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The game King of Thieves Mod APK was created by ZeptoLab for Android users. This game focuses on an interesting storyline of the game. In this game, the player takes the role of a tiny thief charged with taking money and jewels from those other players to fund the building of their castle. Gamers can mix gems to create a more costly prize, but they should equally set traps to stop other players from taking it. In King of Thieves, ZeptoLab has done an excellent job of combining easy and online styles to fight with friends as well as other players.

Kings of Thieves Mod APK Gems

Additional Information

App NameKing of Thieves
Size87 MB
Latest Version
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gems
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated5 Day Ago

What’s the story and gameplay of the Kings of Thieves?

Throughout this game, a player named “Thief” lived in a small city. Most of his friends in the city regard him as a master thief. The basic purpose of the app is to remove all of your famous pieces from the house. It will help in making more cash and gaining economic happiness. In this special mix of action, puzzle, and online RPG games, collect gems, build your defenses, and win gang fights in the venues.

Compete with people from everywhere in the world. Form a thieving gang and attack enemy position dungeons. Study old powers and be the show’s best-hated robber. This game has such a classic design that it is simple to play and learn, but the effort rises as the stages pass.

Simply put, one will be unable to stop themselves from enjoying this fantastic game. So, before you go, give it your best shot and read the section below. Something impossible is achievable. Difficulties Gamers can discover the lively system, which contains up to 80 levels of games to play. A set of keys will safeguard each gaming screen that can only be unlocked by the player.

Key Elements:

1) Steal jewels in this unique mix of action, puzzle, and online warfare games.

2) In the Battlegrounds, build your guards and win group fights.

3) Compete with gamers from everywhere in the country.

4) Invade the enemy’s castles by creating your own thieving group.

5) Study your old powers and rise to the status of the most hated thief in the game.


Functional System:

As before, the game does have yet another control method that is as simple as it gets. As a result, your character will move quickly and jump as high as possible every time you pick up the display. Moving wheels, armies, and other problems will block your way to the neighbor’s house. Gamers should handle it carefully; a small failure may end up in the plot line.


In terms of style, the story continues in his parents’ ways. The game’s visuals are displayed in a colorful, simple, and simple style. The game’s music also creates a happy mood for gamers, especially with its fast and attractive music in the background.


Because King of Thieves is a Zeptolab game, one can expect a wonderful story and increasing graphics. It’s a cartoon Android game with wonderfully entertaining characters and most of the time, no electricity, as you imagined. You’ll also hear the most entertaining tiny animal audio effects, like for their last natural organic matter, Nom.

Infinite Gold:

You’ll need Unlimited Free gold to keep up with ever-better security. King of Thieves MOD APK is a simple game in terms of possibilities. It offers unlimited coins at first and allows us to make free flights and purchase items. Using the MOD APK, you can quickly rank up your weapons and red guard toward the 100th level. So go on and click the link below to get this relaxing plan right now.

Free Shopping:

Free shopping is provided all through the Shop marketplace. Besides that, King of Thieves MOD APK provides you with an endless free shopping marketplace. In the original version, you couldn’t access certain locked items like maps and complex devices until you increase your skill. The hacked edition, on the other hand, gives you entry to a fully unlimited free shopping list that is empty of any cash or coins. You would be capable of making infinite purchases if you chose this fantastic choice.

Kings of Thieves Mod APK Unlimited Money

No root access is required:

This is a non-root update. King of Thieves MOD APK is not only a relaxing way to enjoy complex gameplay, but it also protects you. It’s just one app that doesn’t require root access. Many stolen apps, you’ve likely heard, need root access. So don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with any issues or problems. Get the MOD APK for yourself and experience all of the show’s elements. You may also like the war and order mod apk


King of Thieves is a popular Android game, and no one loves it because of the extremely expensive buys. So it’s difficult to pass up the world’s best Android game because of a minor flaw. So, to help you, we’ve developed a special version of MOD APK that contains all of the above features. Right now, you can read it for free and have an amazing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the story of the King of Thieves correct?

The story of a group of guys who committed one of the largest frauds in British history is presented in the game. The crime was called the Covent Garden Jewel Robbery. And over the Easter long weekend, a group of men stole into an underwater safekeeping facility in Hatton Garden.

Is it possible to play King of Thieves for an unlimited time?

It is completely playable. Android gamers may get the free game from the Play Store with all of its amazing features. As a result, you can invest yourself at any moment in exciting in-game activities. Please remember that you’ll have to earn everything because it’s still a free game. Remember that you’ll have to earn specific in-app purchases because it’s still a free game.

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