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App NameGumslinger
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Latest Version3.4.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlocked Weapons, Gems
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Gumslinger is a cute, attractive, and fascinating weaponry war between two jelly bodies. The person-versus-person fights create an environment of high thrills and motives that keep the player accelerating forward. This is a mixture of fun and thrill on the premises of enjoyment built due to the wobbly characters you have. The cute and dangerous jiggly bodies are competing in all the contests and series of tournaments arranged there. 

The unending fun activities in the Gumslinger are brought to you by the Ittatake publishers. Though the game is an “ACTION GAME” the little fun physics and the jiggly movements of both participants make the game super interesting. Easy gameplay, game control, and the fundamental built-in guides for players transfer the game into the list of the easiest and most challenging at the same time. 

Gumslinger when played in multiplayer mode with friends, initializes a unique fight mode with 64 players which combat until one player is regarded as the winner. The wonderfully enchanting prizes and rewards metabolize the players’ enthusiasm to win more levels. Further, the lots of weapons and the untold variety of levels are super attractive to make the players install the game. This may be counted as the reason for 5 million plus downloads of the game only for the play store. 

gumslinger mod apk All unlocked Weapons

The Gameplay of the GumSlinger:

The Game Control:

The gameplay of the game is easy to understand as it involves no special control panels. Press keys, or just tap on the screen to make various moves and exact shoots on the opponent. The tapping on the screen will initiate shooting from your gun. 

 Fire and Shoot the Enemy:

 Don’t stop shooting otherwise you yourself may fall and get injured. The player who falls seldom gets a chance to revive and shoot again. The other player keeps shooting until the fallen one is dead. 

gumslinger mod apk Mod Menu

Gumslinger Star Rewards:

The player who finishes his opponent successfully gets a Gumslinger Star  Reward. Moreover, winning more and more stars and putting them in the gumslinger shooter album decides the journey of chapters you have to finish in the game. 

Surprising Coins Rewards:

The games become easier and more appetizing to play if there is a reward waiting for the player to finish the mission. The same is here. A lot of coins as the game money are rewarded to the player who wins and gains star rewards. In this way, the player gets a huge collection of coin money he may later use.  On the other hand, his prize money collection puts a par in improving the position of the player on the players’ leaderboard.

Skillshot Mode:

Like the other rewards in the game, players happen to meet another amazing surprise. This is called the “Skillshot ” during which there is no opponent actually. The player has to fire upon the items placed in front of him like the watermelon, the empty cans, the bullhead, the cactus, the bottles, the hollow ball, etc.  The player is usually given 3 chances to shoot and if all of them that is 3/3 is accurate, he will get further coins and Gumslinger rewards and a bonus. 

Unlock Hundreds of Weapons and Weapon Skins:

As the player moves forward in the game, he finds the chance to get huge weaponry access in a gradual stepwise process. The first ever used weapon by the player is the Pistol, or the revolver and the later victories give more heterogeneities in the ordnance and guns collection. Plus you have the luxury to change the weapon skins all time during the preparations to enter a fight.

Unlock Wonderful and Colourful Skins and Costumes:

The jelly wobbly bodies are attractive with the blue get-up that is provided by default in the first step. However, the players may switch to other hundreds of skins and costumes that are granted one by one to the players. Not only the skins, but the overall appearance of the character is also variable as the further shapes are unlocked. 

gumslinger mod apk All unlocked Weapons

Unlock Various Levels of the Gumslinger:

Another feature of the game is that it holds a variety of levels. Each level is distinct with respect to goals and opponents but the basic gameplay is the same. The ultimate mission is to shoot the opponent at each level. Get set and play unlimitedly to unlock and discover new levels of the game. Some of the game levels are:

  • Shotguns and prizes in Jim’s living room
  • Crossbows, apples, bullseye in targets
  • Silencers and rubber duckies in the office
  • Bring your ball launcher to Hoop city
  • Snipping at the drones
  • K0 guns and Vikings
  • Heads up at the old burial  grounds
  • flintlock is ready when entering the Mifunes place
  • Welcome to the street market
  • A retro arcade hall, handle with care
  • A mirror to the medieval times and royal chaos

Refilling the Medkit:

During each fight, every player has the medkit donation in the top left corner of the game screen. The bar decreases as the player gets injuries and damages. After each victory, the player finds a chance to recover his medkit for the next fight.  The player damage chart is also displayed which shows the type of injuries the jelly character has gotten. These damages may be represented in percentages of:

  • Hat Damages
  • Head  Damages
  • Torso  Damages
  • Arms  Damages
  • Stomach  Damages
  • Legs  Damages
  • Feet  Damages

64 Membered Multiplayer Team Action Gameplay:

The game “ Gumslinger” can be played in solo gameplay. But if you want to take part in multiplayer action tournaments, switch to the 64 players action game. This mode develops a game tournament that makes 32 vs 32 players in twin combats arranged in person vs person mode. In this way, the fight starts with 32 game fights in 32 planes all over the world frame.

Half of these 32 are killed by their respective opponents and only 32 are left. Then 16, player vs player, fights are arranged for 32 players out of which half die, and half-life to participate in the next. The next event is obviously the 8 vs 8 game for 16 players, and then the 4 vs 4 game for the leftover 8 players. At last, a 2 vs 2 gameplay leaves only 2 finalists that come in front of each other for the final round. The winner of this fight is regarded as the winner of 64 players’ action Gumslinger gameplay.

A total of 6 events occur during this whole gameplay:

  • 32 vs 32
  • 16 vs 16
  • 8 vs 8
  • 4 vs 4
  • 2 vs 2
  • 1 vs 1

Offline Gameplay:

The game “Gumslinger” is free to play as well as can be played in absence of an internet connection.  The players only need to install the game on their device limitless fun can be achieved whether the player is online or offline. 

The Mod Features of the Gumslinger Mod APK :

Here, we are with the most exciting and latest version of the mod apk of Gumslinger which is also called the Gumslinger Hack version.  This hack version holds lots of properties that the actual version lacks for free. These are:

Free of Cost:

This mod version of the game is hundred percent free of any cost. No payments and no charges are required to gain all the mod features of the game. 

Unlimited Free Gumslinger Coins:

The Gumslinger coins are a full motivation to win the game. But the coins, if in access, are more exciting. The mod version of this game offers players access to unlimited free Gumslinger Coins forever in the game.

Unlimited Free Gumslinger Trophies:

The rewards in the game decide the position of the players on the leaderboard. If the players want to have free Gumslinger trophies they must install the hack version we offer here.

Unlimited Free Gumslingers Star Rewards:

The stars are the earning points the players need to make entries in the next tournaments. The Gumslinger hack version gives unlimited free access to lots of stars so that players may double their fun.

Free Weapons Access:

The weapons are unlocked in the original version of gumslinger. If one wants them unlocked at once, he must get the Gumslinger Mod apk.

Free Weapon Skins:

Try the recommended mod version of the game and have free access to all the gun skins involved in the game. 

Free Character Skins Unlocked:

The character skins, just like the weapon, are locked and unlocked one by one. Change the characters’ skins to orange, red, and black costumes by having a free customization option in the mod version. It actually gives a variety of unlocked free skins to the mod players.

Free Unlocked Levels:

All the levels are unlocked for free in the Gumslinger hack version so that the players may play the one they wish to.

Free of Any Promotions:

All the mod versions try to keep the ads and promotions away from their versions. Therefore, it also offers gameplay that is never disturbed due by the appearance of ads and promotions anyways. Install it to enjoy that feature for free. From the Sea Mod Apk


The physics-based beautiful wobbly game is just an invitation for the players to have a try. Once started playing, it never stopped until all the levels were finished. Get your kid installed on the super fun combating action game and get the mod version to make it easier for him. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download and install later by clicking on “INSTALL APK”. If you have any trouble regarding these steps, comment below to get an easy guide from our team.

gumslinger mod apk latest


A mild physics-based dual game with lots of customizations and no violence. The ads are short timed and you can skip them very easily. The graphics quality is superb. Beautifully animated fights with multiple hilariously charming enemies make the game fantastic. You will find trouble due to your difficult camera adjustment in the fight. You are immobile in-game and you cannot adjust your gun toward your enemy in most of the levels. Also sometimes you will find your position, which is assigned automatically, far away from the opponent. Maybe you will be killed in the first shot but you can’t fire him at the exact point you want. So at many levels, the game is all about luck which will give you a good position or a reasonable distance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was the Gumslinger released on the play Store?

It was released on 23rd April 2020 and is available to order from google and apple play stores since then. However, the mod version can be installed directly from here.

What is the genre of the Gumslinger game?

It is basically an action game with mild violence but good overall.

For how old kids the game Gumslinger is officially rated?

This game is rated for kids older than 7 years and above.

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