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Download Free Klondike Adventures Mod Apk v2.101.2 Latest Version 2023 with Unlimited Money ,Gems ,Unlimited Energy Hack, Ads Free, Unlimited Everything For Android IOS and PC.
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Sep 7, 2022
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App NameKlondike Adventures
Size145 MB
Latest Version2.101.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Money ,Unlimited Energy
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This is an era of science and fast technology and none has time to do outdoor activities or hobbies like gardening, plantation, and farming. The kids and elders that would play outside on their lawns to grow plants and vegetation on summer holidays or Sundays are now busy with computer and android games.

 More pathetically. They play substandard games that are full of violence, profitless and ineffectual absurd storylines pushing the kids towards another chaos of least creativity. The games like action games, Zombie slaughter and combating games, and PVP fights just are spoiling the fresh minds of very young kids.

So the farm games are there to return the creativity to the kids. Hence, here we present the wonderful farming fame called “Klondike Adventures” that keeps the players warm and efficient all the time. The natural and beautiful enthralling gameplay and scenes are enough to captivate you forever in the game. 

If you love beautiful farming and animal husbandry and miss some young-age farmhouse of your grandpa, we welcome you warmly to this game. Enter the game to have a cute touch with mother nature and to see how the evolution from the countryside to town and then to a city occurs. So, let’s try the farming game Klondike Adventures MOD APK from today!

Let’s discuss the features that this wonderful game holds and try out the mod version after reading out the mod or hack menu of the game. Begin with the matchless gameplay:

Klondike Adventures Mod APk Ads Free Download For Android IOS

Gameplay Shots of Klondike Adventures MOD APK:

The gameplay is filled up with a story of the farm where the players have to perform all the tasks the farmhouse may need. Plus the side activities like the mini-games, puzzles, and renovation of the farmhouse. Partake in all the beautiful conversations and play the game accordingly:

Meet the Cute Characters:

The very first game scene you come across after getting logged in to the game is to meet the amazing characters. Paul and the Klondike are the main characters who own the farmhouse. Besides those, the other characters in the game are Dull Echo and Captain Flint who will definitely serve as their right hand to them. 

They will carry out all the farm activities with great pleasure and will guide you all about the farm routines, harvesting and plantation times, courier arrivals and products delivery, and preparation for the city. 

Klondike Adventures Mod APk For Pc

Break the Ice:

The very first task the characters have to perform is to break the ice which is serving as the hindrance between the two parts of the farmhouse. After you break it with the shovel and remove the ice, this will reveal to you a variety of other characters as well like Paul. This is the real beginning of all the farmhouse tasks under the supervision of the Klondike since Paul is not physically feeling well. 

Harvest Beans:

The very first field you have to harvest is the little bean field. Harvesting the field is pure fun; just follow up the advice given by the coworkers and drag the tools to the desired places. Harvest the bean field and then cover it with a grass bed. 

Courier from the city:

Meanwhile, a courier arrives from the city conveying that the city people wait for the products that are produced in the farmhouse. So his news will fill the bodies of the players with an extra spark and energy and they all will work together to deliver the products to the city. 

Order Board: 

an order board wil scroll down on the screen under the supervision of Captain Flint. It says clearly what are the needs of the city products. You will have to collect chickens, eggs, milk bottles, and wool if there is anything that could make the farm supplies to the city. 

Not only this, this will show the nice collection of golden stars and coins that you have right that time. Captain Flint will ensure the supply is correct and pure delivery items and completion of all quests.

Like you can have the following mini quotes from the board:

  • Collect eggs
  • Harvest crops
  • Collect milk
  • Collect meat
  • Collect sheep wool 
  • Etc

Shop in the Market: 

The market in the game is just like the in-game shop which serves to be an ideal shopping area for the game. Here you can see the two types of all the categories that arrived. The first thing is livestock and it will include:

  • Chicken tribal chicken
  •  cow purebred
  •  cows 
  • sheep

All the livestock and the foods are not available in the first level, as you unlock the levels the items become available successively. You can pay for these items in the form of the golden coins and stars you earned. 

Purchase by dragging the smoke from the market to the farm, by spending coins and only they earned. The second part of the market is about food crops and other machinery needed on the farm. 

Discover new places on Map:

The various game activities in the Klondike Adventures Mod apk will help you travel long distances and cover up all the distances for the sake of completing quests, so you would be able to discover and explore new and adventurous locations and new challenges everywhere. For instance, when Paul gets sick you have to travel across the snowy hills far away to bring the doctor for him. 

For your convenience, you have access to the map and everytime you tend to travel, it shows up the locations and traces the areas you have to travel to in order to reach your destination. 

Klondike Adventures Mod APk Unlimited Energy Hack

Renovate the Farmhouse:

The farmhouse to meet in the first scene versus the farmhouse you have in the last level; just what a colossal renovation. Recreate the sources and have the full energy to take the farm to the highest t possible technology and advancements. This may include building barns, and various plantations and installing new machines in the farmhouse. 

Create a City:

Just like how you flourished the whole farmhouse, you have the talent to modify the whole town. Just put your energy on the right path and get a fully renovated city place of your own choice and customizations. 

Healthy Competition with Neighbors:

Likewise Klondike, the neighbors are farmers too and hence you will be going through a very healthy contest farming with your neighbors. Compare your farmhouse with others and get the motivation to do more hard work on your to hone it super attractive. 

Enjoy the 3D Natural Graphics:

All the gameplay of the Klondike Adventures mod apk is embellished with cool 3D graphics. Whether they are animals, vegetation mini puzzles, or characters, each and every pixel is crystal clear. The greenery spread along miles and the snowy shiny caps on the hills win the heart and just take you to have a nice break viewing them. 

The Melodious Music:

The music playing in the background plus the sweet noise of the bird chirps, wind blowing leaves rustling, and the water running, give the best audio effects. You need to keep the volume unmuted in order to play the game in a realistic natural environment. You may also like Stickman Dismounting


Let’s start the game by installing the game from the download push button on this page. The game is free of violence and is full of quite relaxing, serene gameplay so it is highly recommended to people of all ages. The gameplay is simple so any kid above seven can learn to handle it very well. 50M plus downloads from the Google Play Store show the limelight of the game. So, don’t waste time and get enrolled!

The Mod Features of the Klondike Adventures Hack version:

The latest mod version of the Klondike Adventures gives the players a variety of new features that are actually absent in the real version. Even if they are present, they pose a heavy money expense that is totally unbearable. So have the mod version installed on your device and get the unlimitedly supply of:

  • FREE Energy recovery
  • FREE Gold coins
  • FREE Gold stars
  • FREE Unlocked all levels at once
  • FREE Market Livestock
  • FREE Market Vegetations and seeds
  • Ads free gameplay
  • FREE everything.
  • Unlimited Energy Hack
  • Unlimited Money


This game is so pretty to play in the initial levels. Later the gameplay is good but the expansion of the energy bar is so quick and we cannot recover it as fast as it is eaten up. fbe weekly challenges are lovely and the season system is so cool since it adds a lot of variety to the game.  The game is fantastic with an overall review unless the energy recovery problem is solved. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

When was the Klondike Adventures game released in the original official version?

The game was released officially on Apr 3, 2018, for all androids and iPhones.

Which mod version of the Klondike Adventures, can we install from this site?

The 2.96.1 version of the Klondike Adventures is available here in the latest Mod version.

Can I play the game on my iPhone and PC?

On iOS, the game is highly welcomed but for the PC you will need to download another app called emulator that allows android games installed on PC.