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Download Free Growtopia Mod Apk v3.99 Latest Version 2022 You Will Get Unlimited Gems Unlimited Everything Full Unlocked Use Real Money Mod Menu Hack For Android IOS and PC
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App NameGrowtopia
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
Latest Version3.99
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Gems
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated5 Day Ago

Growtopia is one of the favourite multiplayer games for kids under the age of seven. A very adventurous MMO game for building creativity among little minds. The game has been very popular because of the colourful and unique game scenario and the amazingly melodious soundtracks. The kids throughout the world love to play the never-ending quests and challenges of Growtopia 2022.

About Information

 It was developed by Ubisoft entertainment by the genius designer Seth Robinson, and Mike Hommel for the versions 2013-19. The game was initially released for the iPhone, Android, and also for iOS and it has been proven to be a very successful app on the Play Store. The number of downloads on the official Play Store alone is more than one million.

The game is a sort of creative practice game involving a lot of kids’ thinking and mindsets about how they manage to build and lock their projects. Plus, the game teaches the kids the importance of trees and demonstrates how trees and plants are beneficial to us. Overall, the game is a whole piece of fun and education-the best entertainment content for your kid.

Apart from the official play stores the mod developers also release various versions with lots of facilities. The mod versions are even more welcome than the official versions because tier service is a lot better. Also, they don’t offer hacks and cheats to win games and create more worlds. 

Growtopia mod apk unlimited gems
Growtopia mod apk

The Gameplay of the Growtopia Mod Apk 2022 Latest Hack Version:

The stunning gameplay involves the following superb events on the go:

Enter the Game:

Once you get GROWTOPIA’s latest version installed, the game will ask you to make an initial gamer’s ID. This ID will help you be distinguished among the thousands of layers all across the world. Enter the necessary data like name, email account address, and the other minor details to get into the Growtopia worlds. Remember, you can log in faster if you make an ID with the help of the social media account you have, to enter the game faster. 

Choose the Character:

The next step is to choose the character you want to play in the game like a noob, doctor, nurse, Fairy, Frizzy, etc. the characters are super cute and add to the beauty of the gameplay. Whatever character you choose, their powers and abilities are almost the same. So, the character change means changing the appearance and look of your role. 

Hit and Punch To Make Your Way:

The character is ready to dig, hit and punch in the underground growths of the Growtopia. The character punches vigorously to make its way blockwise towards the cloudy plantlets. The cloudy or cotton plantlets are broken and expose special seed gifts you have to collect.

Collect Your First Rock Seed:

The first seed you have to collect is just by hitting and searching every cloudy plantlet. The number of seeds you collect will show up in the drawer box given below. When you think that you have collected enough you may stop. You may also like ninja Arashi 2 mod apk

Collect the Dirt Seeds:

While you collect the rock seeds you will get to collect some dirt seeds along with them. Pick them as well and repeat the process to make it up to the desired number.

Grow the Seeds:

The next step is to grow the collected seeds on the ground and it is the start of your very own world-building. You have to simply drop the seeds on the ground like a farmer and wait patiently to get them grown up. They will grow up in different time spans depending upon the type of seed you have planted.

Harvest the Trees:

When the trees have grown to full height, they are ready to be harvested. You have to punch them in the previous style and the trees go get harvested. This tree harvesting will give you another type of seed-grass seed.

Collect Diamonds:

While you dig, plant, or harvest the seeds you meet up with special surprises which are the diamonds. The diamonds are counted as the currency of the game and they will ultimately help to protect your world from thieves.

Collect the Grass Seeds:

After harvesting the trees, you can see small leaves will appear there immediately after the trees are harvested. These are special “grass seeds” and they are the beginning of the next step of the Growtopia.

Duplicate the Grass Seeds:

Plant the grass seeds you just collected to get the complete vegetation of green grass. The seeds are planted by the same punching process. After some time, the grass trees will get ready and fully grown. It’s time to harvest them!

 Punch again to cut them down and collect even more grass seeds. This is called the duplication of seeds. You will see the grass seeds will increase a big percentage of the previous. Plant them again and repeat the process to duplicate even a greater number of grass seeds, now.

Protect Your World:

The world you have been making up till now is at risk of attack and swollen by the opponent players or thieves. To make it protected you have to collect a certain number of diamonds or gems like 50 or 100.  If you reach the desired number your world will be protected, but you will still need to put some locks to make it 100 % attack-proof.

Purchase Tools and Locks:

There is an amazing shop for the players where they can buy and purchase the items or services of their choice in exchange for the gems. Each item in the top joy costs a special price and they are really very cool. Some of the items and services available there are;

  • Buy more gems
  • Anti-gravity generator
  • Item of the month
  • Background
  • Item packs
  • Locks and stuff

Different Locks in Growtopia Mod Apk:

The locks are available again in the top joy offers and are purchased with diamonds or gems. The different locks have different prices and different strengths.

Following are some locks available in the gameplay of the Growtopia Mod Apk 2022:

  • Big lock
  • Small lock
  • Huge lock
  • Builder’s lock.

Supporter’s Status:

The supporter status means to earn 7000 gems and it comes with special joy top offers for you. These offers include:

  1. FREE top joy offers.
  2. New skin colours for characters
  3. recycle tool

The recycle tool is very interesting to use. It helps the players to convert useless items and seeds into gems and hence raising the status of the money and currency they have there.

Unlimited Worlds:

The game has no endings since the newer and newer seed types go on generating and the newer worlds are formed you will further grow: 

  • lava seeds
  • woodblock trees
  •  door trees  
  • crappy sign tree
  • messy brown hair tree

And also, you will get a number of useful fun activities to expand, protect and grow your farm world. There you will meet Mooncake vending machine which offers 61 locks per world and the Peace vending machine with six locks per world.

Play on Big Screens:

Apart from playing the game over the phone and tablets you can play Growtopia on big LCD screens and enjoy the gameplay a hundred times more.

In-game chats:

Besides visiting your friend’s world, you can also chat with them with the in-game chat box to give them suggestions or to appreciate their work. You can also get a guideline from them in-game via his chatting facility and also invite them to visit your places.

Private Server download:

A private server download for FREE is available on this page. You must not be worried about the safety of the version because we are taking every precautionary measure to help protect your device from any kind of bugs, viruses, and worms.

Outstanding Mod Features and Hacks of the Growtopia Mod Apk 2022:

Unlimited Gems, Diamonds, and Money:

 Like all the mod versions of the games, the hack version of this game gives a full unlimited supply of free money in diamonds or gems.  You can play in a very stress-free gaming environment since you don’t play to grasp money. You play for real excitement and amusement yourself.  Moreover, you may brag among your friends by comparing how huge a number of gems you have.

Free Tools:

All the tools involved for gardening, planting, and harvesting the seeds are totally free for the mod players. Just get installed this latest hack version and enjoy access to all FREE tools forever.

Unlimited Free Shopping:

Since in the mod version you have an unlimited number of gems (the money) so you can buy whatever you want from the app store. You can enjoy a supporter’s status now where you get all the services free of cost.

Free Skins and Customizations:

In the hack version of the Growtopia, the most beautiful part is customizing the character. But customization in the real version costs you the real world or virtual money of the gems. Installing the mod version helps you get EVERYTHING for FREE, including free skins and other character optimizations according to your choice.

No Ads:

This hack version of the Growtopia is brought to you by the developers with the surety that they have blocked all the ads. Now, your gameplay will never be interrupted and hence you will enjoy the game 

How to Download the Latest Cheat Version of the Growtopia Mod Apk?

The hack or cheat version can be easily downloaded from here. Follow the procedure given below:

  • Get an internet connection and open this site to reach the Download button.
  • Click the download button and let the download start by making “downloads possible from unknown resources” from the settings of your device.
  • After the download has ended, open it to install.
  • Installation is also automatic except for the fact that it will take a little more time.
  • Open the installed game and get into it to make your game ID and start playing.

Final Words:

As far as you search the play stores you rarely find a good game for your very young kids. Every game in the market shows vulgarity, kills, massacres and cheating. So, you have to be very selective to get a game for your kid. Talking of the Growtopia Mod apk 2022 hack version, you will see that it is a very cool game free of any unethical content. Plus, it teaches a child to grow a farmhouse, the importance of trees, and economic mathematics as well. If you liked it, go get to install it quickly! 

If you find any issues regarding gameplay or downloading and installing the Growtopia, please let us know in the comments. We will be pleased to offer a solution. Goodbye, see you later with another amazing game.


The lovely game shows the beautiful plantation and production of items through the crops. The users learn how different things are formed. The players seem to enjoy it very much but some say the game is glitchy on their end. The game runs very smoothly on all PCs and phones. The players suggest turning off the sound which makes the gameplay quite uninterrupted. The ads will display until you get the hack version or the mod version. Sometimes a text bar may appear at the bottom of the screen while the gameplay without any exit options. These issues can be resolved by installing and reinstalling the game.