Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk Hack Version (Unlimited Rubies ,Coins)

App NameMario Kart Tour
PublisherNintendo Co., Ltd.
Latest Versionv3.2.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Rubies/Money
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Updated3 Day Ago

Mario Kart Tour is a very popular mobile action genre game with a full blend of fun and excitement, developed by Dena and presented by Nintendo in 2009. The game has been designed for all types of game lovers especially those who are crazy to race and beat the opponents in full enthusiasm. The game involves racing as well as tours all across the globe to make the player feel as if he is travelling the world by himself. 

About Information

The main character of the game “Mario” is such a beautiful and funny character with his kart that he has to take anywhere he goes. Keeping the safety of Mario and his kart in mind you need to pull them both through high traffic and tricky roads collecting lots of gems and coins on the way. Mario has a craze to go to

all four corners of the world that is the reason why he keeps you driving him all through the way. You will be enjoying free visits to all the famous cities of the world like Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.

There is each city, you will have to carry out certain tasks to complete a course and upgrade your level. You may also like the zombie hunter mod apk

As we go through the reviews received by the official versions of the game in apple and google play stores, we’ll find a mixture of good and bad reviews. the main flaw of the game in the original version is that people don’t want to buy the GOLD PASSES every month which are crucial to gain a special level of 200CC in the game.  Therefore, we are here to provide you with the Mod version of the game also called the Crack version the game in which you will not be having anything purchased or upgraded with real money. You will see while reading the mod features that everything from downloads to coins and passes is one hundred per cent FREE!

Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk  Unlocked Everything
Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk Unlocked Everything

Game Play of the Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk 2023:

The game starts with your introduction of the very cute and playful character Mario and others that will be driving their Karts on various roads to visit the places mentioned on the map. The places are visited to fulfil a ‘’course”; as you complete different courses you will get promoted to the next levels correspondingly. There are four major racing modes in the gameplay:

LEISURELY: the game mode is the easiest one and kids prefer to play it with a standard speed of 50cc.

FAST: the next mode Fast is a little tougher than the leisurely mode and it allows the player a general speed of 100cc.

VERY FAST: this has been marked with a super speed of 150cc and requires greater efficiency of the player to win it.TOO FAST: last and the highest speed limit is available as 200cc and of course, it has to be played with extra efficiency of the player in full action. Important stages of the game include:

Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk All character unlocked


The game Mario Kart Tour includes courses that are refreshed biweekly that in the player is provided with a new course after fifteen days. Once you complete three courses and a bonus you will be getting one cup. The cups have different names on the basis of the character who won that course like the glider cup (the name of Glider) and Mario cup (the name of Mario).

Also, completion of courses is characterized by winning of special point levels; the highest level recorded yet is 300.


Moreover, when a player wins a race, he is gifted with “Grand Stars” that will reveal a lot of stars, surprises, and coins. The level gauge measures your efficiency during the gameplay and records your performance according to the place you gained during the game. If the player is able to fill the gauge, he will be rewarded with a Big Reward.

Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk Unlimited Money


You will enjoy three grand stars on the completion of a Bonus Challenge but you can only choose the rider for the challenge which has been mentioned in the picture of the bonus challenge. but in the mod version, you will be free of this selection which is you may choose any character of your own choice.


 Apart from Bonus challenges and courses one tournament will be available to compete after every two weeks in the Mario Kart Tour mod apk 2022. All the players will check their performance in the game via the leader board where they will be levelled according to the position they gained in the tournament. 

Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk Unlimited Rabies


The game control is very simple to understand and does not require any rocket science knowledge to deal with it. Kids and elders can easily grasp the modulus and learn to play it within seconds. The level Guage, as well as the maps, will be apparent on the main play screen which will make the game really lenient to be played.

Extraordinary features of the Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk 2023:

The development of the mod version 2023 has increased the popularity of the game thousands of times and the download rates got multiplied within a very short span of time. The mod features are eye-catching as well as heart-touching because they not only improve the gameplay but are also highly budget-friendly.

Let’s discuss mod features one by one:

Improved game graphics:

 the game’s graphical display is really cool and attractive. The 2D and 3D scenes are very clear as also the moves of the kart. The mod version has been especially focused on improving the display quality of the Mario Kart Tour.

Melodious sounds:

As the race starts, you will enjoy real-world exciting sounds and the roaring of the vehicles that are very exclusive. Similarly, with the race wins, celebrations, rewards, and grand stars, everything appears with an amazingly sweet musical display that will never let to turn off the sound.

Unlimited Free Grand Stars:

The latest mod version 2023 of the Mario Kart tour gives you a full opportunity to enjoy an unlimited supply of grand stars during the game. As you get them more, obviously your will be able to update your level and get a higher rank and more cups.

FREE Gold Passes:

 As we discussed, the fourth and highest competitive mode “Too Fast” requires special Gold Passes that need to be purchased with a monthly payment. This puts a strain on the budget of the player and he losses interest in the game. To overcome this, the mod version of the Mario Kart Tour 2022, brings about a free supply of gold passes making you to play the game in any of the desired modes.

No ads:

If you dislike the game interruption due to unwanted ads then the hack version of Mario Kart Tour is for you. You will be getting smooth gameplay without the interference of a single ad. The mod version completely diminishes advertisements as per the demand of the fans.

Unlocked All Levels:

In the Mario Kart Tour 2023 latest mode version, there is full access to all the levels. They are not locked as compared to the original version of the game and thus you will be enjoying the game on another level. Remember the unlocking of levels does not require any money or watching advertisements; it is totally free of cost.

Multiplayer Mode:

Moreover, the game includes single-player as well as multiplayer modes. You can choose your team online or invite your friends from the nearest areas on the map to play along with you. While playing in the team you can select up to 7 members in the game team that will be in full harmony and makes your fun several folds multiplied.

Landscape Mode:

In the previous version of the Mario Kart Tour, players could only play the game in portrait mode but in the later versions, developers updated it to landscape mode. Now in the latest hack version, you can opt for any of the two modes either landscape or portrait depending upon your mood.

Unlocked Characters:

We know as the levels of the game are locked and revealed after a certain time and experience, the several characters are also not unlocked every time. But don’t worry, the Mario Kart Tour 2022 mod version gives you this luxury as well. You can select any of the characters whenever you like.

How to Download and Install the“Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk”?

Well, it is not that difficult.

  • Just click the link given below or press the download option.
  • Allow the download from unknown sites.
  • The download will be completed with the interference of a third app.
  • Once it gets downloaded, open it up.
  • The game will start installing. It may take a little more time.
  • After installation, it will be ready to be played. Create your game profile and start the unlimited fun!

Final Verdict:

The sky-touching fan followers and the tremendous downloads on the daily basis speak of the importance of the gameplay. Since the release of the mod version, the demand increased even more. We will like to refer the game to people of all genres and ages especially kids because this isn’t containing any harsh content and is really mind-sharpening. If you feel any trouble while downloading, please let us know in the comment box. Your questions will be answered in no time. Push the DOWNLOAD button and get set to go! Goodbye, see you at the next game!


This Mario Game with both single and multiplayer modes is fun if played in single-player mode only. There you will have the multiplayer option but the multiplayer option is just a trouble and bug invitation. Also, the purchase items in this Mario Shop are extra expensive. If you still want to play, then we recommend you play single-player mode and complete all challenges as per provided. Your good luck will take you to sweep all the challenges and win the pipes and jewels you desperately wait for.  Another flaw of Mario Kart is the least challenging racing because it is sure you will never fall off the tracks while running. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get Unlimited Money and Coins in the Game?

This does not require any extra steps. Once you install it and start playing the free coins and money will be deposited throughout the game, regardless of the game level, you are going on.

Is the given version available on PC as well?

No, you can’t install and get it over your pc with the same steps given above. It’s a mobile game that requires a special app emulator to play the game on pc.

Is the game fully free of bugs?

The Mario Kart mod apk is very friendly to your OS and IOS. It is totally free of worms, bugs, or viruses. It does not put any load on the memory as well. 

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