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App Name                              Diner Dash Adventures
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Latest Version v1.44.0
MOD Info Unlimited Coins, Gems, Unlimited Money
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About Information

What do kids want to do in their spare time on hungry Sundays? Obviously, they try cooking and baking by themselves and bring colors to their happy lives. But what do they leave for you after unsuccessful baking? A lot of kitchen mess, dirty dishes, and burnt cupcakes or cookies! This sucks. Let’s try what your children will love the most without any mechanical effort and explosive kitchen cracks.

Here the GLU developers usher you into a very miraculous fun-based game which is called the Diner Dash Adventures. This has been characterized by all the kitchen and restaurant staff plus the accessories a decent hotel needs.  Organizing the restaurant and getting everything within a certain time limit makes the players so fast.  The single-player cooking adventures may immerse you thoroughly in the gameplay for hours. The customer’s interaction and communication with the whole town to meet their favorite ordered food within seconds is such entertainment. 

Moreover, you are not starting as only a cook here, you are starting as a savior to serve the town. The town has been facing the evil plans from Mr. Big and his evil little assistants, who are helpless when you move there. You will open up a great food center with a gradual coming up of hundreds of variable foods. Not only this your restaurant will grow until you will have a whole chain of sub-places in the whole town.  Collect love, hearts, coins, and gems to reach a prime position along with enjoying a lot of puzzles, minigames, and adventures. You may also like ice age village mod apk

Diner DASH Adventures  MOD APK MenuCoins Win full Stars

The Gameplay of the Diner Dash Adventures:

Diner Dash Adventures, as the name and the title portrays, is hiding hundreds and thousands of fun activities with cooking, baking, and serving. Having a restaurant is a great pleasure but managing it is really arduous.  You, in your restaurant, will take care of each and everything from cleaning tables to adding up menus and venues. Let’s see how the game proceeds:

Diner DASH Adventures APK Unlimited Coins Hearts

The Background Story :

The game circulates about the most seductive and charming story of the hotel construction that was just due to a certain reason. You, as a pretty gorgeous female lady, have returned to your area after a long time and there Mr. Big and all the evil minds under his strategy are going to harm the townspeople due to evil forces. The evil plans make the cooked items that are making the people sick so your entry will save the masses.  So let us instigate a one-off restaurant in the area of your hometown.

The Wonderful Inauguration:

So the unmatched and unparalleled inauguration of the restaurant is going to take place just now. The owner and the team are elated and the only unhappy creature there in the scene is Mr. Big. Get started with zest and welcome everyone to your decent cafeteria that is just started only for the townspeople. 

The First Donut Service:

There in the restaurant service, the very first dish to be served is the bakery item which is “Donuts”. Colorful creamy donuts of your best eating place are famous and customers rush in all through the day. There is a shelf where the donuts are aligned and you, on taking all the orders, will just pick the donuts speedily. After that, you will serve it to your customers and they will cheer.

diner dash adventures apk

Fast Cook:

Now you have to display another continental dish at your restaurant so install a cook and start service. The second dish that is started serving is the EGG AND BACON delicious meal or breakfast. Now, your catering is raised and you have to serve even faster. Also, you have a little variety if picking donuts and egg and bacon plates from different tables so the work is a little tougher now. Customers are escalating and you are there to handle them quickly. Make sure you don’t serve the wrong orders otherwise, you will waste your money and meals. There is a trash bin to waste your inexact meals. 

Install New Signboards:

Since your orders are rising with growing menus, you need a new signboard outside because the older one is dull and out of use. Select the one you want and click on install to get it finally on the road outside your restaurant. This will, very accurately, increase customer attraction and your business will boom!

Add Up Menus:

The menu at the restaurant will expand day by day and the service food will boost the taste as well. With time you will win upgrades and those will lead you to win the next menu items.  The menu will contain;

  • Egg and bacon
  • Cookies
  • Donuts
  • Waffles
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Cold drinks
  • Milk Shakes etc

The delicious items and their aroma will automatically charm the people who will want more from your restaurant. 

Organize and Renovate Interior:

As time will pass, you will be able to look around the representations and titivations. The interior should be fantastic to make the customers feel like sitting and dining in a five-star restaurant. Change the colors of the dining tables, walls paint, and textures, and purchase the vases for the dining tables. Tessel the floor of the cafeteria and also mark the plant decorations there. 

Embellish Exterior:

Just like a person is recognized by the dress he wears, a restaurant is recognized by its exterior. So focus on this and try new layouts for your building and espouse the one you desire.  Also, you can move your pointer over the options to have a review of the layouts you have opted for.  For example, the outer building’s initial setup will appear in the following best alternative looks:

  1. Rusty
  2. Classy
  3. Modern
  4. Old

Match the Customers and Serve:

The first rule to serve the customers on the walls of “ Diner Dash Adventures” is to match the customer’s dresses with the table’s colors. The customers will give you full good remarks on getting the tables of their choice.  Match the colors of dresses with the tables as green, blue, red, and yellow to make them as pleasing as punch.  After you match and assign tables to your customers you will have to serve them the food according to the menu. 

Increase the speed of cooking:

The cooking is carried out by the cook, but that is slow in the first few levels. The cook makes the orders slowly as the green bar fills up on the cooking shelf. You will pick the orders and drag them to the column just above the cook where the items to be cooked are placed. The cook has only one stove so he cooks at a snail’s pace. You will have to buy the fast speed and the speed will be increased differently with different items. You have to pay different coins to buy different speed packages for the cook so the speed may be increased by 2X, 4X,5X,10X, etc.

Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK Menu Money Fast Mode Download

Install New Services:

Besides buying new menus you will get a chance to purchase different customer facilities in your place.  These will come in independent coins and gems packages. So hurry up to collect:

  1. Cupcake boost
  2. Cookie Counter 
  3. OJ dispenser orange juice
  4. Cookies Griddle


Win Coins and Fill Stars:

With each order you will serve, you will have nice payment and tips as well. With each shift of consecutive orders, you will have the coin bundles as rewards and a dialogue box will open up. The win dialogue box will show up to how much extent you have perceived your targeted goals. 

diner dash apk obb

Fire Shoes:

One of the wonderful reward packages will get you the gift of a pair of Fire Shoes. The fire shoes will act as rocket boosters and will fill up your feet in extreme dynamic motion. Wearing these shoes you will uptake the orders and deliver the food to tables very fast. The customers are happy, you are happy and the whole town is happy!

Daily Deals:

Apart from going to the mart to shop the items for your restaurant, you can win daily smart deals as well. The very amazing packages with attractive deals will help you buy whatever you want for your place. 

Mod Apk Features of the Dining Dash Adventures Mod Apk:

The following mod features are associated with our prescribed hack version of the “Dining Dash Adventures Mod Apk”. the latest version will let you enjoy everything for free like:

  • Free coins collections for unlimited time
  • Free stars collection 
  • Free gems collections
  • Unlimited Free shopping with free coins 
  • No ads
  • Perfect UI 
  • No viruses 

Final Words:

The Dining Dash Adventures Mod apk is literally one of the highly recommended games for your kids. Not only kids but people of any age may play it with equal interests. The gameplay is enchanting and the game controls are easy and tap-based. All you need is to be very fast to collect orders and to deliver them with huge care. This will induce a sense of responsibility in the players. Plus time management and the hotel organization can teach the young minds to maintain any place they hold and to renovate by themselves. 


The game Diner Dash Adventures was liked very much for years until a few upgrades made the storylines a little fewer. The players want more explanations to make the gameplay interesting for them. Also, the game has diminished many mini-levels so the game is a little hard for younger players. However, for players with good controls, the game is still very popular and they want to play it periodically. To get all the items and purchases free of cost get the mod version of the game as explained above. 

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