Hyper Drift MOD APK 1.22 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Additional Information

App Name Hyper Drift
Publisher Semeevs LDA ZFM
Genre Racing
Size 51 MB
Latest Version 1.22
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Shopping
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Updated 3 Day Ago


Hyper Drift Is one of the best racing games. Racing game lovers are always searching for the best and the latest racing games so that they may get the championship of all the fast and furious racing games. Playing with different tracks, racing themes, locations, and luxurious vehicles always put the players in a new energy. The enthusiasm built is favorable to beating any level against the opponents and incites them to win first. The highs of victories are constantly bouncing the head until one gets more.

So wait over! And a new and fantastic version of a hyper-fast racing game is in your hands now. Be the first to have it in your friends’ circle and enjoy the unlimited races, tournaments, and drifts the games set up for you. Try out the latest top-quality vehicles and tune them to your style to have unforgettable racing fun.  Slide and drift the cars on the curvy paths with enormous heights, difficulties, and speeds. The good thing is that every race is bound with a coin collection, so fly your car over the coins to pick the maximum and later use them to have groovy customizations from garages. 

About Information

This Hyper drifting racing game was released on Jun 3, 2021, by the racing games expert studio “ Semeevs LDA ZFM.” Due to simple colorful croconic graphics, the game got more appreciation from the kid’s community and crossed over ten million downloads from the Google Play store. 

The other versions have their counts, and this is what shows the quality of the gameplay of the game. Plus to have the game in the latest mod version, scroll down until you find the download button. Download and install to have the “Everything for free” opportunity and save your free money.  

Let’s see how the gameplay of this racing game is presented:

The Gameplay and Sublime Features of the Hyper Drift Mod Apk:

So basically, all the racing games share a racing motto, but the features and game controls distinguish the gameplay from others. This game Hyper Drift expresses a bunch of features that are entirely different from the previous ones and thus is counted to be the best racing game ever for younger kids:

The neat and tidy pathways:

The Hyper Drift game is the cutest game with the neatest and cleanest pathways to drive your cars on. There are no signals to follow and no street poles to hit. The only thing you see in the frame is the neat pathway and the car or cars participating in the game. The game’s view is zoomed out so there’s a whole idea of where the path will turn or make a curve to save your car from drifting down. 

Beautiful 3D graphics:

The gameplay when a player is playing the game shows the rear view of the cars, plus you can rotate the cameras at points to check where the car is in the game. Use the best rotatory effects to view your car’s movements from any angle you want in the 3D plane. 

The Assistive Road Barriers:

Have you seen the supportive wheels on bicycles that are so small but help cyclists from falling off or getting into an accident if they do not know how to cycle? The same theme is used in the game. The racers in the initial levels don’t know how they can control their cars from drifting sideways, so there are barriers. The Barriers or road fences are installed on the side banks of the roads, and they assist in never falling the vehicle off the road. The cars may hit them and can slide them too long but they cannot cross it so ensure the safety of the driving mode. 

A1 Car customizations:

As a player rises up a level by winning a race, the game offers the player plenty of rewards. These may be vehicle upgrades, car coat upgrades, or the body of the car being renewed. Laso, the players, can by themselves check out the latest updates in the shop for their vehicles and can install them by purchasing the loveliest ones. 

Wonderful Drifting cars:

Though there is not much variety in the models of the cars, the game does offer variety in colors and the body. You may choose whatever body color you would like for your car-like red, black, white, or green, and play accordingly. The cars drift instead of running on the roads so this may have an effect like something being dragged. Still, the game is a super collection of different drifting cars. 

700+ Manifest Levels:

The gameplay appears very simple but it contains a series of 700  levels on the play store. Each level is recognized due to a unique pathway length, style, and the time you need for ac. Get ready to compete for all through the best controls on your vehicles. 

The smoothest car Drifts:

The cars are drifting, but unlike the other games here, car drifts cause severe losses to the car body; this is so smooth. The players have to make the drifts toward the open doorway where the challenge ends at last.

Gold Coin Collection:

The game is a little similar to the subway surfer, with the acting over some golden coins spread on the road. Collect them by passing the vehicles through these coins, and they will automatically go to the collection box of the game so that you may buy the game stuff with it later.

Simple steer controls:

What the players have to do while controlling the Hyper Drift vehicles is to take smooth and laminar turns by putting their finger on the screen steering wheel. The steering wheel alone is used to handle the drifts and there is no accelerator or brake pedal in the car. so the control is super easy and even kids learn it very quickly. 

The Finish Reminder Slider:

Like all racing games, the game needs a fast and furious driver to reach the destination in no time. First, complete all the cars in the race and then try to do it in time. The time reminder appears on the middle top of the screen and this is especially when the vehicle is about to finish the race.

The Awesome Win Celebration:

At last, when you succeed in sliding the car to the endpoint, you are welcomed by the audience of the race who are waiting for you to come and receive the welcome. There are pop-ups, claps, and the pleasures of winning a great level.  Enjoy the schemes and then click for the next level.

The Mod Features of the Hyper Drift Mod Apk:

We all know the mod games versions are packed with something special for the players. So here are some surprises you will receive while playing the mod erosion of the game Hyper Drift Mod version or the hack version of the game:

  1. FREE unlocked All Levels at once
  2. FREE and unlimited Golden Coins Collections
  3. FREE Vehicle customizations
  4. FREE In-app Purchases
  5. Ads-FREE version
  6. Perfect UI
  7. FREE of all Bugs


The game Hyper Drift Mod Apk v1.22 is simply unlimited fun in the disguise of a racing game. Play out the unique drifting tournaments and brag to friends about the wide variety of customizations and big collections in the money box. Moreover, the game contains beautiful gameplay that is free of all kinds of violence but full of zest and enthusiasm. So the game is perfect for kids and is highly recommended for kids older than seven years. To download, press the download button in the presence of good internet and let it be installed on your device. Play for next and invite friends to our pages to have the daily game information, Mod packs, and the mod features of the game. You may like this game Need For Speed 2 Mod Apk


The game is so good that it cannot be described in words; now I get the reason for such a big fandom in the whale world. The racing paths are variable but are too short, so the developers should increase the length. The time is short for each race so the races are covered within seconds. The only thing the game lacks is a relay option to again play the levels one wants. Plus, there should be a record button to record the challenging levels of the Hyper Drift. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

what is the official version of the Hyper Drift on the Play Store?

The version that is available to download on the internet is the 1.20 version of the game. 

What should be the android capacity of the device for best compatibility?

This game demands an android 5.0 and up to give the best UI.

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