Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.14 (Unlimited Points, Health, Ammo)

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App NameExtra Lives
Latest Version1.14
MOD InfoUnlimited Money / All Unlocked
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Updated5 Day Ago


Test your persistence in a world that is filled with empty-headed zombies and merciless humans. Possessed innovative relationships with 200 different characters from 8 fighting factions, each with their own view of the situation and how to solve it. You’ll visit over 50 distinct locations and interact with hundreds of fascinating products on your quest to restore order to every area of the city. Thanks to an above-average fighting system from the Wrestling Revolution series, tearing opponents apart has never been more entertaining.

Although the game is largely free to play, you can personalize it to “substantially” improve your experience. To customize the environment, begin with a character from your imagination and make changes to all the others later. You can even start with a certain number of zombies to either jump right in or build up slowly. You’ll also obtain full access to the exclusive “Deathmatch” mode, which eliminates the stress of defeating zombies.

The Gameplay of the Extra Lives:

The gameplay is quite engaging. The player is transported to a zombie-infested world, where he must complete a single simple objective. He must fight as hard as he can to achieve his aim of killing both zombies and people. There will be countless things for the player to do in the game to defeat the zombies and continue his mission.

There are two hundred personal attributes and fifty completely different places. Otherwise, every group of characters participates in the sport. When you change the character, this can make the game more entertaining.

Develop exclusive relationships with 200 distinct personalities dispersed across various stages of 8 war factions, each with its own set of ideals and issues, and find answers for them. Along your journey, you’ll come across over 50 unique areas, each with a variety of interactive objects to assist you in cleaning every nook and cranny of the city and negotiating your way through.

Features of Extra Lives Mod APK:

Touch Control Is Simple:

Those who are interested can instantly enjoy the simple and intuitive gameplay. Survive while combating zombies. Use the color buttons to freely explore the sandbox with your virtual adversaries, map, and unique combos and attacks. Furthermore, have fun planning how to defeat your opponents.

Immersive Storytelling Helps in Exploring Stories:

Extra Lives also provides Android gamers with an engrossing plot that effectively conveys a terrific story about combating zombies and surviving the predicament. Furthermore, all of this will make the overall plot exceedingly exciting. This is how you can use the Extra Life APK to optimize your game experience.

Unlimited Lives Mod APK:

Android gamers combat eight war groups, each with its own set of features. But, more importantly, they both want to overcome zombies and give humans a shot, despite their competing opinions and aspirations. You can also select between each side and participate in the final mission to vanquish the other factions and eradicate zombies.. You may like project qt mod apk

Defend Yourself Against an Endless Stream of Enemies:

Anyone who wishes to adjust their level of play can use the edit mode. You can tailor the battle to your preferences by adding and removing in-game elements. You may relax and enjoy a terrific battle experience right here.

100% Free version:

There is no need to pay. Advertisements and in-app purchases are, however, inevitable because it is still a free game. As a result, you should choose the updated version of the game on our website. There are unlimited in-app purchases, telemarketing, and other fascinating features.

Music and Sounds:

Extra Lives also features a dynamic soundtrack, music, and an intriguing game interface. It keeps players interested throughout the game and enables them to have a zombie-fighting experience.


The game’s interface and graphics are thrilling and gripping, giving the impression that you’re in the midst of a zombie attack. Enjoy the visually appealing and intriguing surroundings, which include exciting combat and an interactive narrative.

Have Fun with the Game’s Unlocked Version:

Advertisements and in-game purchases are, however, obligatory because this is still a free rendition of the game. As a result, the updated version of the game accessible on our website could be desirable. We provide you with endless in-game purchases, no commercials, and a lot of other cool stuff. All of this is simple to enable with our unlocked Extra Lives version. To get started, simply download the Extra Lives Mod APK from our website and follow the instructions.

Unrestricted Health:

The limitless health bonus in Extra Lives Mod APK allows you to play the game in a completely new direction. You can take any amount of damage from zombies or firearms and not lose health. Moreover, you may progress through the game without dying and needing to respawn frequently. It also guarantees that you do not waste any progress.

Ammunition is unlimited:

The Unlimited Ammo component offers you unlimited ammo for each weapon you own. You’ll be handed complete rounds of ammunition that won’t run out as you use them. As a consequence, you can defeat as many foes as you want while also preserving your group. You will have access to great weapons and ammunition. It will certainly be useful in combat.

Final View:

The game explains the real zombie and human conflicts in one fight. Go through the memorable fights and give us feedback. Try the recommended mod version of the game for free and enjoy the game on a broader range of entertainment. Grab unlimited treasures and win all through the way!


This killer game is noticed as a genuine and thrilling zombie survival game. Nothing to do in particular except compete and kill lots of zombies. Most people gave negative reviews about the bad graphics and the lagging visual and aural animations. Plus there are no goals or missions in the game, therefore the game is going to be a kind of aimless game. Ads display is in profusion so the players may either make their aero plane mode on during the gameplay or just they can have the hack version without any ads. Also, the game is showing extremely violent content so be conscious if you are an emotionally weak player or agoraphobic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum capacity of the Extra Lives Mod APK?

The APK for the additional (Zombie Survival Sim) mode is 81MB.

What is included in the standard extra life package?

The default Extra Life combination is air.

What are the advantages of the Extra Lives Mod (Zombie Survival Sim)?

Extra Lives contain a variety of features, such as Unlimited/Unlocked All and more.

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