Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk v 1.61.1 (Unlimited Money ) Free Download

Additional Information

App Name Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk
Publisher fathermade
Genre Simulation
Size 146.60 Mb
Latest Version v1.61.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gems
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Updated Dec 5, 2022


Do you love cats more than you love yourself? Say YES if you want to play this awesome kitty game. The Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk is very special for people who are ailurophile in nature. We know how to satisfy your cat’s love digitally. This game will let you enjoy all the wonderful activities you do with your pet cat and no physical mess. 

Even if you don’t have space or time for cats to relieve your fantasy for cats, you may have this game to have non-stop fun with these lovely animals. Get the best experience of management and hosting by constructing the wonderful Catland on an ordinary island. Besides, you will be able to personify your pets and thus arrange whatever a cat needs. 

Join us to read more about the extraordinarily enchanting and eye-capturing gameplay and features. Moreover, you may have an introduction to the mod version and a free accessible download link on this page. Scroll till the last word to have maximum how-know of the game. Let’s go!

Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk Cheat

How to install Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk?

To install the game on your device, you will have to first download an APK file to your device and then you can go for installation. The whole process is here:

  • Get a fast and safe internet connection and browse the Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk on the Prince mod apk search bar. You can have it from our page directly as well. 
  • Click the DOWNLOAD  button, and the download will start immediately. You must allow the downloads for unknown sources on your device if you see it is not downloading. 
  • Open the apk from file manager > downloads > Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk.
  • Click it and the automatic installation will begin soon after. 
  • After it is done, you can click it to open and play forever. 

What is Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk Unlimited Money Version?

The mod version of the game is all about the free items. If you download the real game then you cannot enjoy unlimited and free money at any stage. But if you download the mod version you will find all the valuable items for 100% free of cost tag. The mod features of the Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk are:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Free shopping
  • Unlimited packages
  • Unlimited FREE gold money
  • No Ads

If you want these features in the actual version of the game, then you would have to definitely pay a heavy amount of money for that. This is not what game lovers exactly wish for. So it is better to download the mod version instead of the real one to save a lot of money and double the fun.

The Gameplay of the Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk:

The idea to build a cat resort is really excellent for all pet lovers; isn’t it? So this game is all about converting your dream into reality by providing you with a beautiful island and all the customization options for the best resort ever. The game begins with an empty island where a cat is the very first to visit and make its residence, later there are more and more cats, and the respective facilities as well. 

All you have to do is construct and expand the resort by simply tapping and clicking on the phone screen. Also, you are free to choose whatever you like for the cats like dresses, shoes, and breeds. Go, get into the game, and see how the game actually proceeds. 

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Aesthetic Features of the Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk:

Building an exquisite kitty resort is a tough task, apparently, but as you will start doing this cat stuff, you will be in love doing the whole thing. The important events of the Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk are just here:

Open Fishing Spot:

    The first task to entertain your only pet cat on the island is to construct a fishing spot there. You will have to spend at least 50 gold coins, and with a few taps, it is there. After you install the fishing spot for your cat, you can see its response. Fishing on a peaceful island is so entertaining for a cat that you will see how quickly she goes to grab the chance for tasty fishing. 

    Heart Wool Ball Gift:

      You know how lovely it is for a cat to play with a wool ball. So it is mandatory to supply the wool balls here as well. The wool balls come with a unique heart structure which is why you can call it a Heart Wool Ball gift. Give it to your cat and see how amazing she feels. 

      Invite other cats: 

        When you think you have supplied all the facilities for a cat on the island, you can invite other cats from other world regions. For that, please open the chat box and send the invitations to all the cats they suggest to you. You will find any one of the following cats:

        • American shorthair white cat
        • Bobtail Black cat
        • Burmese Platinum Cat
        • Korean Shorthair Cocco
        • American shorthair golden
        • British shorthair silver
        • European shorthair brown
        • Korean Shorthair Black

        And many more…

        Build a cat house:

          There is more than one cat on the island, you must focus on their residence as well. So spend a little more and install the best houses for your cute guests at the resort. Here you can also see the different cat packages that the game offers you to install in the houses, but you may skip them.  

          Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk Special Bonus

          Name your cat:

            What’s a pet without a name? So you have to name every pet with a particular word. You can later see the cats’ names in dialogues that they communicate with you. 

            Scratching tree facility:

              The scratching trees are there to avoid the cats scratching useful and expensive bed sheets or sofas. So, it’s such an amazing thing that you offered the palm trees to install the 

              Insert Beach Beds:

                As this is a cat resort, therefore, you have to hand the cat beds to those who want a sun bask or simply sleep. Tie them at a reasonable price and let your cats enjoy another facility on the island. 

                Pet the cats:

                  Why do cats need petting? Because they want you, as well as themselves, to feel serenity. This is also a method of showing love to humans. So whenever they ask for pets, you must put them to have a score and gems collection immediately. 

                  Pick up cat hairballs:

                    Where there are cats, there are cat hairballs. You should clean the island with special machinery as you do in your homes. 

                    Buy the cat food: 

                      The cat shop is at the cat resort, and you must feed your lovely kittens. For buying food, you should go to the art and spend bucks to buy them.  Check the flavors of food and the milk your cat loves, and try any one of the following:

                      • a chicken snack can
                      • shrimp snack can
                      • salmon snack can
                      • tuna snack can
                      • crab snack can

                      Besides, there is the most beautiful cat treats collection that every cat will die for. 

                      Change costumes:

                        The cat costumes are a fun activity on the island. To double your entertainment, you can use different outfits for your cat’s dress-up. These may be the princess costume, police costume, and many more. 

                        Upgrade the facilities:

                        Take a deep look at the farm and check which facilities you can upgrade. With periodic time, you will have the sources to surprise all the new cats and give them excellent behavior. 

                        Click and share cat’s poses:

                          Click all the excellent cat poses and share them with cats from other parts of the world. Record all the lovely times they enjoy with your camera, and this part is precisely unique indeed. 

                          Win Cat Gifts:

                          This game offers you hundreds of Gifts cards and rewards for free. On completing several quests, you will win fantastic gift items.

                          Earn Gold, Money, and gems:

                            All of the stories of the game Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk revolve around a collection of money, gold, and gems. So these are a big motivation indeed, and every player needs them to perform the best.


                            So, guys, that was all about the most realistic and amazing 3D cat game Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk. Any player of any age (3+) can try this and it is really fun for players. The game has no violence or action and therefore we will recommend it to all ages and genders. To have more content about lovely games, keep visiting it.

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                            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

                            Can I have Kitty Cat Resort Mod Apk on my laptop?

                            Yes, you may. It is available without installing any emulator; you may also try it on a tablet.

                            How many current installations of the game are on Google Play Store?

                            Since the game is very popular and lovely, you see there are 1 million plus downloads of the game from only the Google Play Store.