GBWhatsApp APK 2023 (Anti Ban+ No Ads) Latest Version 17.30 For Android

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App NameGBWhatsApp
PublisherMangus Inc
GenreSocial Apps
Latest Versionv17.30

MOD InfoNew Version
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated3 Day Ago


WhatsApp has more than one billion monthly active users. WhatsApp was used by more than one billion people in 2017. It is the most famous instant messaging app globally; it’s also a platform where you can share your pictures, videos, and text messages with your friends, family, or colleagues. You can send them voice messages and make video calls for free. WhatsApp allows you to connect with people without the internet. But nowadays, the fame of GBWhatsApp APK is higher than this standard WhatsApp version.

For those who don’t know what GBWhatsApp & Plus is, it’s a modified version of the official WhatsApp application. They add features to this core application that require extra permissions and use the App API of WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp Pro APK is just a highly customizable version of WhatsApp. The default WhatsApp doesn’t offer these customizations, but with the help of an APK, you can enjoy all kinds of customization in your conversations. You may also like JT WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp APK Pro latest version
Gb Whatsapp

About GB WhatsApp APK Information

GB WhatsApp Apk v21.00 is one of the top favorite apps in the world. It is counted as one of the finest versions of WhatsApp because of having too many exciting features such as appearance customization, status saver, and much more. Besides, this v21.00 was its older version; however, you can enjoy GbWhatsApp APK the latest version, v21.00

There are many reasons for GBWhatsapp Apk for Android, for example, rich customization options, support for themes, unique stickers, impressive GB WhatsApp icons, etc. Although this is a third-party app, it has modified all its original codes and works smoothly on your device without any issues or bugs. Download the original GBWhatsapp from here through the link on Play Store.

GB WhatsApp APK Features

Exciting features of GBWhatsapp APK are enlisted below:

Conceal status

GBWhatsApp is the latest version of WhatsApp, and this application has been made available worldwide. It allows you to freeze your status to remain on the GB WhatsApp offline. This is convenient for those using WhatsApp on non-smartphones because they cannot turn their online status off.

GBWhatsApp Download APK Update 2022 New Version

Customization privacy

There are different customization privacies such as hide recording, hide typing, hide blue double ticks, and blue microphones. 

Hide recording: If you use GBWhatsApp Apk, you can easily hide the voice recording button on your chatbox.

Blue Microphone: Apart from this, you can hide a blue microphone in a chat box or group.

Hide typing: GB WhatsApp Apk is an application that hides your typing status, and you can use it if you want to hide your typing status. This feature is beneficial to avoid embarrassing interruptions.

Hide blue double ticks: Hide blue ticks if you sometimes do not reply on time. It’s simple to go to the GB setting and change the settings.

GB WhatsApp APK Front styles

The GB WhatsApp app comes with various sorts of font styles. Some of the fonts available in this WhatsApp Pro include Normal,  Medium, Bold, Thin, and Monospace. However, some of these fonts may not be visible in your WhatsApp application yet as they have been newly added in this latest version. But don’t worry; you will soon be able to see them all on your screen as soon as you update your GB Whatsapp application.

Dark and Light Mode

The latest version of the app offers this feature in both light and dark modes, which means that you can change the background colour of the app based on your need. For example, if you work at night, you can easily switch between light and dark modes to see what’s going on on the screen without straining your eyes.

View Deleted Messages:

While using the new version of  GBWhatsapp hack mod apk, you will have the luxury of viewing the deleted messages by others in chats or groups. Go into the settings and check the “deleted messages visibility” in the GB settings. After that, you can view deleted texts, files, pictures, and videos and hear the voice notes. No doubt how long it has passed the time in months, seconds, or minutes. 

Video-Sharing Capacity:

The video-sharing capacity of the WhatsApp video files was limited to up to 16 MB only. But here in the GB WhatsApp Mod Apk, you can send and receive all the heavier files of more than 16 Mbs without fearing the loss of quality. Also, you can share lengthy video lectures, movies, films, and comedies on a more accessible platform among all the social media channels.

Image Sending Capacity:

The image sending and receiving capacity in the old and original Whatsapp versions was limited to up to 30 images per turn. Using the GB WhatsApp mod apk, you can share any number of media files, irrespective of their sizes and numbers. The video is sent with good speed if it has a size of lesser or equal to 53 Mbs.

Chat With Numbers Without Saving Them:

Many emergencies make you text unknown numbers very quickly. But the original WhatsApp will never help you send any messages without saving them. GB WhatsApp frees you of this limitation as well with another stunning update. Click on the left three vertical dots in chats. Then click the “Message a number” option and correctly enter the number with the country code. Don’t save the number; chat with it as long as you desire. 

Message Counter:

In any public group, including your class-fellows or colleagues, you can know who texts the most in the group.  You will have to click the group title and view the participants as you do in the original WhatsApp.  The message counter will show you the accurate number of texts or messages sent by any participants in the group you are a part of. 

Copy Text Without Details:

Copying and pasting messages in the original WhatsApp is not easy. Once you copy and text and want to paste it somewhere else, it takes several unnecessary details along with it. The details are the actual writer, the message’s time, and the text body. The unwanted details like the address of the message and the time slots can be eliminated if you do it on the very advanced app GB  WhatsApp mod apk. 

Download Status and Story Media:

We all need to download or save the status story of our friends or relatives immediately while viewing the status. For this, we often switch to many status download apps from the Play Store. It chokes up phones’ memory, and we spend a lot of time viewing or saving a status through these apps. 

Block Calls Only:

The latest update proposed by the real  WhatsApp is also available here. If you are a text-loving person and hate calls, you can adopt the “block call” feature from the GB  WhatsApp settings. It will help you never to hear the calls from that particular person.

Status Seen Concealer:

As with many WhatsApp mod updates, you can conceal your status view in the latest GBWhatsApp mod apk. The person who puts the status will never know that you have viewed his status without your consent. 

Groups Capacity:

The old WhatsApp had the capacity of only 256 persons in a group. In the latest update of GB  WhatsApp, it is possible to add people up to 512, which is double the older. This will help you generate a more extensive social circle and enjoy circulating data at a bigger level.

Green Dots Online Toasts:

The  GB WhatsApp Mod Apk, the latest version v21.00 carries another super quality of showing online toasts. The persons that get online are immediately reported to you via the online toast notifications running on the screen. Moreover, the green dots on the DP of the contacts show that the person in that particular contact is just online now. Hence you will never have to open the chatbox to check whether the desired person is online.

Clock Icon:

Press the plus icon on the chats and groups tab. It will open to you with the chat start, theme, and a clock icon. Clicking the clock will refresh GB WhatsApp pro-2023, and your account status will freeze. This means the last scene will appear when you touch the clocked icon. The process can be reversed by touching the clock icon in the same tab. 

GB Whatsapp Airplane Mode:

The airplane mode in the GB  WhatsApp pro mod apk 2023 blocks WhatsApp transmissions. You cannot receive and send files anytime with  WhatsApp airplane mode. 

View Deleted Status Media:

Likewise, you can view the status stories of your contacts that they have deleted till then; the status, however, will disappear within the usual one-day lifetime. 

GBWhatsApp APK Free to use

GB WhatsApp APK is free of cost, and its free version has limited features. You may get the premium version by paying a small amount or download the full version free by following the steps mentioned above.

Why use this app

If you’re still using standard WhatsApp but are unhappy with its performance, you need to download GBWhatsApp APK. First, you’ll have a personal phone number to install this application to confirm this app with your phone number. Once you install the app, the next step is to enable unknown sources in your device settings because it’s a third-party app. You can then access GBWhatsApp and download it. You can then use it to chat with friends on various devices. In addition, this application is an excellent source of connecting people with their loved ones.

You can send up to 53 MBs of audio and video clips. You can send up to 90 pictures at once if you want to share every aspect of your day with someone or if you want to share ideas for future projects without having to worry about image size limits. This allows you to share photos more quickly than with other applications, even those that provide a similar service.

How do you download and install it on Android and IOS?

Following are the steps to install and download

  • If you have the official GB WhatsApp app, uninstall it
  • Then tap GB WhatsApp. When you press it, you will get a notification; this notification is to inform you that the apk file couldn’t be installed from known sources
  • Enable unknown sources
  • Now again, press GBWhatsApp
  • Wait for the installation
  • When appropriately installed, open the app and log in using a number


Eventually, we had to say this regarding the GB WhatsApp APK. So, we are confident that this article helped you the best it could. We love providing you with the most acceptable content on Mobile apps and other related technical issues. So, if you have any suggestions regarding this app, kindly share your views with us in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Nowadays, v21.00 is the GBWhatsApp APKs latest version.

Android 4 plus and iOS 8 are the minimum requirements for this game.

Yes, it’s possible. You can use both mod and native apps on the same phone.

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