Dr. Driving 2 Mod Apk 1.60 (All Car Unlocked, Unlimited Gold Coins, Ruby)

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App NameDr Driving 2
PublisherSUD Inc.
Latest Version1.60
MOD InfoUnlimited Money,All Cars Unlocked
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated3 Day Ago

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SUD Inc knows how much you love driving, and because of that, the team has made Dr. Driving 2 Mod apk V1.60 for you! Notably, this racing game will redefine what you know about driving games. It’s a lot more than just getting from point A to point B, and it’s all about how you do it. Your car is customizable, which means your driving style can be too.

Dr Driving 2 is a racing game, unlike others out there. It is a simulation game that has you pick your vehicle and drive through the city! You can upgrade your cars, build your dream car and even play online multiplayer with people from all around the world! Sounds fun? Then stay tuned for my review of Dr Driving!

About Dr. Driving 2 Mod Apk Information

The game is installed on the Google Play Store, and SUD Inc. created it. Dr. Driving2 mod apk has more than 150 tools that can help you get rid of them quickly, and still, there are up to 10 million downloaders, but only a few players have played it for a long time and finished the game successfully.

In addition, this led to the fact that the game has become so popular in mobile games. After downloading Dr Driving 2 Hack Tool, you can check whether this is so. All cars, upgrades, and new levels will be available for free! The hacked version of dr driving 2 will allow us to enjoy our game without any limitations because, at that moment, we won’t need to spend money on it.

Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk Gameplay

Dr driving 2 mod apk all cars unlocked has many added features, including taking pictures and recording videos. Moreover, it allows players to choose a difficulty level for themselves. In addition, you can visit various places in different countries and participate in multiple competitions. While playing Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK V1.60, you will see that you will feel like you are driving on an actual highway. The maps are pretty similar to the real ones, making the gameplay even more enjoyable. Don’t forget that this game is very addictive!

dr driving 2 mod apk All Cars Unlocked  Unlimited Fuel Unlimited Gems Coins Ruby Gold
dr driving 2 mod apk

Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk 2023 Update 

While you enjoy the fantastic game ride on the car, bus, or taxi in the Dr Driving 2 mod apk, you have to go through 20+ stimulating levels successively. All the levels are extremely enjoyable, loveable, and exciting with little taste of thrill. Let’s get a brief go-through of some of them:

Test Drive:

Before you get entered into any of the levels, you get a test drive as stage one to make sure that you are expert enough to drive. The test drive gives you all the instructions to drive, park, and pick up the coins while you handle the steering.

 There are two main control buttons to control the car which are: the accelerator and the brake. A speedometer installed actively measures the instantaneous speed of the drive and mentions it vividly.

 A bomb button will help you make the speed go faster and faster until you slow it down by yourself. The emergency lights help you get all the barriers on the road removed and you can make your way on the road even if the road was blocked.

A stopwatch is installed in the top middle space which makes you aware of the time-lapse you are left with. Last but not the least, different flow arrows appear while you are driving in the middle of the road guiding you about the turns you are expected to make.

School Zone:

The next level is the school zone where the instructions say to be careful while you drive near the school. The maximum speed permitted is below 30 km per hour and exceeding this will get you to lose your points and rewards.

Traffic Signal:

The third and the most beautiful level is the “traffic signal” and we must admit it teaches you the driving rules and regulations. Like you have to follow the traffic signal lights installed on the poles at certain distances. Stopping at red, moving at the green, and getting ready at yellow, will give your kids a visual understanding of road manners. The parking sign appears at a distance of one hundred meters and will guide you to the yellow parking area.

Bus ( on loan):

Next is to show your driving perfection by giving a bus your best drive in the race mode in the career chapter. You have to drive the bus cautiously through the bus route and collect coins as usual. The important thing, here, is to stand the bus at every bus stop for three seconds to let the passengers get on and get down. There may be various bus stops and you will have to exactly copy the bus driver’s routine to assure your victory.

Speed ( with a bus on loan): 

The next and fifth amazing stage is to get the awesome experience of flying the bus at full speed.   Here, you are asked to maintain a speed always above 80 km/h and you have got a “bomb button” to accelerate your speed.  Reach the desired destination at the same speed and win rewards and coupons.

Time Trial:

As the name mentions this is the stage that talks about time management to check how well you do your duty while following the time limits.  If you are capable of doing this then you are capable enough to win all the prizes and upgrades. 

Rash Hour:

The eighth outstanding level is a little tough now because you have to tackle the traffic on the roads. All the stages you encountered earlier were super calm with no traffic. Now, there will be a number of cars and you will have to drive in such a perfect style that you can’t hit any of them. Plus the speed here is above 100 km/h so be excited to have goosebumps on the drive. Remember hitting or overtaking the cars badly will lessen the points you earned.

Under Construction:

 The next level is to drive the car safely on the under-construction type roads that are full of barriers and obstacles everywhere. You don’t have any chance to remove any of them. The only way to get out of this is to drive very very cautiously t avoid any hits.


The last stage is to ride through various hundred-meter lengths and then park the car at the endpoint. The endpoint is bounded by a yellow boundary which with the right parking inside will change the glow to green. Thus you have completed all the levels with full efficiency and willpower. 


Some modified features of dr. driving 2 mod apk

1.   Realistic graphics

The graphics of this game are so realistic that you can see every detail of the character that is driving the car, such as their hands, feet, mouth, face, etc. Moreover, You can also see the expressions on their faces and hear what they say when they talk to each other. Don’t blink your eye for a few seconds, you will be able to miss what they say entirely, and it would be pretty challenging for you to know about it later because you cannot go back into the game quickly.

2.   Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk Leaderboard

The game starts in Barcelona, and you have to drive your car on the busy streets of this city. You will have to go through Barcelona’s streets, beat your competitors, and earn points. The more points you earn by beating your competitors, the higher place you will get on the leaderboard of this game.

3.   Different modes

 It includes doctors driving, stealing cars, taxi drivers, robbers, etc. In each way, there are a lot of exciting levels that you have to complete to win the game. If you want to unlock the full version of this game, it costs $2.99 on the App Store and Google Play Store, but if you don’t want to spend too much money buying this app, you can use Dr driving two mod apk for free.

4. Dr. Driving 2 Mod Apk  Simple control

The controls are straightforward to use. Even a kid can know how to play this game. Just tap the buttons, and you will play it easily. You need to focus on your driving and reach a particular point before time runs out. You have to collect coins on a different level so you can unlock new cars, bikes, and much more.

5.   Multiplayer

Multiplayer mode is the favorite feature of the users of this game. Dr driving 2 apk is very famous among the users, and they are enjoying it a lot. In addition, this is a fantastic feature as you have lots of fun while playing this game. Be reasonable in your skill to drive a car and defeat your opponent to get different rewards. Be on top of the global chart by dominating others. Enjoy this fantastic game with your friends and family members.

6.   Wide variety of vehicles

There are a variety of cars in Dr. Driving 2. You’ll start with something called JBIN, which is a small hatchback car that’s suitable for city drives. The game does not have a significant storyline, but it does keep track of your progress through the levels. Each level has three stars to collect; 1 for finishing it, 1 for finishing it without crashing, and finally 1 for finishing it without hitting any pedestrians. And so, each time you play a level, there are different objectives to be met.

7.   Customization

In this game, you can also customize things according to your taste. You can change the background, color, and many more things. You can also use the free stuff from the store. The game is free, and if you want to be the best player, you have to spend some money on it according to your wish. It is a kind of car racing game. If you want to pass your time, this game is best for you.

Free to Play

Dr. driving two mod apk is an incredible and popular racing game for free. All cars are readily available to you, and you can also buy more new vehicles and other items by using your earned cash. All the latest cars are readily available in this mod version. You have to complete all levels of an expert class, and then you will get unlimited cash, all premium cars, bikes, items, and more. You have to finish all levels quickly before time finishes; otherwise, you have to play that level again without any mistakes or extra time.


A wonderful fascinating racing game with the best vehicles and driving tracks for 12-plus generations. Easy controls and front and rear cameras give super visual effects to the game screen. Also, you have a variety of customizations you may install in your vehicles. Not only this, but you can also change your driving taste by diving into various racing and driving modes with different vehicles. Win coins, score, and proceed with good motivation. Get the Dr Driving Mod 2 version if you like to have the easier and less competitive mode of the game. Install to have the best racing experience ever!

How to download and install the dr driving 2 mod on Andriod?

  • Download this app by pressing the below-mentioned button
  • Then enable unknown sources or third-party applications
  • Once do that, in the file manager press the download and get Dr. driving2 mod apk  

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

 It’s quite simple to get the modded version of this game. Here, we shared some steps to download and install this game. But make sure to follow all the steps in the given sequence

Yeah dr. driving 2 mod apk is a lightweight game that’s why it is supported by low-configured devices.


Dr Driving 2 mod apk is full of action and thrill. Some real-time challenges have been gathered at a breakneck speed with the great graphics and professional control by the players. The game contains lots of exciting levels, more than 50 levels that you have to cross to beat the career mode. This article gives you some advantages of the mod version of APk. This game seems to be no different from its predecessors in stages, style, and control. If you want to know more secrets or tips for playing Dr Driving 2 MOD APK, you can call us or leave a message here. We will do it as soon as possible; thank you!

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