Ludo King Mod Apk (Unlimited Six, Money &Coins)

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App NameLudo King
Latest Version7.7.0.243
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, No Ads
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Updated2 Day Ago

About Information

Ludo is the traditional game played by Indian emperors especially king Akbar in the 17th century. A similar game called Uckers was played by the Royal military which was equally famous in European countries.  An Indian gamer Vikash Jaiswal presented the digital version of this board game on the platform of Indian studio Gemmation Technologies Pvt Ltd, in Mumbai.

The beautiful renovation of the old game Ludo, as the digital mobile playing app, called Ludo King has been very popular with many attractive features in the hack version. The game is very cool, healthy, stress-free, and relaxing having a charming competition at every single spin of the dice.

 The outstanding version of the Ludo King Mod Apk is available to be played on Windows OS, iPhone OS, androids, i-pads, and tablets with equal availability of features. Multi-player mode while you are offline, has the highest attraction of the players when you are able to play it with players of your very own choice, cousins, family members, friends, and classmates.

The Gameplay of the Ludo King Mod Apk :

The theme of the game is designed for a maximum of four players who can play all individually or in two teams of 2 members each. Each player owns his own home or territory-a safe zone and a stay house for his tokens, with a beautiful display of colorful corners: red, blue, green, and yellow. 

The player stays in the safe zone or home and spins his dice on the pass-and-play rule. He cannot move his token onto the track until he gets a six. This six is the entrance ticket to the game route and the player is asked to put one of the tokens on the board.

The token starts its journey in which it gets promoted along with many boxes or steps as it gets the score on each spin of the dice. If one gets a six, he will get a bonus spin of the dice. You may also like the super Mario run mod apk

The tokens may interfere with each other on the same step then the latter kills the former thus pushing the former token to his home. The killed token has now to be followed the same procedure to cross the whole route with escapes from enemy tokens of the opponents.

Ludo King Mod Apk Unlimited Money


The game can also be played in NO KILL mode where the tokens can stock one over the other without killing the tokens. There are special stops for the tokens to stay as long as the player wants with unlimited stockings. As the player has the capability to move only one of the four tokens provided, the token stops and serves as the safe stay of the tokens while the one moves on. The game continues unless one of the players manages to enter all of his tokens one by one into the ending center of the LUDO. the player who does this first is the winner and ultimately gets plenty of coins to celebrate his victory.

Ludo King MODES:

The game can be played in four different game styles according to aptitude:

  • The vs Computer mode.
  • The local mode.
  • Private multiplayer mode.
  • Local multiplier mode.

Features of the Ludo King Mod Apk 2023 :

Attractive Gameplay graphics:

The latest hack version of the game Ludo King Mod Apk 2023 displays the most beautiful display of colorful patterns with 2D clear-cut graphics. Your tokens, their moves, wins, and celebrations, everything appears with a very fascinating graphical display.

Multiplayer Mode:

The gameplay involves a single as well as a multiplayer mode the players can choose according to their mood. The game can be played with your own friends or players can be invited online, but the online invitation from the list of players will not let you choose players of your choice. 

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds:

Coins are the ultimate currency that will help you purchase and install updates on the whole board and they are earned only when you rise up with a good score and make more wins. Again, here in Ludo King Apk 2022 latest version, you will enjoy unlimited stars and thus everything shopped for free. 

In-Game Chats:

The availability of the chatbox while playing Ludo has made the gaming experience amazing ever. The game players enjoy commenting on each other’s moves and thus express themselves openly. However, if you don’t like chatting you may also turn off the chatting option.

Ludo King Mod Apk Always Win

Voice Messages:

The voice interference from players proved to be another extraordinary feature of the Ludo King mod apk. Again, if you don’t want this, you may turn it off from settings.

Unlimited Six

 we all know gaining six is a score of prime importance; it makes you move faster and the tokens stay on the route instead of staying at the home. The new version offers you a full game supply of unlimited sixes with which you will be able to beat your opponents very quickly thus raising your rank higher on the leaderboard. The unique FREE luxury will help you get ALWAYS WIN characteristics on your profile.

No Ads

 if you dislike the interruption of the game due to unwanted ads then the hack version of the Ludo King Mod apk is for you. You will be getting smooth gameplay without the interference of a single ad. The mod version completely diminishes advertisements as per the demand of the fans.

How to Download and Install the “Ludo King Mod Apk”?

Well, it is not that difficult.

  • Just click the link given below or press the download option.
  • Allow the download from unknown sites.
  • The download will be completed with the interference of a third app.
  • Once it gets downloaded, open it up.
  • The game will start installing. It may take a little more time.
  • After installation, it will be ready to be played. Create your game profile and start the unlimited fun!

Final Words:

The game Ludo King Mod Apk with a very unique theme and outstanding game graphics is recommended to people of all types. Since the game is free of any frightening or scary content, even kids of any age having an understanding of the game can play this. If you find any difficulty while downloading, please let us know in the comment section. Your queries will be answered asap.

Goodbye, see you later with another amazing game!


This game in its beautiful theme and gameplay looks like a dynamic wonderland. But the game, if installed in the real version, has collected lots of negative and sick comments. The game is a kind of fixed match where the opponent player is always destined to win. Also, the numbers you get by rolling the dice are never random, you can predict your next number. When you will need a 1 you will always get six, and when you will desperately need 6 you will get only one. It makes the opponent kill your token very effectively, sending you back home every time. However, if you can survive so many game losses continuously you are very welcome to try this out. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get unlimited diamonds and coins in the game?

This does not require any extra steps. Once you install it and start playing the free coins and money will be deposited throughout the game, regardless of the game level, you are going on.

Is the given version available on PC as well?

No, you can’t install and get it over your pc with the same steps given above. It’s a mobile game that requires a special app emulator to play the game on pc.

Is the game fully free of bugs?

The Stormfall saga of Survival mod apk is very friendly to your OS and IOS. It is totally free of worms, bugs, or viruses. It does not put any load on the memory as well. 

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