’t then you should first practice knowing what the different weapons are meant for. This will help you a lot to use your weapons in the best possible way to make successive victories. 

Tips To Win Every Mini Militia Match:

Have a look at the following tips to ameliorate your performance in the Doodle Army combats:

  • If you are fighting very close to your target, then don’t use snipers or shotguns. Rather you should use the melee and fire simultaneously to make terse kills. Melee weapons are a great defense if you learn to wield them correctly as per your need.
  • Use the Fly Feature to overwhelm your enemy in every battle.
  • Learn to diffuse Proxy Mines before you fall prey to them.
  • You can easily open a blocked region if there is any dead doodle collapsed there. 

Some Useful Tricks To Be The Last One Standing:

Sniper Vs Bazooka:

Sniper has a much longer range than Bazooka and is very useful to kill enemies at a safe distance. In the game, this weapon has 7X scope in the category of all weapons. 


The Bazooka, on the other hand, is also good at hitting long-distance targets. It’s plus point is that it can destroy a whole patch of land in one shot. Use it when you have to briskly blow an enemy’s base unit or a whole headquarter or shelter. This malicious gun holds 6X the scope in all weapons lists. 

Shotgun and Uzi:

Carry a variety of weapons on you and make your collection the best among all doodle army fighters. Before attacking an enemy you must carry the most powerful weapon you have. This will give you two benefits:

  1. You can dominate your enemy even if he holds a nice weapon. Suppose he carries a Shotgun and you have UZI hence you can kill him more easily. 
  2. This will not only help you have a perfect defense but also a very effective attack to kill your opponent.

Wear a Guard:

Guard is a bulletproof jacket that you have to wear to prevent yourself from any type of bullet shot. It may or may not be possible for you to buy a guard from the shop but you have the Mini Miltia’s mod version and thus free access to the guard. Try to wear the guard in every fight you have to combat and you will definitely check your security upgrade using this gadget. 

Locks in Walls:

If you are too tired or injured to fight in the game then look for these wall locks. These are meant to recover your energy and health. Remember, it’s always better to hide when you feel down instead of losing your life.


Design Traps using Proxy Mines: 

Doodle Army 2 players know how dangerous the proxy mines are! Use this malicious material to design deadly traps for your enemies. Put them right under the paths they have to pass by. This can literally give you the benefit of blowing up dozens of enemies at once. 

Kill Yourself:

If you have way too high a kill count than your opponents then you can finish the game and win by doing a self-suicide option. Kill yourself using any of the weapons and here you are the winner finally!

Saw Gun:

Use the saw gun if you want an easy weapon to deal with your enemies. This operates on simple angle-making and spotting your enemies. Smash the enemies with a single click and have the highest kill count than any of the participants. 


Hope this topic will assist you to revamp your performance in the Mini Militia Mod Apk. I used these and raised my status in the leaderboard; it’s your turn now! We will be sharing a lot more guidance content on this page very soon. Comment below, the idea you liked the most in today’s topic, and visit for more!

Frequently Asked Question

How can I attain proficiency in killing enemies in Mini Militia Game?

This is all about practice. The more you practice using various weapons and adopt the different techniques, the easier it is to make fast kills.

How can I make sure of victory in Mini Militia Multiplayer mode?

Winning a multiplayer game demands an expert hand to play the game. Don’t make sharp moves and don’t try to be over-efficient. Always attack briskly with full ammunition and give special focus to your health. 

 What is the standard for winning the Mini Militia game?

The winner of the game has to make the highest number of kill counts. So if you do so you can definitely mark the victory in your name.