Flip Master Mod Apk 35.1.1 (Unlimited Coins Money, Free Jumps)

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App NameFlip Master
PublisherMotionVolt Games Ltd
Latest Version35.1.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Updated3 Day Ago


The Flip Master is a very dynamic and cool stunt game for teenagers that is an advanced version of Flip Diving. After the release of Flip Diving in 2016 for under thirteen, the similar but one-step advanced game Flip Master was released one year later, in January 2017. MotionVolt Ltd presented it on official play stores basically for teenagers with multiple challenges in an envelope of fun and action.

The game was greatly welcomed due to the wide variety of stunts, dives, moves, and locations. Also, the characters are not as childish as there in Flip Diving; the characters are mature and the game theme presents a little maturity level for teenagers. The challenges are tougher and more thrilling, thus inheriting greater enthusiasm in the players.

Flip Master Mod Apk Latest Version
Flip Master Mod Apk

How to Play the Flip Master Mod Apk 2023?

As the title of the game indicates, you have to become a master of “Flips” on the trampoline no matter how difficult or dangerous the trampoline has been set up for you. In the initial stages, you are protected by the side protective nets that prevent accidental falls out of the trampoline sheets. As you progress the trampoline has been developed into a more tough and modified one giving you a full taste of thrill and excitement.

Set Game Profile:

As you download the game you will have to install it. Once you open the installed Flip Master, you are guided completely by the in-game guide on how to connect and login yourself to the game to make a game profile of yours. You may enter the email addresses or may join through social media accounts like Facebook, or Instagram, or may make an entry via a google account. 

Select Character:

There isn’t as wide a variety of characters as it was in Flip Diving, but only two are provided are such fantastic masters that you won’t wish for more. The two characters given are;

  1. The Dude (Boy athlete)
  2. The Duette (girl athlete)

You will get the chance to either shop the qualities of the characters or let them train via various practice flips on the trampoline.

Win Coins:

As you will have to make flips and dives, the currency received for each is in the form of gold coins and these are counted continuously.

Spin Ball Machine:

The game Flip Master gives another amazing fun activity while playing the game which is to get the spin ball machine to spin after every level you upgrade. The balls in the spin machine system will spin multiple times before giving you a gift spin ball. Each of the spin balls gives you a unique trick, pose, or game location, deciding your next challenge in other words.

The spin balls bring out the following surprises:

Coin Rain:

It will bring out a whole rain shower with every flip you make and raise yourself in the air. The more you go higher, the longer the rain stream of coins will follow you up there.


Power-ups are the packets of energy needed for your character to jump and flip on the trampoline surface. The power-ups make the character energetic to make more flips per jump and hence collect more coins on each try.


The immortal mode won through the spin ball will let your character get numberless lives for a specific period of time, no matter how much you get hit on the sides or out of the trampoline.

Bullet time:

The bullet-time mode enhances the game graphics for a short period of time thus you would be able to visualize the effects presented on the screen more vividly.

Locations and the tricks of flipping: who wants to win new locations and flip tricks in the Flip Master? Well, we know your answer is certainly yes. So be ready to enjoy yourself much more.

Try New Tricks:

The new and dangerous flips will raise your sports morale up to a greater level. Various flips include:

  • Layout tuck
  • spin
  • Grab tuck
  • Pike tuck, etc.

Commentary On Each Jump:

With every flip, you make on the trampoline, you receive online commentary in a comment box that appears right in front of you. It shows the number of flips, and jumps, and also the score you got on each try. The comments are usually motivating on your good tries but you may receive warnings when you make mistakes. The major mistakes involve:

  • When you hit the boundary of the trampoline.
  • When you fall out of the trampoline 


  • When you jump and fall on your neck or belly instead of your feet or head.

New and Wonderful Trampoline Locations:

You get another unique feature of arranging the trampoline contests at the spots which may change. These locations or spots may be: Gym trampolines, circus trampolines, and the backyard trampoline, and again these are gifted via your spin machine balls.

Mod Features of the Flip Master MOD Apk 2023  Latest version:

 We all know the bounties of joy that the mod and hack versions bring to the players. The mod features make the gameplay even more fantastic and loveable than ever. Let’s describe these to you one by one:

Unlimited Money/Coins

The ultimate game currency that decides your efficiency in the game is the measure of how much you collect golden coins. These are earned very hard in the original versions but for the mod versions the coins became limitless; you may collect as many as you desire.

Unlimited Spins:

We know the spins in the original versions are not supplied freely; these are either bought by coins or by payments of real-world currency. You get one only when you have cleared the previous level but the mod version gives you all the spins free of cost whenever you like. 

All Locations Unlocked:

The locations of the trampolines are also associated with the performance of the player or by winning them in the spin ball. In the latest hack version, you are given fully free access to the locations you want to play on.  

No ads:

To make the gameplay stress-free and bombastic, the mod version has overcome the undesired ads display on the screen that is always taking away your interest. 

Crazy FREE Jumps:

The crazy jump styles in the shop are now totally free for the mod users of the Flip Master, thus encouraging and boosting your game spirits. The jumps and stunts you undergo while flipping yourself must be amazing enough to capture your attention. This luxury is brought to you by the latest hack version of the Flip Master Mod Version 2023.

Get excited to have many more in-game features!

How to Download the Latest Version of Flip Master Mod APK 2023?

  • Get a stable internet connection.
  • From your device’s setting allow “download from unknown resources”.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button on the game or click the link provided here.
  • Follow the procedure instructed by the third app.
  • The download will start immediately.
  • Once the download ends, click the downloaded file to proceed to install.
  • The game will get installed in a few minutes depending on the internet supply.
  • After the game installs, open it up and make your game profile to enjoy every second ahead.

Final Words:

A big motivational action game in the disguise of sports will make your kids enjoy it as the game is quite simple with a lot of interesting challenges. If you have read the whole features section, you can’t stop yourself get it asap. If you find any difficulty while downloading, please

let us know in the comment action. Your questions will be answered very soon. Goodbye, see you later with another amazing game! you may also like flip diving mod apk


Flip  Master is a very unique flip-styled game, graphically smooth and loaded with lots of characters and locations.  The developers provide you with many unlocked characters and levels so you may enjoy the game maximum free of cost. The ads are not too much and perfect ads break appear after you die in a flip and never let you get bored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I install the latest hack version of Flip Master Mod Apk on my phone?

That is quite simple. Do follow all the above-mentioned steps to get it downloaded. Then open it up to install.

Is the given link safe for my device?

Yes, it is. The prince mod apk.com is the best reliable service to get any of the mod versions in the latest form. And of course, the service offers a safe download and install policy.

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