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Download Free Hills Of Steel Mod APK v5.1.1 latest version 2023. You will get Unlimited Coins Money Download and enjoy all premium features of the game free of cost.
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Additional Information

App NameHills of Steel
PublisherSuperplus Games
Latest Version5.1.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
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The “Hills of steel” is one of the most beautiful, fantastic, and energetic games that has been very popular throughout the play Store since its release. The game’s theme is tank warfare with one versus one or two versus two-team mode. The game has opened up gates for the incoming hills games of its genre, like Hills of steel two, etc. But the “old is gold” keeps the game on top of all the later games of its origin. 

The game was introduced by the gaming society “Superplus games” on the 8th of august, 2018. The action game brings up action game lovers worldwide on a single platform.  The skirmish fight with tanks instead of humans is incredible. Get the best time past with “Hills of steel” with big surprises and gradually take the highest military rank. Join hands with international contestants and show your compatibility with their gameplay. The ever-best feeling of pleasure you get with each level-up will never make you tired or dizzy. Play until you clear all the levels nonstop!

The game carries the best of the tank war experience in a beautiful theme. The hilly area in one line path is another challenge besides fighting. Get yourself ready to beat both in a perfect manner. Keep your morals high and enter the game to keep the victory in your name. 

The Gameplay

The game is exciting and a good mixture of challenges, wonder, and surprises. Every step in the game, from login to end, is super fun and full of thrill. The following are the events that take place in the game Hills of steel apk:


Before you play the game, the main thing is to make your entry into the game via an authentic and authorized email address. This can also be done using your social media account ID like Facebook or Instagram.  So, open up the installed game and make a manual or automatic log-in to your gameplay. 

Log-in also helps you resume the game on other devices if you have to switch. Otherwise, the game is restarted, which is a big loss for gamers. You may also like to play this game critical ops mod apk

Select the Tank:

The first thing you do after login in is to select the tank you would like to have on your battlefield. There is a series of eight unique tanks in the game you can have access to, which:

  • Cobra 
  • Joker 
  • Titan
  • Phoenix
  • Reaper
  • Burraunda
  • Tesla
  • Mammoth 

The first tank you view is Cobra, which is free for your gameplay. The later ones, like joker, titan, or phoenix, have sales tags, and you may purchase them. For example, the Joker costs 1500 coins, and similarly, the Tesla costs 20000 coins. The features that are listed in case of showing each tank’s capability are:

  • Armour 
  • Gun
  • Engine
  • boosters

As you win the battles and proceed, the tanks are automatically unlocked, and you get time for free in that time space. 

Select the Battlefield:

 The fantastic game Hills of steel mod app has brought up five unique gameplay locations with successive levels for each. These are:

  1. Midsummer Sieg: reward of 1X coins
  2. Winter war: with the reward of 2X coins
  3. Desert assault: With the reward of 3X coins
  4. Jungle patrol: with the reward of 4X coins
  5. Moon breaker: with the reward of 5X coins 

The locations, just like the levels, are all locked, but you get them unlocked one by one with each level and victory.

Start the First Fight:

After these formal events, you have to push the play button so that you may start your game. In the match Hills of Steel, you are provided with a 2D-type battlefield that is not even smooth. The hilly slopes and the firing tank are your two weak points, and you have to fight well with them. The skull bar on the top of the screen shows the journey you have done or the journey you have left at any moment in the game. It goes on to gain a red color as you kill more and more tanks with your fires. Also, the number of skulls counts you see on the right shows how many tanks you have destroyed up till now. 

Game Gestures and Control:

 On the battlefield, you have the following gestures:

  • Forward and reverse buttons: the two arrowheads in the bottom left corner make the player either go forward or reverse, depending upon the situation. You may proceed and fire your opponent or may move backward to make your tank stay out of danger. Clicking the forward or backward button with your fingers gives you full control of the situation. 
  • The shooting button: the shooting of missiles is automatic, and the rainbow curve shows the time-lapse after which your tank shouts each rocket.

Fight, Fire, and win:

While you are in a war, play your role as the best warrior in the game. The more enthusiastic you are, the more active you will be in the field. All you need is to get into the game as if it were a real competition and take every obstacle as a piece of cake.  At last, the victory will be, of course, yours. 

Get Upgraded Engine, Guns, and Armour of a Tank:

 The tank you are driving in the Hills of Steel will get upgraded with every victory you make in the game. You will receive notifications regarding upgrading your tank by providing a better gun. You can also use the better engine or the armor of the tank. Some may require money, and some may be totally free and rewarded. 

Hills of Steel Mod Apk Free Shopping

Daily Rewards: 

Like all classic online games, the Hills of Steel also rewards you daily. Just click the daily tips on the home page’s right side and get the one.

The rewards are arranged for seven days 1000 free coins for each week, just like: Days

Day 1: 10 coins

2: 30 coins

3: 50 coins

4: 70 coins

5: 90 coins

6: 250 coins

7: 500 coins

Get High Score Medals and Promotions:

For each level of the game you play, your score will be analyzed. If you get the highest score in the game for the first time, then a high-score medal is given to you. You can also have promotions with each level raised from corporal to Sargent and so on.

Customize the Tank:

After getting enough scores and coins, you may also avail yourself of customizing your tank. For example, the customization for the Cobra tank is:

  • Green theme: FREE
  • Urban: 1000 coins 
  • Venom: 2000 coins.

What is The Mod or Hack Version of the “Hills of Steel Mod Apk”?

As the real version of Hills of Steel Mod Apk says, the game offers in-game purchases with real money and carries lots of ads. The ads are displayed during the game as a break and are often very annoying.  To overcome this, the mod version is here. The Hills of Steel Mod Apk helps users play games with several free features. A few are listed below:

Free Unlimited Coins and Gems: 

Installing the mod version of the Hills of Steel Mod Apk gives you full access to plenty of free coins and gems. You don’t need to earn them at any level. So, playing this game is a totally fun idea worth considering.

All Levels and Locations Unlocked:

The levels and locations of the Hills of Steel real version are locked and secured. The players can unlock them one after the other and enjoy each level. For those players who want to play any level at any time, Hills of Steel Mod Apk Hills of Steel Mod Apk is the solution. They can install the hack version so that all the stories and locations are unlocked for free. 

Free Everything:

The game upgrades, like tank repair, customizing the tank and upgrading armor, and engine, are FREE in the modified version of Hills of Steel. Unlike the official version, the mod version does not offer any purchases, and everything is free of cost. 

No Ads:

Besides all other features, the ads-free gameplay that the Hills of Steel Mod Apk provides here is fantastic. Now the game will never get restricted or stopped just for ads. Enjoy this endless gameplay on the go with the latest mod version.


 The tank battle game in 1-1 or 2-2 gameplay is very mild action, suitable for kids above the age of seven. Since the game control is pretty simple, the kids are very comfortable with it. Tackling the virtual tanks war helps kids develop a sense of tackling significant issues in their life simpler. Also, they learn to have a good idea of the war and battlefield rules, which is good for their educational perspective. If you find any trouble installing the game, you can comment here. We will be delighted to serve our players. Goodbye, and see you later with another fantastic game!


The hills of steel is a famous and unparalleled fighting game and is a modernized version of “Scorched Earth” with many improvements. The game contains many ads and keeps freezing some devices due to incompatibility. Also, the game’s graphics may lag with the music played or cause a glitch. The game gives an unbalanced counter with enemies; they have big tanks, and you cannot even hold up a turret with yours.  Gems are hard to get even after so many challenges accomplished on various levels, so the players love the mod version even more. The game’s customer service is fantastic, and they may communicate with you until your issue is solved. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I install the game Hills of Steel Mod Apk on my device?

The method is very simple.
Go to the top of this page by scrolling through the article, and here, pushes the download button. 
Let the download start by granting the permissions the app asks you for. Open the downloaded apk and enjoy the game after the installation.

Can I play the game as a team in Hills of Steel Mod Apk?

Although the game is single-player, you can surely choose the team mode, also called two versus two mode. Here you must fight with the opposite team in collaboration with your team members. Express the best discipline and plan to win the game Hills of Steel Mod Apk. 

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