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Download Free Lost In Blue Mod APK v1.135.2 LatestVersion 2023 It is a survival game with full adventure and fun that contains many weapons and tools to defend yourself against the creatures.
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Additional Information

App NameLOST in BLUE
PublisherVolcano Force
Latest Version1.135.2 
MOD Info Unlimited Money And Gems
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Updated3 Day Ago


Survival game lovers are always in search of new and newer gaming content with unique and aesthetic storylines. Developers release survival games very frequently and get feedback according to the gameplay and features. The game “Lost in Blue mod apk”  is one of the most modern, advanced, and adventurous games dealing with all survival factors. The game is about the survival of a character that has luckily endured a plane crash and now is on an island to make a living.

This fantastic game was released by the gaming community  “Volcano Force  and was last updated on 22nd July 2022. So we are about to discuss one of the latest games on the play store. As we mentioned, the survival environment of “Lost in Blue” is harsh and requires a pro-level maturity to play and conceive the strategies of the games. So this game is rated for players older than 16 years. Also, the violence and the massacre of the zombies and monsters should not be presented to kids. 

About Information

The mod version of Lost in Blue is the need of the hour. Multiple times, the player has to purchase items for survival in the game shop, but unfortunately, not everything is free in the real version. So the mod version or hack version of the game is the one which is welcomed due to the FREE cost features like shopping and upgrading free. The players who don’t want to pay for the services of the real version are recommended to download our mod version. The mod version does not ignore the quality of the game; it just helps users to play in a lighter and thrifty environment. 

Get excited to read the full information about gameplay, features, and the benefits to install the mod features of the Lost in Blue mod apk on your device. Read out until the end to have the best understanding. Let’s start with gameplay:

LOST in Blue MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod)

The Gameplay of the Lost in Blue Mod Apk :

Background Story:

The game Lost in Blue, requires the player to be very resourceful and creative in order to survive the hardships. The story starts with the narrator’s voice that explains to you how you have been stranded on the island all alone. Actually, a plane flying over the region crashed due to a storm or some technical issues in the plane. After the plane crash, everyone on the plane was either burnt or dead or injured to death lately except you. You are the only survivor on the island now. 

LOST in Blue APK Free Craft

Get started to work:

After you acknowledge how you got there, on the very first day you have to admit that you are all alone here. You have to visit all locations and observe the unkind island and the hard environment you are destined to. No one can survive if he does not work hard. In fact, hard work is considered the key to any success. Your goal on the planet is to now alter the environment so that you may have the chance to live longer there until help arrives. This procedure counts for day one on the island of the “Lost in Blue”.

Explore and invent:

On this deserted island, although there are no humans, the resources are in abundance. Old broken ships, science, and astronautic labs, worship centers like temples, and the fossils of aged living things like bones, metal pieces, teeth, plant wastes, etc. You are mature enough to respawn items for yourself. The defence of an organism requires weapons so create yourself hand weapons, the daggers and scissors substitute, etc. This will take you to the tenth day of your survival on the scary island.

Protection from treacherous attacks:

The island looks deserted and empty but it has been marked by hundreds of terrifying creatures. These may be monsters, dead Zombies, dead military cops, evil mutants, and many more. First of all, you should be very brave to deal with them. Next, think of the best survival plans for yourself and deal with your enemies. The animals, on the other hand, can be easily completed if you have collected the best weapons. Use the weapons to secure yourself a hundred percent.

Build a house:

The island and the creatures living here will always scare you if you don’t have a safe home. The home is a safety zone. You have to collect the materials you require to make a house on the island and get started. Your shelter is your house and the strength of the house decides the safety level you want for your survival. The camping or building house will score you more and you may get prizes to bring you the best conditions.

Develop Food Resources:

Man is a material creature and needs food and water to live. You have to surely take care of this primary need of the human character you are playing. The island is surrounded by water, so the first food that comes to hand is fish and seafood. To create the tools needed to fish and hunt and gather the materials you may survive on. On the other hand, you can expand the vegetation consisting of veggies and plants in the house you just built. The seafood, animals, water, plants, and vegetables, are all enough to keep you alive for a certain time span. 

Evolve in the tough environment:

A wise person is one who alters and molds himself according to the conditions he has. There on the island, you may miss your old home, the life, and the comforts you had. But still, you cannot move there due to the unavoidable plane crash. Develop yourself to get used to this environment and give your best version here. 

Modes of the game Lost in Blue:

Multiplayer mode or PVE Mode:

The game is available in multiplayer as well as single-player modes. In multiplayer mode, the player can choose to have a survival quest with a team of other players. Many genius players may innovate many new ideas more quickly as compared to a single player. Moreover, the workload is divided among all the team members and all the tasks become easier. This mode of gameplay is called person versus environment mode in which the players fight against the severe environment to survive together. 

Player versus player mode:

In this mode, the player can choose to play against other players. In addition, to survive the island, he has to now fight against all the other players. This gameplay with increased enemies requires huge stains and game control of the player. 

Feature of the Lost in Blue Mod apk latest version:

The mod features that a player may avail of here are listed below:

  • FREE shopping
  • FREE food and water
  • Free Weapons
  • Ads-free gameplay
  • Free crafts
  • Free antivirus protection
  • Light weighted


This game Lost in Blue Mod apk is a very splendid blend of adventure, survival, and crafting. The game not only helps the players to have an unmatched gaming time with the game, and kills boredom. but it is also an excellent mentor for the player to learn to survive hardships. Not only do the players learn to craft, build and enhance creativity but also apply it in daily life. The player learns to tackle his problems without waiting for external forces and hence proves to be much more emotionally and intelligently qualified. If you loved the gameplay and the theme, share it with your friends and relatives. 

Also, if you find any problem in downloading and installing you may comment here. The comments will be read and answered accordingly to help you in the gameplay. You may also like this game Hollywood story apk


Lost in Blue is an excellent survival game with an interesting storyline and mechanisms. The game truly sharpens the mental capabilities of the players so, one must install this on their kids’ phones. Players face tough PVP competitions since the player may be X times your health power to attack you.  Daily, weekly, and yearly rewards are available in the game which makes the game so motivating and help to get the materials the players need. The players learn to fix clothes or weapons by themselves. Defeating strong monsters to unlock more levels is resilient. Some equipment may break and need repair earlier than you collect the material for that repair.  But giving an overall review in short the game is bringing the instinctive knowledge of players in use that we call common sense. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can download the game by simply clicking the download button appearing on the page. Or you may copy the web address and paste it into your other device’s browser to reach here. Once you press “DOWNLOAD” the game will download with the assistance of another app. Then the installation can be followed by clicking “install”.

No, not all. The version is super free and the only thing you have to do is to make sure that you get the right version of the game.

Actually, you don’t need any routing to have the link but the game demands an android phone of 4.4 or above to install and enjoy. 

What version of the “Lost IN Blue Mod Apk hack apk” I am having here?

It is the latest 2023’s hack version called version 1.123.0, which could be installed very easily.

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