HAWK: Airplane Space Mod Apk (Multi Damage, Unlimited Crystals)

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App Name HAWK
Publisher My.com B.V.
Genre Arcade
Size 83.14 MB
Latest Version 42.1.30886
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Multi Damage, Defense
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Hawk is one popular game Tired of zombie and monster shooting games? Come in and try the latest aircraft shooting game with vivacious spirits to attack and defend! The sun has been blocked due to a huge ambush of enemy aircraft and huge airplanes with the best fighter equipment. Be the one for the team, General Ironside, to save the world and in return get a huge reward jet fight scenario you would never have imagined. 

Enjoy the company of all attitude heroes on your team and learn a lot in their directions. Get hundreds of power-ups, rewards, and coins and upgrade your jets and aircraft. Meet the worldwide players who are there as a volunteer to save the world from the attack of enemies. Generate teams of your own and try playing with the best hand-and-eye coordination to dominate.

The leaderboard of the game is another great forum for international participants to see their performance. Gather the rewards as much as you can and get yourself the one who is the best song for all fighters. Complete the fly challenges with abundant endemic attacks. Last but not least, the never-settling fervent gameplay of the Hawk has been boosted by the developers of the Hack version of Hawk Mod Apk. This provides the users with plenty of free coins, gems, game purchases, etc to make the game a really fun and tension-free pack!

Scroll to have the gameplay properties, the mod features, and the reviews to have a general idea about the game before you install it. 

The gameplay of the Hawk Mod Apk:

The amazing game starts by revealing to you the scene where a sparrow jet is flying and bombarding the fires on the enemy. Then there is the entry of the player into the dark sky where down he can see the ruins of mountains or the distorted light due to swarms of enemies. The game is all about the best coordination a player can show while tapping and swiping the fingers and making the best shots of the enemies.  First, you enter the game as a single plane but as the distance covers you meet the great general and the assistant teams to be part of. So the overall story is very interesting plus the dialogues that the characters speak are remarkably amusing. 

Get Ready:

Your entry into space with the fighter aircraft is another kind of great event. The narrator calls on you “GET READY” and you get warmed up. Then there starts the unending enemies shred from the opposite side and you have to encounter them accordingly. 

Fire and Fly:

Using your blitzing jet, you have to carefully fire on the opposite side so that you may kill them and escape at the same moment. Make the sharp cuts by swapping your fingers left and right and try not to be in front of the red bullet fires since they can blow your energy at a single shot. Save energy and escape the ones you cannot blast.

Collect coins and power-ups:

The aircraft is supposed to fire and collect the coins that drop in the air as rewards. Not only this, you have to collect the hundreds of power-ups trickling down with the coin clinking. The jets pass through them and the coins are automatically collected in your collection box. The coin count is expressed in the top right corner and the player may later use these coins as money to purchase items.  

Daily bonuses:

The daily bonuses of the game are very appealing to the players, and they are obviously awarded on a daily basis. Open up new gifts each day and start gaming with a new and happy zest. The game’s daily rewards include new aircraft, spare parts, or

Customizations for free packages.

Estimate Enemy Attack:

The enemy attack can be estimated by encountering the very first aircraft since a few are following the first plane in the same direction. Also if a couple of enemies attack from the left, the next could be from the right or front.

Win power-ups & power drives:

You, besides collecting coins and fires may get a number of power-ups from the decaying of the opposite swarm. The very special power-ups are in the form of “Power Drives”. The power drives give 360 degrees of rotation to the plane bombardment and it is like a laser-like action that destroys the planes flying all around. In this way, you are in a position to kill the enemies faster and with a relatively more collection of coins.

Rec your play:

The Hawk Mod Apk announces another great feature that all great games possess. You may record your own gameplay and can watch it later to see what are the enemies’ mechanisms or what’s your defense. Plus this will help you strengthen your own planes by keeping yourself more organized and prepared for the attack. 

Game type:

These aircraft fight and battle games could be played in any of the three modes according to the player’s aptitude. These are:

  1. Solo: you don’t need to join any group or team; play all alone with corresponding attacks from the opposite sides.
  2. Friends: invite your friends to the game and play together in a single battle to win together as a flock. 
  3. World: If you cannot invite your friends then try this one. You are free to play the game with any players all over the world in a team. 

Note: The last two modes( friends and world) require the players to have a continuous internet connection. 

Game test sparrow:

The Sparrow test or  Falcon Squad can be played in any of the following three modes. These are according to the level of hardness a player can afford.  So the three levels are:

  1. Easy
  2. Normal
  3. Heroic

Upgrade weapons and aircraft:

Just like you grow up in the game, you will see hundreds and thousands of upgrades that are available to be tried out on your plane body. Whether you give an old-school look to your plane or give it a modernized touch. Most of the upgrades are available on the rewards, however, you will have an opportunity to purchase some.  Change the aircraft body, style, color, spare parts, firing, and missile weapons, and install new ones. 

Amazing Music and Vivid Graphics:

This game has been characterized by an excellent display of 2D graphics and no glitches. Plus the music is such a cool one that the player feels addicted to it and never likes to disable it. Players who don’t want music may disable sounds in the settings of the game. 

Top the Leaderboard:

The leaderboard is an indication of the players’ efficiency with a comparison of the whole players. The players may look up their names in the list of players participating from all over the world. The players can have the motivation they need to show blast performance in the battle they are going to have.

The auto shoot of aircraft:

In the Skies of the Hawk game, you are to fly your planes in a very active manner to avoid the clashes or bullets that are piercing in. For this you may pick the Auto shoot mode that will opt you to take the seat of pilot only and the shooting is done automatically. You may also like Rolling Sky mod apk

Mod Features of Hawk-AirPlane space game:

The mod features that our recommended version includes are mentioned below:

  • Unlimited FREE coins
  • Unlimited FREE  Power-ups
  • Unlimited FREE gems
  • Unlimited FREE customizations
  • Unlimited FREE shopping
  • Ads-FREE gameplay


After you read out the whole gameplay, features, and mod features of “Hawk Mod Apk”, you may have an idea about how enthusiastic the game is. This game is dedicated to all the energetic kids and adults who want non-stop fight and battle games on their phones. Download the apk from our page and recommend it further if you liked the game and the guide. 


The game is a lot of fun with newly updated equipment and shopping items. Plus the game is good to add new challenges, levels, and variable customizations to increase the interest of the players. In fact, it is the best piece of entertainment presented by Mycom. B.V developers. The real version of the game is loaded up with buggy ads that may even crash the game or freeze it. To avoid such a mess you may switch to the Hawk MOD version in the latest hack features available on this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much capacity of Android is needed for good compatibility with the Hawk mod apk?

The play store recommends the Android has a capacity of 4.4 and up to play this game with good graphics and no glitches.

When was the original game “Hawk” first released in Play Stores?

The game was released for all Android and iOS devices on May 12, 2017.

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