Grow Castle MOD APK v1.37.15 (Unlimited Coins, Max Level)

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App NameGrow Castle
Latest Version1.37.15
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Mega Menu
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Experience addictive gameplay with one of the most fantastic defence games named Grow Castle mod apk. Primarily, the game enables you to control your army in the kingdom to protect your castle from enemy wave attacks. The use of multiple players enhances the chance of winning. Gradually, upgrade your army as you become more experienced in this game. Because as you proceed to a higher level, your enemies become more vigorous. You also like Blockman go mod apk

Moreover, the game provides the following features: you can enjoy the game strategy and change it if you disagree to plan a skillful strategy to improve your playing abilities. And after passing each stage, enhance and upgrade your castles. Further, multiple upgrading units, upgrading of mighty heroes, and multiple gamers in a game improve your gaming.

About information Grow Castle MOD APK

Mainly, grow castle best castle is an excellent combination of strategy and defence that offers unlimited resources. The whole journey is divided into numerous challenges which you have to cross to make yourself a strong player. Also, the game will introduce a considerable upgrading system with various techniques and combat units.

Amazingly, the game is relatively light at just 44 MBs which shows compatibility even with low-configured devices. But, the game requires Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8 or above 8. Further, the game works smoothly online with solid internet connections.


Like other tower games, you have to create a strong tower with different attack waves. One attack can’t destroy the tower, and everything remains pretty simple. In this game, your foe appears from the right side continuously and eradicates everything. Until the wave times, you have a chance to destroy them.

Gradually, the upcoming level is more challenging than the previous one because new enemies open with the next wave. Also, monsters’ forces enhance the defense period, so you have to be strong. To make yourself stable in the game, you have to develop towers and sub-towers and recruitment of new units. You see here two kinds of towers, secondary and primary. The goal of both these is to protect against enemies.

Grow Castle - Tower Defense

Setup of Grow Castle Mod Apk Update

 The grow castle gives a very fascinating opportunity to get through battle involving the protection of your tower. After completing the initial logging-in process, you have to make up the whole setup by yourself. In the first level, the setup is not customizable, and you are not provided with a pre-setup of all the defenders and tower systems. The setup of the game divides the tower defense into the following basic categories:


The town is identified by the first left-most column and is defending the system with the backup powers. The town provides:

  • Hero guild
  • Springwater
  • Mine 
  • Tower 
  • Bar
  • Archer guild


The Towers are the bottom row that has been aligned to defend the tower from this angle. It individually does not attack but favors attack by producing such circumstances. Such as cannons sending bombs, offensive barracks sending barracks of troops to enemies, thorn-worn showers a full thrush of blind thorns that hinder the attackers. Similarly, the mirror duplicates the tower by making the slot act like three. This three-in-one action saves the tower much more and in fact, it is the most exciting and beneficial tower type. The trophy tower is marked by increasing the gold and gems, thus assisting in gathering coins and making much more. Frozen tower 2 helps slow the speed of walking monsters from the opposite tower. 

Troops update. Thunder tower has two attacks with chain lightenings in the way of the attackers and has only five hits. The different towers are listed below:

  • Cannon 
  • Offensive barracks
  • Thorn worn
  • Mirror
  • Turret
  • Thunder tower 2
  • Burning tower 2
  • Trophy


In the first row of nine warriors, and plays a very major role in destroying the enemies by using identical powers. These powers and skills the archers will hold are totally customizable and you can choose any of them depending on your pocket. 


Leaders are making up the very first defending row on the right-most side and this little troop/s gets in front of all the tower defenders. These may be:

  • Zero: has frost action and slows down the enemies
  • Thor
  • Sara
  • Din
  • Orc king

The leaders have different powers and damaging ratios; therefore, you may choose the one which suits you according to your coin collection and gold.


 The second-bottom row of warriors and warriors have super abilities and skills and their user magic powers. This may be cleric, smith ii, venom, slinger, stone giant, and many more. The heroes differ in different attack percentages, duration of killing, and the level at which they will get unlocked.

Grow Castle - Tower Defense

Features Grow Castle MOD APK

Generally, the castle tower defence hack looks like other tower games, but it is much more different from others. On the Google play store, there are 10 million people globally, if it’s the standard version. What’s more about it? To learn that, have a site below.

1.   Simple controls

In the castle mod apk, the controls are straightforward: select the troops and the best place to build your tower. That’s why it is easy to run on all devices, which show compatibility. You don’t have complex strategies, kill the enemies and proceed. But at first, you have to set all the requirements accordingly, and later it works automatically.

2.   Impressive graphics

Indeed, grow castle hack apk v1.37.15 is famous for its cartoon graphics. The graphics give you real-life experiences you feel like a child and play continuously on it for hours. Unlike other defense games, the visuals are not intense. Indeed, the simple graphics satisfy your cravings and provide much more than your demands.

3.   Promotion system

As you proceed in the grow castle mod apk, you will face stronger enemies and use extra potential to kill them. Stronger enemies deliver potent attacks, and it’s impossible to overcome. So, to evade these situations, make your superheroes strong because they will strengthen the stats. It will help you to reach high scores and rankings. 

4.   Rankings

Compete with the international players to improve your rankings in the castle tower defense hacked. Be strong and train your players to fight with international players, win maximum games and increase their rankings. Also, check how international players play and which improves their playing skills. Adopt these skills and play incredibly, and beat the highest score. To be the best, play with your siblings and friends; it helps you to be stronger. 

5.   Various modes

The developers of grow castle apk mod add different modes. There are two modes, and one is standard mode; if you get bored with it, move to infinity mode; which gives you the natural charm of gameplay. In infinity mode, the demons come continuously until you properly defend yourself. Use different methods to defeat enemies to improve your ratings. Create new crafts and change your superheroes with the changing situation.

How to Download Grow Castle Defense Hacked for Android?

Steps to download grow castle mod apk.

  • Provide a robust internet connection to the device on which you want to download this game
  • The only compatible device that works smoothly, such as Android 4.4 and iOS 8 or above, shows compatibility with this game.
  • Go to the device settings and press the download key, wait to complete processing.

How to Install Grow Castle Apk on Andriod?

Follow these steps in sequence to install this game on the go.

  • The setting enables the installation from unknown sources
  • Because the modded version is unavailable on the google play store
  • Allows the installation and waits to install


We hope we have been provided with all the information about the growing castle. The game is exciting with impressive gameplay, which gives you many in-game prizes, unlimited prizes, and other unlimited money. You can’t get all these features on the standard version; that’s why developers launched this cracked version. You can get it from the link mentioned below. Thank you for coming here.


A full-time tower defence game that will give you the highest chance to protect the castle you had. There are various floors and 120 champions on your tower to help you win. Get down your enemies and notch the victory. The heroes, assassins, and other soldiers you may install with game money are free when you get the mod menu in some mod versions.  Plus the levels of the game are many times revised and the player feels a kind of boredom. But the game is still cool and most of the players have been playing it since their childhoods.


Yes, you can play this game on PC by following the given steps
●     Install LDplayer on the desktop
●     Search grow castle in the LD player’s search bar
●     Now install the game

You can effortlessly download a modified version of grow castle on your devices. Also, some sites provide links that cause viruses, so to avoid this, here in this article, the link is for you to come and download virus-free games.

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