Ice Age Village Mod Apk v3.6.5a (Unlimited Money , Acorns)

The Ice Age has been the most popular series of animated movies released in five big segments in a couple of years with regular gaps. The movie, the characters, and the story are so enchanting that the viewers wish to live in the characters and share the sceneries they enjoy. The Ice age is not only an entertaining and amusing animation but the adventure goes in parallel throughout the journey. The ice age is really a beautiful, heart-winning, and the most-watched movie of the twenty-first century. 

App NameIce Age Village Mod Apk
PublisherGameloft SE
Latest Versionv3.6.5a
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Information

The Gameloft SE presents the unlimited jollification in the favourite characters of all times is the “Ice Age Village”. The game gives you all the fun activities you want and the adventures that the characters had to go through. Be the one saving the animals, meeting the dragons, and making friends. The most favourite among the “Sid” is there to double your fun and make you smile. 

The Scrat that gives them a tough time whenever she has to hide her acorns is going to make little glimpses during the whole gameplay. Play small challenges to proceed towards the greater. Make the best attempts to complete levels in the minimum time slots to make a distinction among thousands of players on the pay stations. 

The game at present is available to be downloaded from the official stores like google play and the Apple play store as well. At the same time, it can be accessed from some nonofficial sites that offer the least number of restrictions. Plus, they offer many additional features free of cost that are absent in the real versions of the Ice Age Village. They can be availed with certain keywords like, mod menu, mod, hack or cheat versions. 

The Characters of the Ice Age Village Mod Apk:

The characters you are going to meet are entirely the same as that in the movie Ice Age.  The main most are listed here:

The Baby: the cutest creature in the game giving every face a smile. This baby will be a part of many challenges you will go through.

Deigo is the baby’s uncle and a lion by genre. He was a part of the herd of lions who had an eye on the baby to have it as their dinner. But accompanying Manny and Sid to save the baby makes him fall in love with the baby. Instead of harming him, he protects the baby. Later in the next episodes, he proves to be a best friend with the multi-animal group of the Ice Age family.

Manny: It is a huge mammoth Elephant named Manfred. He has the nickname Manny and he is the head of the family. Due to his unbeatable intelligence and efforts, he solves every issue within seconds.


the loveliest and the cutest fun character of the game. He is male but the motherly instinct makes him do many blunders like picking up the baby. Also, he steals the eggs of the dinosaurs and proves a very bad mom to them and makes his best friends fall into big trouble again( the journey of the land of dinosaurs).


the lovely and toothy creature that never finds a suitable hide for his acorns. He is passionate and can fight with whoever attacks his acorns. He is famous for making scars on big islands of ice bringing disaster.

The lovely dragons: The Dinosaurs and the dragons in the Ice Age Village are there to shake hands with you so that you may make solutions to their problem.


Since the game, Ice Age Village was released in 2013 it does not hold the characters like Manny’s wife and kid elephant (peaches). Also in this version, you cannot meet Captain Gutt (the villain) and the Shira.

Fun Activities of the Gameplay Ice Age Village Mod Apk;

The following big events are about to occur in the Ice Age Village Mod Apk latest version:

Build the Cutest Village:

Since the animals of every species have to face issues regarding migration in the case of flooding and ice sliding. The major thing you have to make sure of is to build the dream town for the animals so that they may enjoy their lives above all fears. Get the best strategies into use and have fun managing all the needs of the animals.

Play in the Deep Ice-Free World:

As the kids are excited to visit new sites in the games. These ice-free sites are ones that represent a near-tropical issue. But we know the Scrat will be there to flood up low-lying areas. Discover the new species of animals, birds, and dines found there.

Win Rewards:

The game is boring without rewards. So, make sure you are winning enough of them to brag among your friends. The rewards include coins, big acorn collections, and having the hearts full in every level of the game.

Visit your Friend’s Homes:

 The ice is the home to every creature lying here.  Besides doing your best construction in the town, you can pay frequent visits to your friends and see what improvements you may install in the game. It will also help you get motivated for how far they have reached even more than yours. Have contacts with them to learn the tips to improve yours so that you may also get the best ice home among all.

Features of the game Ice Age Village Mod Apk

The mod features in the Ice Age Village Mod Apk latest hack are listed below:

Unlimited Coins: 

The coin collection is the basic type of currency in the Ice Age Village Mod Apk. Like every gamer, if you wish to have plenty of free coins, you need to install the mod version of the game. The coins are now rewarded in big packages at each victory. 

All Levels Unlocked:

The levels of the game Ice Age Village Mod Apk, just like all the games, are unlocked one by one. But if you don’t want the sequential gameplay, you may play any of the levels first. This will obviously need the levels to be unlocked without money. So, it is also available in the Ice Age Village Mod Apk latest hack 2022. You may also like this game bubble shooter mod apk

Unlimited Acorns:

Besides currency, it is the acorns that are counted for every level. The acorns are favorites of your Scrat, therefore make un matching efforts to make a big acorn collection.

Unlimited acorns:

Besides currency, it is the acorns that are counted for every level. The acorns are the favourites of your Scrat, therefore make unmatching efforts to make a big acorn collection.

How to Install the Ice Age Village Mod Apk Latest Version? 

  • Get an internet connection and click on the download button. 
  • The download starts with the assistance of a third-party app.
  • After you download it, install it by opening the downloaded apk.
  • Make the game profile and the game is ready to be played now.


The game Ice Age Village, in its mod version, is a very productive game that teaches your kid how to manage, plan and go through tough times and unlimited limited resources. It will also give them hundreds of fun activities and does not contain any extra content. Handling the Ice Age Village is a very tough time to have the opponents beaten. If you find any trouble regarding the download and install then please comment. We are here to replay.


Although the gameplay looks very tempting and attractive to play the game has not earned a good reputation as the real version practically. The game when installed from official stores restores the levels you have covered making you mad. Also, it sometimes loses the achievement you have had like acorn and coins collections, etc. For most of the players, the game could not get installed and opened up even once. If installed it was very frequently frozen due to poor system management. To have rid of all sted issues, get a refined mod or crack version and have the best Ice Age Village gameplay on your device. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does the game Ice Age Village mod apk provide mini-games as well?

Yes, it does. The mini-games can be played from time to time so that you may not get bored. You may play, and the players may choose fun activities so that the players proceed with greater coin and acorn collections.

Is everything FREE in this hack version of the Ice Age Village Mod Apk latest version?

Yes, in contrast to the real version, you don’t need to pay any penny for the free services like coins or unlocked levels. Enjoy your time with the best hack version of the Ice Age Village Mod Apk. 

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