Gear Club True Racing Mod Apk 1.26.1 (Unlimited Money, Gold)

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App Name Gear Club True Racing Mod Apk
Publisher Eden Games
Genre Racing
Size 1.9GB
Latest Version v1.26.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money, gold
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Updated 1 Day Ago

About Information

Gear Club True Racing Mod Apk is one of the most popular games. Want to enjoy real racing in diligent cars and luxurious vehicles? Or want to just drive lonely along the streets of New York but don’t have a competitor? Step in straight into the Gear Club which is offering you a vast series of racing and driving mixed with simulation and all-time best motivations. Get into it and have real road fun with full freedom.

Play and drive all alone in a single-player mode or just join up the team of your friends and let them know how tough you are. Start with simple cars and progress towards a never-ending multiple cars collection which will unlock one after another and you could buy it easily. 

But wait, how to buy a car in a racing game? It will obviously ask for a handsome amount of money to pay. Or you may buy the one with real-world money. There is another option which is to install the Gear Club Mod Apk on your device instead of the real version. So here is the package that everyone wants to have. Everything from cars to the extensive variety of customizations you will love is totally free of any cost. 

Let’s get into the gameplay and features of the amazing racing game to know in detail what peculiar features it has and compare them with other games. This will help you get to know the best features of the game that the other racing games lack like the reverse option. Enjoy the game and don’t forget to have the latest version on your device.

gear club true racing mod apk Free for Android

The Gameplay and Features of the Gear Club Mod Apk:

Three game controls:

Like all the amazing and attest games of 2023 this game also brings about an update to choose any of the three racing modes to pick the one. The three modes are: to rotate with fingers, to use thumb steer, and to tilt. The last one is the best since it helps the player enjoy the climax racing by tilting the phone wherever the car has to go. 

Customize controls and settings:

So first after you log in to the game, select the driving method and check out the notifications and other settings. The other settings mean to allow sound or not and the language you want in the whole game. However, the game is superb if you keep the voice on and volume up since this will give you the realistic effects you dire for. 

Enjoy the Free Trial Mode:

After that, you should go and try the trial mode where there is a borrowed car you don’t owe by yourself. Drive it along the roads with the special initiating and finishing lines. If you are new to this game the trial mode will get you to know all the gameplay and controls that a player has to practice. After you come over to the next level, you would get unlimited opportunities to partake in road racing plus multiplayer racing with friends of your own. 

Invite and race with Friends:

If you don’t have any friends in the game, you can invite them via Facebook or a WhatsApp link and can schedule a race on your PlayStations after school.  Also, you can find new friends each day that are extremely proficient in the Gear Club and will give you a good guide to develop the tactics that the various racings demand. 

 Win Gold and Cash Rewards:

It’s time for a real race to compete with your rivals in the game. Gear Club gives you wonderful rewards like game money, gold, and scores if you win the racing events. This gold and money collection which is the game currency in fact pays off at the garage when you have to repair or customize your vehicles. 

Also when you will need to buy luxurious cars like Tesla you will certainly buy them with virtual game money. So collect them fast by accelerating the levels you have to face and unlock the cars you want the most.

Try Exotic  Events and Multiple Locations:

The game is not presenting uni-style roads because they just bore the players. There is actually a heavy and abundant variety of locations any player can pick to drive and compete. Not only the simple straight roads, but this will take you off the mountains, deserts, snowy caps, and beaches so that you may relish your racing sense with simulation.

On the map, you can see the pinned events in different locations that everyone will have to go through. Create your own events and also pick those that the game offers you to have the ultimate fun driving. 

Partake in Breathtaking Tournaments:

So there in the game, you are not to drive leisurely only. There are goals that you have to achieve in minutes and all you need to participate in momentary races you cannot miss. 

Rewind and correct:

The rewind option is great in fact. It is the mistake remover in one sense. If you have committed a mistake and don’t know how to undo it. So here is the “REWIND” button that will get you to reload the earlier match moments and change them so that you can perform better. 

The mistakes or hits you make for the first time, you can now eradicate by driving cautiously in the second turn you get by rewinding, 

Focus on the Stopwatch:

Whenever you are in a tournament, you do have a time limit. So try to take into consideration the stopwatch idea. It is an instantaneous reminder of how much you are left with the time. 

ON-Screen Speedometer:

The on-screen instantaneous speedometer on the screen is just for your convenience to beat your friends in a tournament. Via this speed clock, you can keep an eye on your speed and how much you have to either increase or decrease. 

Offline Racing for Free:

The real racing game of the Gear Club is available online as well as offline. However, playing the offline mode will never get you to the live multiplayer races. You can enjoy only the offline mode.

The Mod feature of the Gear Club Mod Apk:

The mo or the latest hack version of the theme is no doubt packed with hundreds and thousands of hacks of the Gear Club. Take a quick go through these features which are free in cost 100%:

  • FREE unlimited Cash
  • FREE unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Free Gold
  • FREE of Ads
  • FREE Cars Customizations
  • Everything free

So, if your mouth watered for this Gear Club hack, go to the push button DOWNLOAD and give the free download of this mod version on your device. 

gear club true racing mod apk Gold


The game is such an amazing piece of 3D racing that it has collected over 10 million fans on only GOOGLE play stores alone. You can refer the game to the kids who understand the game controls and can handle the cars. Comment if you have any issues and enjoy the hacks of Gear Club Mod apk. If you want more hit and world-class games, don’t forget to visit us periodically. You may also like Nitro Nation Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Is the game’s hack apk intimate an error into the device?

No, this is rare actually. But the apk we recommend to you is the one that our experts have checked multiple times to avoid any error or worm. 

How could I get the cars unlocked in the Gear Club Mod Apk?

This is quite easy. Get our latest version of apk and reach the best cars to try. Nothing to pay and nothing to do for additional. 

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