FarmVille 3: Animals MOD APK v.1.22.34048  (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

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App Name Farm-Ville3 Mod APK
Publisher Zynga
Genre Simulation
Size 150 MB
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Water
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Updated 3 Day Ago


FarmVille 3: Animals MOD APK v1.20.33280  is undoubtedly the best game to experience the village environment. In FarmVille 3 game, you can grow crops and become a farmer. You will be able to make farms of animals in the village-type area and sell them to get excess money for your own business.

By using this money, you will be able to expand your business beyond regular work. By using this money you will be able to build a hotel for yourself. In this game, there will be available best design furniture for you. Using this furniture, you can decorate your home with the best quality. It will be an enjoyable moment for you after this.

There will be many types of animals available for you in this game. You will be able to collect these different types of animals. These animals have a wide range for you. Here animals do not belong to a single species but many species of different animals. These animals may belong to the same family.

FarmVille 3 MOD APK Free Water

  Categories of Animals:    

 There are different categories of Animals you will see in this game, and these categories are divided into three types.

1st Category:

The first category of animals for all gamers is “normal.” In this category farm, there will be available usual animals for example; Chickens, goats, and buffaloes. These animals are included in non-magical farm animals.

2nd Category:

In this category, the animals are “Magical.” Many magical elements in this game are essential to give birth to magical animals and spells cast on them. These animals have many outstanding abilities, but these abilities can’t make them more robust than normal work animals. The purpose of these animals is breeding, but here one thing has to be remembered this breeding has happened with normal farm animals. Then at the end, you will see magical creatures like Unicorn and Pegasus.

3rd Category:

This is the last category of animals which is named “mythological.” These are the creatures that have unique characteristics. These are very important for their survival. With these properties, the animals can take part in action-packed adventures in all games. Then these adventures give them a high-value experience.

FarmVille 3 MOD APK Full Game

 App FarmVille 3 Features:

 Endless Keys:

 In this game, you will be able to get endless keys, which are essential to unlock many exciting adventures. Many adventures in this game are essential for the survival of animals, but many of these are locked, and these keys are essential to unlock.

 Unlimited Coins: 

You will have the opportunity to earn several gifts and coins if you play this game. There are numerous diamonds up for grabs in this game, and you can earn them based on your skill and interest.

Unlimited feed:

This game will provide unlimited feed for your animals as you know that better food will make the animals healthy.  With this food, animals will gain better growth.

 Infinite Water:

This game has more significant advantages for animals because it provides the animals with infinite water so they never feel thirsty in this game.

 Instant Weight gain:

  This game is different from the game of its predecessors because, in this game, you will be able to focus on your farm of animals and feed them. Here you will be able to grow crops for these animals, and they will get instant weight.

 Instant Animals growth:

  This game is best for players to get experience village life. When you feed your animals, you will see instant weight gain in their body, and animal growth will be a better opportunity by using this crop.

  FarmVille3 Gameplay:

 You will establish your farm in this game. Crops will be planted, and livestock will be fed. Additionally, you can produce and market goods. You can engage in gaming with pals from around the globe. This game’s gameplay is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. This game has excellent graphics, which draw players in and make it fun to play.

The well-known game company Zynga created this rural agricultural simulator. The player will take on the role of a farmer who has been left a little piece of land. He will have to cope with planting, harvesting, raising livestock, and other gardening-related tasks here.

FarmVille 3 MOD APK New Update

The user can start from scratch and create his farm.

To accomplish this, you must produce and harvest crops, sell goods, raise livestock, construct buildings, and utilize various transportation methods. The money made can be used to boost the economy or to purchase brand-new items required for advancement.


 This game is exciting for those who want to experience village life. This game is based on the engine of the most popular games in the world. But this game was made with very much care. There added many new features to the game by the author. Now it is straightforward to play this game in your spare time. You can build various structures and purchase valuable items like animals. You may also like project makeover mod apk,princemodapk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This game is About which procedure?

This game is not an original but a moded version game; in this game, you will be able to get coins and many keys, etc.

May I know if there are charges to download this game?

No, It is premium is very easy for gamers to download this game.

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