Eternium Mod Apk v1.5.95  Unlimited Money, Gems & Unlimited Rubies

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App NameEternium
PublisherMaking Fun
Latest Versionv1.5.95
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gems
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The game Eternium is a type of adventure-based challenge game and it is a full adventurous journey of bravery and struggles throughout the game. The game shows a savage adventure in which you have to play the role of the warrior. The fights and challenges to combat demons and evil forces will continue until you get through all of the 795 quests. 

Each of the levels in the Eternium is revolving around a very unique tasting thrill and activity and it is enough to keep your blood warm during the whole journey. The virtual theme on which the game is built is a little scary since it exhibits the scenes like graveyards, dungeons, deep forests, and caves. There you will have to go in order to complete the missions. So, be brave enough and stay strong if you have to dominate evil powers.

Eternium MOD APK (Unlimited Rubies/Money/Gems)

The game Eternium has been brought to you by the amazing gaming limited company “Making Fun” in 2014. It has been reported to collect over 10 million downloads on the official play Stores of androids and iPhones. Even these days the developers are creating changes in the game to make it even more interesting, adventurous, and enjoyable. 

What is the Hack Version of the Eternium Mod Apk Latest version?

The about section of the game at the play store emphasizes that the purchases are not very essential for the gameplay of the Eternium. But we all know how important it is to avail all the purchases of the game to have the best version of the character. Therefore instead of making no purchases or making purchases with real money, it is advised to install the game in a mod version. Here in the mod version, you will get everything including powers, rubies, gems, and dresses for free without paying real-world money. It will multiply the fun you desire while playing any adventure-based game.

Scroll down to read out the full gameplay and instructions regarding the Eternium Mod Apk:

Eternium APK  MOD with Unlimited gems

The Gameplay of the  Eternium Mod Apk latest version:

Select Gender and Hero:

Open the installed game and then you meet the very first step which is to select the gender of the character you want to play the role. There you will have to select the one between the male sign and the female signs in the left box. Next, you will have to select the hero class and hero type from the right side. There are three hero classes in the game Eternium, you may select one.

  • Mage
  • Bounty hunter
  • Warrior

Tap on each character and they will give you a brief demo how do they look like and how will they perform in the game. 

Enter the name or Select Auto Name

The next step is to enter the name in the name box so that your friends and the guide in the game may communicate with you by calling your name.  Well, if you do not want to enter the name, then you may select the other option called “auto name” which will give you an automatic character name. 

Log in :

Now, press the log-in button if you have a previous account in the game. If you don’t have one go and create one by clicking n the create button. Remember it is crucial if you don’t want to lose the game case of restarting the game on another device.  

Starting From the “Shores of Hope”:

Here you start your first battle with the demons in the lands called “Shores of Hopes”.  The land is highly dreadful and the night theme makes the scenes even scarier. The challenges you meet here are addressed to you via the message board in the game.

Game Control:

It is very easy to play since you have to only tap to attack and defend the arrow shedding from the enemies. The aliens are attacking you anytime from anywhere. Just tap faster to kill them before they happen to make your energy level zero.

Eternium Mod Apk Free Purchase

Blue Arrows Guide the Path:

The game becomes easier to understand when you see the blue arrows for guidance in each task. Whenever you enter any battlefield or new level, there you will get enlightenment until the end. Since the arrows make your direction so the kids can play the game Eternium mod apk.

Rapid-Fire Ability Unlocked:

Gradually you will get your abilities unlocked with each level. The 20 abilities will make you feel quite strengthened and powered all along the journey. The go-to bag in your pocket now is filled with abilities and the more you will unlock with little stages you clear in the game. Open the trial section and drag the abilities to get them fit in your dress. These are like the promotions on the coat of a soldier that will take you and have your powers even broader.  Following are the abilities you may use in the game as a fighter: 

  • Whirlwind
  • Shockwave
  • Arc Lightning
  • Blizzard
  • Frost Nova
  • Vortex
  • Silence sneak
  • Smoke screen 
  • Traps 
  • Snipers

Cast Spells by Swapping Fingers:

You, while fighting in the game can cast spells on the enemies to destroy them in a single shot. Make ticks or tick-like lines on the screen so that you may kill them altogether. The lines you draw on your enemies will make your enemies burnt in a single swap. But there are a limited number of lines you may use in each stage. Overuse may lead you to get short of the spells and you will see that” no more spells “ note on-screen on drawing the lines. You may also like the mechat mod apk

Collect Gems at end of Each Level:

What rewards you will receive on the completion of a task? These are the chests full of gems, gold, and gold coins plus their powers and magical tools. This will obviously make everybody even more accelerated and motivated for next. 

Eternium Mod Menu Apk

Complete Quests, and Gather Weapons:

The Eternium gameplay will go on by giving you quests and letting you complete them with full efficiency. By completing the tasks you will have the real thrill and challenge time with the evil forces. Use your weapons like the fire pistol, the dagger, the magical sword, etc., and pick up more weapons from the pathways you go.  

Equip Yourself:

Before you go on the bigger and tougher challenges, you will have to get yourself equipped likewise. The dressing room is there and you may purchase items for yourself and then put them on yourself for a better fight time. This will include, leather boots a leather top, an iron dress, a helmet, etc.

Purchase armors from Jonathan:

Meet Gornthan! He is a sincere merchant in that place that sells armor and weapons. You may buy some if you want and can skip them if you don’t have money.

Defender of Ruins:

Enter your next level, which is called the DEFENDERS OF RUINS. Here you will have to destroy the 10 skeletons in order to complete the challenge. Also there you will have to get access to the ruins of the dead people there. This is like a graveyard area from where hundreds of skeletons and demons will arise to attack you. Use the powers you have and cast spells on them.  Then at the end, you will have your rewards that comprise the gems, the gold, and the XP points. 

Find and kill Iskarion Skybeater:

The final stage you will have to go through in the Eternium is to obviously find and kill the Iskarion Skybeater from the ruins. That is really terrible fight and you might get injured there. 

The Mod Features of the Eternium Mod APK Latest Hack Version:

The ack version is a hundred percent free version with a hundred percent real and FREE features. Have the real version installed and enjoy the following features:

  • Free Gold 
  • Free Unlimited XP points
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited rubies
  • Unlimited FREE shopping and purchases
  • Unlimited everything


The fantastic action game Eternium Mod Apk is one of the most played and downloaded games o game boards these days. Being loved by kids as well as adults equally well. The game becomes super exciting and well understandable when you have every level of social media guidance. You tubers and the gamers post videos of guidance about each level.

The plates can get watched and improve their gaming experience by hundreds of folds. Also, the game Eternium has been acknowledged by Facebook users and there is a separate page thereon where the players post their experiences and achievements. If you find any trouble with the game download and installation, you are free to contact us and comment. We will have the sure pleasure to serve you more.


Since the game story is wonderful and action based, the game has collected about ten million plus downloads on the google play store alone. But a few amendments are needed in the game regarding some specific issues. There in the game, users have very few hero classes so they can’t switch too much. The costumes of the heroes and assassins carry too many simple and plain designs that make the gameplay a little boring. The poor item forging makes the game even worse. The users can’t forge out items they need while they are dying in the game. Huge loss of coins and gold pieces is known to have happened with most of the users. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download the game Eternium Mod Apk’s latest hack version?

This is quite easy. Get the page fully scrolled up until you see the download button. Click on it and download the apk of the mod version. Later open the downloaded apk and install it on your device. 

how it is to play the game Eternium on a PC or PlayStation?

Quite wonderful. Have the game installed and then lay it on whatever device you want to maximize your fun.

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