Homescapes Mod Apk v6.3.0 (Unlimited Star, Unlock All Rooms)

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App NameHomescapes
Latest Versionv6.3.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Stars
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The game Homescapes carries a unique theme that expresses the tour of an old Buttler to his ancient farmhouse. The places where we spend our childhood are always memorable, even at a very old age. A place that reflects our childhood is always very precious and dear to us and we cannot see any damage to it. The same happens with Austin, the main character of the game Homescapes. What happens next? This is a very fantastic game reminding every player of the childhood he spent at his grandfather’s house. 

About Information

Homescapes came up in the form of gardenscapes Mod apk was first released in 2016 and revolved around building a city. But in this game, “Homescapes,” the actual job is to reset a whole mansion and the farmhouse the character had in his childhood. The original version of the “Homescapes” then came to the market. 

This game, similar in graphics to the old game gardenscapes just laid its importance in the first week of its release. It was recorded to get 28 million quick downloads. And the game has an additional number of downloads from non-official resources. The game was released in 2017 by the famous games ltd by Playrix

Before you go install the game, read out the full article that will guide you completely on how to install the mod version. Get through what important plus features the mod version provides.

Homescapes Mod Apk  Latest Version


The Gameplay of the Homescapes Mod Apk 2023:

The 3D gameplay, beautiful graphical display, and associated fun activities are matchless. The players enjoy the game as if they are living within the game scene and performing everything by themselves. The following are essential events in the game for your entertainment:

The start-up and Background Story:

The game starts when Austin wakes up from a sound sleep in his house. He’s a Buttler by profession and he happens to watch his childhood picture in a frame. The picture remiss him of his old home and the expected arrival of his parents there.

He then packs his suitcase and goes to his parent’s house. As he moves there, he is shocked to see everything demolished and damaged. As the house has been shut for a long time, there is old worn-out carpet, broken stairs, and tables without lamps. Austin has to set everything independently, and the game provides a unique method. 

Yo and Austin have to solve three tile puzzles and win stars so that you may replace the carpet and furnish the house. The shopping is done via stars won during each puzzle fun game. How does Austin do this? Let’s see everything here:

Buy a New Carpet for the House:

The first thing that comes into the encounter of any guest that comes into the house is the carpet. And the condition of the carpet is not worthy of being placed there. So there is a game for you in the Homescapes and a cane to win stars (the game currency).

Use the Tablet:

Austin has a tablet where you can make a to-do list daily. The lists of tasks will help you manage all the chores accordingly. Whenever you perform a task, go and mark the task done on the tablet. Your efficiency may help you win lots of gold tickets

Play the Minigame Challenge:

As you click over the carpet to purchase it, you will know that a game has to be played now.

This game is a simple three tiles matching game, swapping the fingers and changing objects to match tiles. The minigame is really enjoyable and becomes a necessity of yours in the Homs capes otherwise you cannot shop. Following are the minigame tips for you:

  • Three tiles: Three tiles will break whenever you orient them in that matching way. 
  • Rocket Tile: the rocket tile pops up to launch rockets when you make a chain of four items. It will smash the whole row.
  • Bomb Tile: the bomb tiles are available and blast when you make a chain of five identical items. It will smash away the entire row, the intersecting full column, and so the items. 

Win Stars and Coins:

The rewards you win in each minigame are stars and golden coins according to the hardness level. Ezh mini level will give you a number of coins that will be totally yours. You can see the number of coins you earned in the top bar showing the coins sign and their number on the left side. You May Also like to party in my dorm Mod apk

Homescapes Mod Apk  unlock all rooms

Win the Money:

Besides making an increment in the game gold coins, you will earn money after playing each level of the minigame. The money you collected shows how well you have been going through the game. It is also apparent on the top left side beside the gold coins.

Buy Carpet:

In the first level, you had to solve the carpet issue in the house. This can now be done easily since you have earned enough stars in the mini-gameplay. 

The carpet is available in many colors and designs. You can choose the one that looks superb. You have an extra opportunity to try each by putting the cursor over the carpet. Once you choose the carpet, Austin will be out of joy to watch this revolution. According to him, the house is ready for his parents. But a lot has to happen next…

Parents Visit:

At the same time, the parents arise; they become so happy to watch the carpet and see that Austin is already there. They need rest and when Austin opens the guests’ room, it is full of dust and dirt. Austin is very nervous but promises to bring everything in shape very soon. He has to vacuum the room, and you? You have to re-furnish the house.

Re-Furnish the Guests’ Room:

The next step is to replace old and worn-out furniture like the sofa, couch, cabinets, bed, and curtains. This could be only possible if you have enough money and stars. Play games, match tiles as fast as possible, and get new furniture.

Collect the Daily Bonus:

Homescapes are associated with a unique bonus or surprise every day in the game. This can be a bundle of coins, money, or any accessory for your house. 

Decorate the Whole Mansion:

You will have to re-furnish, repair, and decorate your mansion as the game progresses. The stairs, the lawn accessories, the statues, everything needs your attention. You can use a variety of options like wallpapers, paints, furniture, and everything other in the shop. But remember, you have to play games and earn to purchase everything in the original version.

What is the Homescapes Mod Apk ( the hack version):

Everything in the game Homescapes is bought either through the stars or the real money that you pay via different sources to the developers. This is a rather tough and difficult process. The mod version introduces you to an easy shortcut. You can purchase anything in the game with unlimited resources, and tees resources are provided via the mod version. Go, install the mod version, and have everything for free. 

Interesting Features of the Homescapes Mod Apk 2023 Latest Hack:

Unlimited Coins:

The coins you win in the actual version by playing different games are now unlimited and accessible in the mod version of the Homescapes Mod Apk.

Everything FREE:

 Homescapes Mod Apk offers you everything in the game for FREE. since you have unlimited free money, you can buy whatever you want in the cheat version.

No ads:

The latest mod version of the Homescapes helps you get undisturbed smooth gameplay without any interference from the ads and promotion items. This is all that a gamer wants to have.

Time to Sum Up:

Hope you have read all the features and gameplay.  The game is super easy, and any kid can play if he knows the match 3 challenge games. If If you have any issues, go to the FAQs section. But for a different problem, you can comment in the comment section. We will be heartily pleased to serve you, guys. 


The beautiful matching game with puzzles and minigames is so lovely. The levels are abundant, and the higher levels are presumed to be too difficult to win. But according to some players, the game is not as hard as it is thought to be, even at the higher levels. On most occasions, you have to suffer the fixed moves policy of Homescapes. The moves are not in a reasonable count to complete any puzzles. Hence you are stuck on useless puzzles. This lets you barely buy a thing for the home. Also, the game’s furnishing holds the least customization options, which is saddening. Plus, you can stay only on one island and cannot switch your location. The good thing is that you can ask for the lives of your team members if you get short and may consume it easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download the latest hack version of the Homescapes Mod Apk?

Follow up the instructions given:
Get a stable internet connection.
Uninstall the real or original version or any other mod version of the Homescapes.
Click the download button and let it begin by granting the permissions it asks for.
Install the downloaded apk and open it to start the gameplay.

Does this Mod version contain any glitches?

 No, the mod version we refer you to is highly smooth and free of glitches. You will never have to wait and get the game resume after it gets choked up. 

How are the game graphics and sound in the Homescapes Mod Apk?

The game Homescapes Mod Apk has superb 3D and 2D visual displays. The voices, expressions, and natural recordings of the noise, workplace, running water, or chirping birds, help you enjoy the game in real audio. 

Do I need to pay in the game by any means?

No, not at all. If you are asked to do so, then the mod version is fake. This is why we refer you to the most authentic and reliable mod links that are free. 

Does the game Homescapes Mod Apk contains any chat options?

No, you cannot chat with any friends in the game. However, you can invite your friends on social media via the game links to play the same game. 

What is the language of the game?

 The game comes initially in the English language. However, if you want it in any other language, you may install the TapTap Apk to get it in your desired language. 

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