Family Farm Adventure Mod Apk 1.14.102 (Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Diamonds)

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App Name                             Family Farm Adventure
Publisher                               Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Latest Version       1.14.102
MOD Info Unlimited Energy, New Version, Free  Shopping
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Have you ever been a part of a flower festival? The one that is on a beautiful island of flowers possessed by granny. But the disastrous Earthquake just finished the surprise for Felicia and this is the cause of the whole dismal for the old granny.

The cheerful Felicia is arriving to fix everything and you will be the one playing her role. Get excited about all the new modifications she is suggesting to change the state of the island and the flower farm. She is doing this for the sake of the same fun level as it used to be before the earthquake.   Take part in all the farm activities to assist granny to grow her farm better and faster before the flower festival arrives. 

This is the game where the hearts of all the flower lovers melt and they keenly grow new flowering plants, cut the previous ones, and have the best flower shop in the area. Switch islands when you grow experienced enough to handle another one. Create new designs and decorate the farmhouse with limited resources. 

To have everything for free and unlimited, you can have the latest version of the Family Farm Adventure Mod APK. Here you will not only get the perfect user interface and the ads-free version but also unlimited supplies of energies, gems, and whatever you need in the game challenges. Hope you will appreciate the hack version of the game and will find it the best boredom-killer game for the year 2023.

Family Farm Adventure Mod APK Free Shopping

The Gameplay of the Family Farm Adventure Mod APK:

Let’s see how the game starts and what are the main stages in the gameplay:

The Background Story: 

The game starts with the voyage scenes of Felicia returning to her home island after a long time to see the granny. Another prime reason to come back here is to attend the beautiful flower exhibition or the flower fancy festival his granny has to arrange.  

But unfortunately, the unexpected earthquake shakes up everything and when Felicia comes there is nothing but a mess all around. The gloomy granny receives her and the brave granddaughter has to fix everything for now.  

The story proceeds with the innovative ideas of the girl to maintain everything on the island, especially the flower shop so that granny may not lose a resource to earn. Besides the upcoming flower festival on this island is to be held on granny’s farmhouse so she has to quickly work up for improvements. 

Family Farm Adventure Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Clear up the Earthquake mess:

So, starting from the mess on the seashore, Felicia has to spend some moments clearing up the unnecessary dumps. This is the first thing that Felicia has to do and she must be in a kind of wonder to deal with it since she does not know anything about the recent earthquake. So help her pick branches and clean the space. 

Look up for Hank:

Guess who Hank is? He is the granny’s lovely pet that is missing since the pathetic incident took place. The granny asks Felicia to search for Hank as it is very dear to her. Where could be the cute pup? Hints say that he is under the remains of the house so get the area cleared and you see, there is Hunk! 

Fortunately, he is not hurt and is happy to meet granny now. The puppy is loveable and all he wants to express appears in the emoji cloud that appears right above him right according to his mood. The pet love language is cute though, but the game itself is more.

Console the granny:

Felicia has to emotionally console the granny and she needs to put in the mental and physical efforts to prove it practically as well. Are you ready? Go ahead and take the charge of Felicia doing this from A to Z. 

Renovate the flowers order board

The flower order board is right near the entrance hallway. You know, there must be a basis to raise up a smashed farm so let’s start taking orders from the customers. The customers tag up the flower orders they want and you will help them pick their orders in bunches. For this, first, harvest the flowers like a sunflower bed on receiving a relevant order, and then deliver it. 

Receive and deliver flowers: 

You will have a notification every time you will receive an order, so run and pick up the order then hurry up to deliver the flowers fast for the customers. Wield the sickle and harvest all the flower beds. Then use the flower pic and drag it over the ground you want to show. The seeds of the respective plant spread there and soon they will turn into a new flower bed. Actually, the whole process may sound so hectic but when there is a strong passion, the difficulties run away. 

Family Farm Adventure Mod APK Unlimited Energy

Decorate the Fragmented Flower Shop: 

The next thing is to decorate the whole farmhouse to celebrate the upcoming events. Put all your decor skills into use and create a very grateful place to welcome all the guests to the flower festival. For this, you may use the money and gems to buy the furniture, new updates, the renovations the whole farm needs, and whatever themes you like for the exterior and interiors. 

Plus you can change the furnishing schemes of the whole house and island to look more enriched and classy. You have all the accessorizing options with full customizations from colors of wallpapers to floor designs while doing this job. 

Harvest and raise crops and animals:

Farm the various crops for cash and food and raise them all according to their patterns. Besides, you will have to take care of all the farm animals that are living on the islands and get enough productivity out of them. Grow, care and harvest different crops and breed and raise the livestock to have a beautiful fecund farmhouse.

Get into the wonderful Adventure Quests:

The quests board shows the daily quests you have to accomplish while on the island. So read them out, mark them and then go through the adventures to have a never-ending fun cascade. 

Solve puzzles and win aesthetic treasures:

The in-game puzzles and mini-quests through which a player has to go, are not fruitless. You will discover, meanwhile, the chests of treasures and antique pieces as the rewards. So you are going to play in riches soon! Solve and raise your status through this treasure hunting.

Spend Energy:

In the whole game, energy plays a significant role. Felicia’s energy will appear in a bar and the total number of energy packs she has. Each task will cost her a pack of energy points like 9, 8, 20, 15, etc. the quests will take the energy in use and the players have to re-boost the energy periodically.

One way to do this is to purchase energy bundles from the in-app purchase offers of the game, and the other way is to win it in different quests. Apply the method that suits you and in return have the plant of fun activities on the walls of Family Farm Adventure Mod APK.

Socialize with family and friends:

The Farm game requires the players to participate in all the activities that coil co-relate to the family members, and reinvigorate them in a strong bond. Besides, you have to give yourself a chance to grow your social norms and mingle with other people. They could be the customers, other fam owners, workers, and the cousins in granny’s family.

Explore new wonderlands:

Since you are having you’re focused on the farm only, you should remember to get along with all other places on the island as well. Visit new locations, meet new people, and in the last stage, you may also switch relationships with people on another island. This whole fun gathering and meeting is just so cool.

The Mod Features of the latest hack version of Family Farm Adventure:

Although the whole game even in the original version is a full fun package the real enjoyment is playing the mod version of the game. What you will have in the mod version is listed below:

  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlocked levels and items
  • Free-to-play
  • No Ads Feature 

Interestingly, the hack version is not only free of any initial cost but also tenders away all the mod features for free. Just install the latest game into your device and enjoy the fun.


Hope after reading the characteristics of the game you will find it hard to stop downloading it. This is such a masterpiece presented by Century Games Pte. Ltd that none can ignore it. Cute graphics, melodious conversations, and the variable musical beats all throughout the gameplay are enough to captivate your attention for hours.  Ten million plus people already have this, install yours and have the best entertainment and adventure quests. You may also like klondike adventures


The best simulator game ever is full of mysteries, fun activities, and fun puzzles. The game’s theme, storylines, and characters are all beautiful but the problem is with the energy system. The energy is poorly generated and all the quests waste it so quickly. There must be an energy rehabilitation for free because the game is just trash without energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I have the Family Farm Adventures on my laptop or PC?

Yes, you may. The game is accessible for all devices like android, iPhones, PC, and play stations.

 what would be the cost of the full MOD menu if I want it on my game?

The Mod menu costs you nothing. Just get the accurate link and have the mod features on your account for free.

Are there any cooking adventures during the game?

The game shows little highlights of some scenes where the players have to cook and eat at special events. 

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