Flip Diving Mod Apk v3.5.60 (Unlimited Everything, Unlimited Tickets )

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App NameFlip Diving
PublisherMotionVolt Games Ltd
Size82 MB
Latest Version3.5.60
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Coins
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Diving has been a very famous sport worldwide, especially in Europe where it originated and brought up many styles which are practised everywhere still now. The Flip Diving became more interesting when it was co-related with the performance of a number of stunts and somersaults while diving through different heights. Diving has also become a prime part of many national and international sports contests held officially on the annual basis.

The increasing passion for diving also incites the kids to be more adventurous and try dangerous locations and heights for comparison and showing off within teen friend circles. Most parents are cautious and want a substitute for them.

Therefore, to quench this thirst among children and teach them the ups and downs of this amazing game, a virtual diving 3D game “FLIP DIVING” has been introduced by Motion Volts Games Ltd. It was released in January 2017 and was last updated in January 2022. The game has been specially designed for kids under thirteen but the fantastic gameplay attracts people of all ages to try their best in flip diving. You may also love the Dream League Mod Apk.

Flip Diving Mod APK unlimited money
Flip Diving Mod APK unlimited money

How to Play the Flip Diving Mod Apk Latest Version 2023:

The game is simple and easy to learn and at the same time super fun and action blend. The player has to log in and then has to step into the game. The player starts the first level and has only to make the diver jump into the water with elegant flips so that a maximum number of coins are picked up. If you hit or make false movements player has to retry and improve the jumps. 

The gradual wins and spins make the player proceed faster toward new locations and try new characters and of course, the game becomes tougher and toughest in the end, so be ready to face challenges!

The game involves the following fun stages:

Selecting the character:

In the earlier stages, the player has to try the dives with only the default character in the game. As the player wins coins and makes spins, he gradually unlocks more characters. Each of the characters is having unique powers and styles to dive and flip with different capacities of hard, medium, or easy jumps. The characters that act as divers include:

  • The girl
  • The Basketball player 
  • The Karate boy
  • The business-man with a briefcase
  • The teddy-with heavy stuffed dress
  •  A Penguin
  • The bodybuilder with dumbbells
  • A Safety suits
  • Zombie diver
  • The Santa Diver
  • Surfer Diver -with surfboard

Dive and Flip to Collect Coins:

The diver is presented on the top of any of the select locations such as the cliff, tree, mountain, etc and you have to flip him/her with simple finger gestures. Put the finger anywhere and slide upwards, downwards, or sideways to adjust the position of the diver and release it.

As you release your fingers the diver will jump into the space with amplitude depending upon the sliding you made. Then, click multiple times on the diver whenever you want him/her to take a flip. The flips are not the essential parts of motion, but they are needed if you think that the coins are out of reach of the diver.

Immediate Commentary:

As the diver will make somersaults and flips to collect the coins. The collected coins number appears in the result box after every try. The innate game judge makes comments on every dive whether it was good, excellent, or bad.

The comments appear negative if:

  • hit the cliff while diving.
  • You make false belly flips or backflips.
  • You make still tucking’s. 

The result box also presents the number of entries and also the number of jumps ad flips made in addition to comments for you.

Dangerous Locations:

The diver upgrades himself with good performance and gets newer and more dangerous locations to pick up from. The locations are pretty hard with a number of amazing challenges. The locations include:

  • Sea-shore
  • Deep cliffs
  • Trees & Branches
  • Lighthouse
  • Stadium tower
  • Yacht
  • Springboards
  • Trampoline hill
  • Old harbor
  • The crane-with-night theme

Try New and Adventurous Flips:

The flips are gifted by special spins made on the spin wheels and the newer and more dangerous flips are even more motivating. Likewise, locations and characters will also have a wide variety of flips you have to perform. These are:

  • Backup X out
  • Backup Flip Crab
  • Candle
  • Bomb
  • Straight
  • Reverse Russian Pike
  • Reverse Russian
  • Gainer Backflip
  • Reverse backflip Pike

The most advanced one is Reverse Backflip Pike, so be excited to py your best efforts over here otherwise, you will lose.

Spin Wheel:

It is actually a ball spin system containing a number of balls packed in it with different surprises as updates. With every spin you make here you get access to new costumes, characters or locations thus go and push the spin button to advance!

Stunning Mod Features of the Flip Diving Mod Apk latest version 2023:

The original versions downloaded from the official sites have limited fun and activities and they demand the players to either pay each time they get a new update or they want the player to clear certain levels no matter how time-consuming it is. 

This drawback has been covered up by the formation and release of a mod version of the game which allows its players to enjoy everything at its peak and never pay for anything. Let us take a quick review of the mod features of the Flip Diving Mod Apk hack version 2023.

Unlimited Coins:

The only currency of the game which has to be counted for your progress is the golden coins a diver collects during dives. But the limited coins in the original version are now extended to an unlimited supply. So, enjoy the stress-free environment and collect as many coins as you desire for FREE.


All Locations Unlocked:

The locations in the original version are never available to be chosen freely. The game setup demands clearance of precious levels to unlock a new location. If you want it unlocked you would have to pay for it thus getting a budget strain. The hack erosion has solved this role as well. Install the mod version and get all the locations unlocked for free and select any one out of many to play and win according to your interest.

All Characters Unlocked:

Just like the locations the characters in the Flip Diving are also locked and they get unlocked when you upgrade your level or pay a certain amount of money. The mod version brings about a wide unlocked variety of characters to choose from. Remember this service does not charge any money.

Free Flips:

As you scroll down the styles for diving or flips you will come to know the high amount of money required to pay for your flips. They really cost a lot. Therefore, to present the free version, we give you full access to any kind of flip-style you want.

FREE Shopping: 

The characters, costumes, locations, and flips that were previously charging you in the original visions are now totally free. Also, if you like traditional shopping from the Sops you will have to use coins- the alternative of free and we know they are also unlimited and free. So overall gameplay is very economical and budget-friendly.

No Ads:

Last but not the least, the mod version has been made out of reach of any advertisement during the whole gameplay and you will never get stuck up waiting for the ad to end or skip.

How to Download the Latest Version of the Flip Diving Mod Apk 2023?

To download the desired version of “Flip Diving mod apk” click the apk link given below. And let a third-party app be involved in the process. 

Once it gets downloaded, it will move into your download folder.

The game will start installing automatically, it may take a little more time.

Note: Before downloading, let your device download from unknown resources, and also make sure of the availability of a stable internet connection.

Final Conclusions:

The game Flip Diving Mod Apk’s latest version 2023 has brought about a very cute 3D graphical diving experience for kids under 13 so that they may get the virtual scenes and enjoy the real-world game and also train themselves. The ever-increasing demand for the game’s mod version makes it a perfect selection for your kids. Don’t hesitate and go download it.

If you find any difficulty on this page, please let us know in the comment box. Your questions will be answered very soon. Goodbye, and see you later with another amazing game.


This diving game gives outdoor fun while sitting inside your room. Try and enjoy all types of dangerous flips at the locations you want. Change characters and give chances to newer ones by winning the previous. The game should add a few updates like awarding the players with a free daily reward or producing the daily challenge test dives for the players also the players should be provided with an extended map of areas they have to try diving and the locations they have tried. Maybe in near future, any of this comes out to be the game’s updated features. Even now you may get the best moments by diving deep wears if you desire and compromise with the current gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I enjoy the game Flip Diving Mod Apk on my iPad?

 yes, why not
The given version of the game has been designed for both Android and Apple phones and the services of the mod versions are equally the same in both of these.

How could I get an unlimited supply of free coins?

Go and install the given version of the Flip Diving Mod apk latest version 2023, and then you will get complete access to free and unlimited coins supply.
 So, are you excited enough now?

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