Gangstar New Orleans Mod apk 2.1.1a (Unlimited Ammo, Bullets)

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App Name Gangstar New Orleans
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Role Playing
Size 959.7 MB
Latest Version 2.1.1a
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Diamonds
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Updated 3 Day Ago


Have you ever watched a gang robbery animation or want to be a part of one? Since, in reality, this is way too illegal. So, here we are with a big offer of the Gangstar New Orleans Mod Apk so that you may try your luck. The game came into existence on  March 29, 2017, and is available today on all devices worldwide. Let’s check out how this game’s features distinguish it from the other gangster games. So scroll further to read:

gangstar new orleans mod apk Ammo

The Gameplay and basic Features of the Gangstar New Orleans:

Gameloft has characterized this goody gangster game with many amusing and entertaining features. The game will genuinely pierce your heart to give you a relatable experience. So let’s go and see the game’s features in detail:

Watch the Opening Story:

The game starts with a breath-holding opening story of the robbery in a mansion. The gangster boy steps into the big house search for a particular locker and unlock it with special techniques. Then he finds a mini-jar gold piece that he has to take with him, but a twist occurs.

There is another party of gangsters behind the same masterpiece. The boy stops for a while to check the opponents’ positions and then destroys each with either physical tact or using weapons. On crossing the house, he enters the street and gets a remote control button to explode the whole mansion where he stole. 

After this victory, the narrator explains your role in the game and all the related bossy instructions. You are working under a spooky boss, and you receive all orders via phone. All the players in the game do the same under the gang they are working for. 

gangstar new orleans mod apk Diamonds

Choose The Thug:

The game takes you first to select the thug you would be in the game. The character’s missions will differ a little concerning the character they are playing. The well-known and most attractive thugs of the game are:

  • Tangs Lamblance
  • Midnight Jules
  • The Shiv
  • King Christophe
  • Lobo Munroe
  • Trigger Jay

Check out each character’s features and the star ratings, and select the one you will be most in love with. Remember, all the characters are extremely rude, swift, and unkind rascals. 

Change the Gangster’s Air:

There comes the time to develop your character and all the appearance-related-customizations. You can select the facial features out of the six different faces on the board.  Afterward, you will have to dress up the gangster for the best looks. You must choose from various shirts, T-shirts, trousers, and jackets. You may put on a hat and wear costly sneakers for the best runs. 

Add goggles and a heavy gold chain on the neck for the perfect bossy attitude. Simply put, you may modify the character from head to toe, all according to your will, using attractive options. 

gangstar new orleans mod apk Obb

Choose a Vehicle:

The next step is to choose a cozy vehicle according to your mood. The various luxury vehicles that will appear in the selection variety include:

  • Hoplite
  • Vagrant
  • Queda Dera
  • Tenderizer

The car a person rides is a reflection of the status he is living in. So, to show off your gold status, you will have to ride the supercar. Plus, the car is the basic need to stroll around before you start getting involved in the game’s missions. 

Easy Controls:

Wherever you go in the game, you will need to use the game controls. So, getting over the game controls is advisable before entering the missions. You must know how to move, use a weapon, pick a weapon, and drive a car. 

While walking, you may use the two screen buttons and tilt screen option to move, walk or run through the game streets. And if you choose to drive, you can use the three options on the screen. The options are about the accelerator, steering, and break. When you stop driving while keeping the car at rest, you can check the unload car icon to get off the car. 

To pick a weapon from a dead body, you will go over that weapon and use the tap control on the pick weapon icon to collect it. The other game operations almost behave on these essential tasks, and it is pretty interesting to control once one starts getting used to it. 

Ride the many Thug Vehicles:

So as the game starts, you will check this massive laughing statue vehicle that is as huge as a tank. You will undoubtedly enjoy unique rides on this heavy vehicle. This vehicle is really important for the whole mafia world because it cannot be destroyed like the regular cars on the roads. 

Its movement is like a sliding snake; what it puts over your enemies is a big fearful impression from the start. So, get excited to enjoy the memorable Gangstar New Orleans Mod Apk ride. 

Win the mini-jar and the surprises inside:

Besides the one first mini jar, you will open up various mini jars that are golden in color to collect your gifts. Sometimes you get valuable vehicles for free, and sometimes, weapons or bullets. Not only are the jar’s daily rewards, but also matching gifts from them are a source of real fun for the player. 

Visit mysterious Mission Locations:

The game is a little complicated concerning locations; there are weird locations to complete your missions. So you can visit clubs, parks, streets, mansions, and even the cemetery. 

Race Freely along all the roads:

The car owners are accessible in the game and can race all over France City. No rules to follow and no fear to stop; start racing with your rivals and prove yourself the best racer. 

Collect and use the best Ammunition:

What a gangster needs essential requirements are the weapons and the arsenal supply. If you are fond of the new and fresh weapons, try out the following in the game’s weapons section:

  • Fickle Blaster
  • Bewildered
  • Double Deed
  • Personal Defender
  • The Merciful
  • Balanced Blaze

The game’s weapons are distinguishable based on the following power points:

  • Damage
  • Rate of Fire
  • Critical
  • Ammo 
  • HP

So read out the details for each, select the weapons you would like, and start Shooting. 

Build and Furnish your Big Residence:

With the money you collect in the game and the diamonds you loot, you can build and decorate your residence; it is a safe house for you. So whenever it is 100% bullets hailing outside, rush to your home until you think of a better remedy.  

gangstar new orleans mod apk Unlimited Everything

Use the Loot and Shoot Principle:

Like all the mafia and gangster bosses, you will consider the rule of “Loot and Shot.” You can loot the citizens and get them to death by shooting. After they die, you will collect the weapon over their dead bodies. None is there to control you, and you are 100% free and fearful so that you can enjoy yourself fearlessly. 

Change Luxurious Vehicles:

You see the fancy cars running on the road, and you think of getting one; there are two options: you can take away the vehicle when it is still. You can stop one by firing over its tires or some other methods. Then you can snatch away the vehicles from the owners with your strength and weapon display you are doing all the time. 

Participate in Killer and Deadly Missions:

Welcome to the game’s deadliest missions. The mission calls are delivered via phone calls, and your tasks start. You can have the person VS person shooting or the Gange vs. Gang missions that are so amazing. They require more practice for gang VS gang missions. 

Escape and encounter Police:

The police will chase you since you are doing various activities that are suspicious or illegal. Therefore, be ready and swift in actions to escape the police attacks and raids. Sometimes you may have to combat with policemen, which can extend the game to the commander encounters and your arrest warrants. 

View the circular map in your frame:

On the top left corner, you see a round lens that shows you the game’s scenario all the time. When there is a target, the map expresses it in yellow, and when there is an enemy, it is red. Plus, you can see yourself and all the game maps showing roads, sideways, and buildings. 

Keep an eye over the Energy Status:

The energy of the character’s health is depicted in the curve below the map, green in color, and while fighting, you see the energy decreasing. And When you accomplish a mission, you get a chance to refill it instead of sudden deaths.

However, if you will have more bullets on you than your tolerance capacity, you will certainly be dead, and you have no choice except to reenter the game. So keep refilling your health status if you have to continue. 

The Mod Features of the Gangstar New Orleans Mod Apk:

This mafia game gives you many free exclusive features in the mod version of the Gangstar New Orleans Mod Apk. So here are the following features in the Latest Version for free:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited FREE Diamonds
  • VIP Mod Menu
  • Obb and APK file 
  • Unlimited All
  • Unlimited Ammo ( Weapons)
  • Unlimited Bullets FREE
  • FREE of Any Ads
  • FREE of any cost

So have the mod version on your device to get every feature free instead of spending money.


So, guys, this was all about the Gangstar New Orleans Mod Apk latest version. You can lay it down if you always desire such a free life. The game is violent, so it is not suitable for kids. Also, unethical shooting and looting may degrade their characters. So play only if you are 18 plus and talking about the game’s 3D graphical display; this is amazing and vivid. Enjoy the game if you love the features and the mod menu of the game. Also, check bit heroes Game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old should a kid be to play this Gangstar New Orleans Mod Apk?

The game is actually for adults more than 18 years old. So stop immediately if you are younger.

Can I have the Gangstar New Orleans Mod Apk on a PC?

Yes, you can, and the bigger screen and the PC control give you more awesome fun and entertainment levels. 

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